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41 ThatcherJoe

Love all of his facial expressions!

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42 Wassabi Productions

I love wassabi productions!

43 ItsJerryAndHarry

ItsJerryAndHarry is so funny! They fart at the end of their videos! They are funny... Vote for them! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

44 Janoskians

They are amazing and funny and hot. Best channel ever and they can sing so that's a plus

They are amazing people!
They are so funny. Every time I go on YouTube I always end up watching their videos.
I absolutely love all of them!
Plus they can sing, Like come one!

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45 Caspar

He's funny without even trying, random awesomeness I say

One of the best YouTubers

46 MaximBady
47 TomSka
48 Comedyshortsgamer V 2 Comments
49 RomanAtwood

Keep the good work on your pranks, the store, the vlogs and the movie

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50 h3h3Productions V 1 Comment
51 UberHaxorNova
52 JacksGap
53 TeamFourStar‎

They make fun of dragon ball z putting words in the characters mouths to have the funniest lines ever in a cartoon how is this not on there!

54 JustKiddingFilms‎
55 RoosterTeeth
56 Dude Perfect

They are so cool! And they have the funniest stereotype sketches!

Heh I’ve not watched them in ages but they are good

57 grav3yardgirl

I love bunny! She's so funny and so bonkers, she can always make me laugh and I love her "follow me round" and "does this thing really work? " videos, she can always entertain me!

Grav3yardgirl is the best! She is VERY loud and I love that because that reminds me of myself we have so many things in common!

58 BartBaKer

Some people think Bart baker is being rude but he's just doing his job. But I think that he makes the most funniest parodys of all timmmee

He is the king of music video parodies. Period.
PS. He is also so hot!

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59 MyHarto V 1 Comment
60 fouseyTUBE
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