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41 Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra (born 15 May 1981 in Dakar, Senegal) is a French-Senegalese international footballer, who plays for English Premiership side Manchester United. He plays in the left back position although he can also play on the left wing.

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42 Ricardo Carvalho

The best

43 Nilton Santos

Godfather of attacking fullback. - thebest

44 Fabio Cannavaro

He is the only defender to win the Ballon d'Or and palyed for Parma, Juventus, and Real Madrid.

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45 Gaetano Scirea

This Guy was never sent off in his whole career or suspened which must be some sort of a record for an International defender.

Make the Italian catenaccio look's perfect, and he is a holy guy...

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46 David Alaba David Alaba David Olatukunbo Alaba is an Austrian professional footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich and the Austria national team. V 1 Comment
47 Javier Zanetti

Zanetti may not be the best, but he deserves to be top 10. Best one on one defender in his generation at least. Don't know about the rest because I haven't seen them play. But he was after all the only person who was able to legitimately shackle Lionel Messi one on one. It wasn't 3 men marking him, it was just Javier. And they only needed Javier. Not as spectacular as a Maldini but he doesn't need to be.

Come on people! Javier is the captain of both Internazionale and world-class team Argentina. He is quite old, I get it, but sometimes overall means better. Javier Zanetti:Overall is 90/100.

Zanetti only had 2 red cards in his career. 1 of those red cards was not even fair; everyone around the referee was sent off.

Says it all really. People talk about Scirea's record but they forget it was much more difficult to get a red back then. The rules were more lax. Look at how Gentile marked Maradona in '82 for example. Nearly every one of the "challenges" he made would be considered a yellow, even a red in some cases nowadays.

48 Ronald Koeman

Koeman is awesome. He is not the best defender though, because he would play very offensively even though he was a defender.

The best defender ever. Play maker, strongest hits, goals, saves, long distance passes. Even Roberto Carlos was his fan.

One of the best defenders that Holland ever had.
Played very well for Barca, good Free kicks and very strong.

49 Fernando Hierro Fernando Hierro

He spent 14 years at Real Madrid, and has a better scoring record than Torres.

50 Jaap Stam

Jaap Stam has had a wonderfull footballing career playing as the heart of many world class team defence such as manchester united , ac milan and now ajax .stam should be atleast in the top 10

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51 Daniel Passarella Daniel Passarella Daniel Alberto Passarella is an Argentine retired footballer who played as a centre back, and former manager of the Argentina and Uruguay national football teams.

How is he behind the error prone Ayala. Even Maradona who has a personal feud with Passarella admitted he was the best defender he had ever seen. Probably the best Argentine defender of all time, if not on par with Javier Zanetti.

52 Glenn Hysén
53 Mattias Sammer

One of the few defenders to win a Ballon D'or.

Beckenbauer's true heir.

Nothing else to be said.

54 Elias Figueroa

I saw him play for Penarol of Montevideo when he was 20, I saw him play at 16 in Valparaiso, Chile (Santiago Wanderers) he was playing professional AT 16, class, skill, strong, dribbling like striker, his header goals remarkable. An then Brazil best player of Brazil for 3 yrs.

He is the best Chilean player ever and was commented on by both Pele and Beckenbauer.

Don El�as! It's the greatest defender in soccer history. He was three times awarded the best player of america. "The area is my home, and only enters whoever I want"

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55 Branislav Ivanovic

He has scored 16 goals as defender!

Branislav ivanovic is a tank he is the best right back defender in the moment
He is a true warrior

56 Javier Mascherano
57 Jürgen Köhler
58 Hong Myung-Bo
59 Giacinto Facchetti

Javier Zanetti and Franz Beckenbauer's idol. Says it all really. The first modern defender who scored goals. A true legend.

60 Leonardo Bonucci
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