Best Educational YouTube Channels

I subscribe to some of these channels because I would have to be concussed to dislike them!

The Top Ten

1 VSauce

Mind blowing honesty, half the stuff you wouldn't think would be possible and that's what makes it awesome.

I think of this list and every single time, I picture Number One as VSauce.

2 Minute Physics

Everything about it is awesome and done brilliantly. I honestly cannot find a thing I dislike about Minute Physics.

3 Veritasium

The best, short videos but huge topics.

4 Smarter Every Day
5 Periodic Videos
6 All Time Tens
7 CGP Grey

Not a heavy animator and does not show face, but overlaps that with comedic educational videos with really cute stickmen. Through his videos I actually know about the EU and the Placebo Effect now - teriyakininja

Teaches Economy, Geography in a great tempo - Yordridge

8 List 25
9 Geography Now
10 Minute Earth

The Contenders

12 Thoughty2

How can you hate this guy

Best person

13 Numberphile
14 Matthew Santoro

He is the best.

15 Vi Hart
16 EmperorTigerstar

He educates people about history with animated maps! He's so cool!

17 SciShow
18 Hybrid Librarian
19 TED
20 Dark5
21 Ridddle
22 Vigyan Tv India
23 Extra Credits
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