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101 Diplo Diplo Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name Diplo, is an American record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and record executive based in Los Angeles, California.

Diplo is by far one of the most experienced and groundbreaking artists in the history of edm.

102 Oneohtrix Point Never
103 Yello

It's not all about Yello try Orang

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104 Ratatat

Ratatat may not deserve #1, but they should be way higher on the list. They do such a great job combining instrumental with electronic and synth music.

Come on.
Ratatat absolutely destroys with awesome insturmental loops and sick beats. Just take a listen to a couple of their songs like load pipes, seventeen years, wildcat and more.

Isn't this the name of a pokemon? - ProPanda

Why is the not higher on the list?!

105 Feint
106 Blue Stahli

113th? Unacceptable. He is the single greatest metal/electro artist I have ever herd. His musical works in the devil and blue stahli beyond godly. I don't care who you are or what you think, Blue Stahli is a miracle worker.

107 Blackmill

A completely revolutionary style of music. Dubstep mixed with Ambient. Chillstep. His music is so powerful! How can this not be higher on the list?!? - spongebobbest

Love this guy should be number one ever hear music that makes you feel alive then listen to Blackmill because you will really experience a whole new perspective and I doubt anyone cares but my period and comma keys are broken laugh out loud

Blackmill is one of the few electronic artists I can listen to for hours on end. It never gets old or repetitive. Absolutely great music.

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108 Igorrr V 1 Comment
109 Eric Prydz V 1 Comment
110 Tut Tut Child
111 Ayria
112 Angelspit Angelspit Angelspit is an Australian Industrial music project in the cybergoth subculture that formed in 2003. Current members are Zoog von Rock (vocals, production) and George Bikos (guitar), former members include Amelia Arsenic (vocals, production, 2004-2013), Valerie Gentile (guitar, 2011-2012) and Chris more.
113 Perfume
114 Submotion Orchestra
115 Overseer
116 DJ Turtle
117 Basshunter

He has sold hundreds of millions of albums across Europe, Asia, the americas, and even oceania and Africa! HOW is her not even on this list to begin with?! You guys are to generic with your one-hit wonders and your mainline dubstep. Loosen up a bit

Absolute trash but the best trash anyone has ever heard on the entire whole flat earth.
Basshunter, you're the best primitive EDM caveman in the world.
#rythmictrash if you will.

10/10 best rhythm.
10/10 best trash. Critics rave.

He is WAY better than half the people above him, so why is he number 58? He has sold millions of albums all across the globe, VOTE HIM UP!

His music is beauty. Why is he not even in the top 10?

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118 Faithless

Simply epic "We Come 1" and "Insomnia" blew my mind. I can't believe they're not on this list they make Skrillex look like a little kid.

An unbelievable electronic band they're nowhere near as popular as they should be

Insomnia should already be enough for #1 but faithless as a 100 great songs like we come 1, tweak your nipple, take the long way home, woozy, salva mea, god is a dj, tarantula, not going home... I could continue for ages

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119 The Postal Service

The postal service should be number 1! )
Because adam young copies them. Shame on adam

120 Netsky

The fact that Netsky isn't higher up is sort of a joke. His songs are how electronic music is done. His fast pace is great.

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