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161 Apoptygma Berzerk
162 Illenium

Coolest future bass sounds.

SO underrated! This guy is definitely one of the best EDM singers. Frequent uploads, catchy and enjoyable sounds, meaningful lyrics, making creative stuff with the genre. This guy seriously need more exposure, along with some semi-popular artists like Marshmello and Deadmau5. - MChkflaguard_Yt

163 Jeff Mills

So ironic that I found this guy under "the newcomers". You kids and your Skrillex worship... And Mr. Mills was technically a 3rd generation Detroit artist. There's no Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Derrick Carter, Kevin Saunderson, or Robert Hood even on this list. White privilege applies to electronic music these days, too? I mean, Massive Attack is the first predominately non-white artist on the list, and they're at 19. Frankie Knuckles is #310. Learn your history!

164 Kill Paradise
165 Bob Sinclar

Bob's song summer moonlight is the best!

166 Martin Solveig

Well he's big in Japan

167 Basement Jaxx
168 Leftfield
169 Culprate
170 Jack Beats V 1 Comment
171 Solar Fields

Master of sound design who blends the best parts of ambient and progressive trance into something extraordinary. And not a single weak release on his discography.

Nobody knows him, so I wouldn't really expect him on this list. Every one of his songs are masterpieces, but may be too complex for some.

172 Paul van Dyk

Really how can Paul van Dyk be this low? He has stayed true to the electronic genre from the start of his career. He is in my opinion one if not the best of all.

Seven Ways changed the way I loved music. Top 10 artist, easily.

He should be in the Top 10 or 20 at least!

173 The Bloody Beetroots

I love the Bloody Beetroots was made for a reason while it's impossible to hate Warp 1.9 and Cornelius, so I'm not sure how being under 100 is possible.

174 Headhunterz

Hardstyle is the most upcoming and one of the most energetic music genres in the world. Hard kicks and beats, incredible melodies and dark screeches. Hardstyle is coming at you, and it's coming hard!

175 The Crystal Method

If you don't vote The Crystal Method up, you should quit listening to electronic music. Their "Vegas" album is DEVASTATING. NO electronic artist comes close to The Crystal Method. Maybe Daft Punk, but I still prefer The Crystal Method.

2 stone dead classics in Vegas and Tweekend. Most " rocking " electronica along with Prodigy.

Tweekend one of the greatest electronic albums EVER.

They are quintessentially the definition of electronic music. They can DJ, they can produce and they have had good commercial success as well. I also prefer TCM to daft punk.

176 Mr. Oizo

Eclectic awesomeness in it's greatest form.

177 Plaid

Where are Plaid?!?!?! Best electronic musicians of the last 10 years! Come on guys...

Plaid are great musicians, should be in top five!

204 you are joking?
Seriously what sort of chart is this?

Plaid 180?!?!
Skrillex 3?!?!
This is a nightmare!

178 AU5 AU5 Austin Collins, going by the stage name Au5, is an American electronic dance music producer from New Jersey, USA.

I'm sorry, but putting this genius of a musician so low is appalling. Superhuman is probably one of the most beautiful and outstanding dubstep pieces in history, Snowblind is a warming, groundbreaking sound, Halcyon is a must-listen for an unthinkable combination of genres. All in all, Au5 is someone to change the face of dubstep. Listen to him now. I repeat, you can't put him so low in this list. - PositronWildhawk

One of the best for fluid, melodic dubstep.

179 Fractal
180 The Future Sound of London

The Best English electronic band from the nineties... Period!

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