Best Football (Soccer) Clubs in the World

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1 Barcelona (Spain) Barcelona (Spain) Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club, based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

I think this is one of the best club in the world. And I must say this is the first time I've heard of Persib Bandung.

My friend, you can found all about PERSIB! Trust me! Just come to Bandung Indonesia the place where PERSIB was born

Barcelona are the best they have players like messi, villa, xavi, inesta, puyol, pique, fabregas and they have won so many trophies over the past three years the list is
3 la liga titles in a row
1 copa the rey
3 supercopa de espana
2 champions league
1 uefa super cup
1 world culb cup
And this is only the three past three seasons
And In 2009, Barcelona became the first club in Spain to win the treble consisting of La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League. That same year, it also became the first football club ever to win six out of six competitions in a single year, thus completing the sextuple, comprising the aforementioned treble and the Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. So don't be ignorant and vote for fc barcelona as the best club in the world

Barca is 10 times better than any English club. After all, they play football.. Not golf..!

I'm a Persib Fan, called Bobotoh. Persib is a football club from the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It has one of the greatest and loyal fans in Indonesia. And I'm a Barcelona Fans too. If the question is the best football club in my heart, I will answer: Persib. But as the question is the best football club in the world, so I Voted for Barcelona. I think I don't have to explain why, everybody know why Barca is the best.

2 Real Madrid (Spain) Real Madrid (Spain) Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly known as Real Madrid, or simply as Real, is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain.

Real Madrid is the best club in world. 6th place is not fair. I didn't even heard name persib before.

It should be at 1st it has glorious past present and future. It has beaten Barcelona and greatest team of world. And it has ronaldo, kaka and many more

Real Madrid has some of the best players from around the world like Ronaldo, James, bale, and much more. This team is a 5 star team. This club has won many different competitions and is still fighting to get even more wins.

During 2014 real Madrid has won 22 straight wins between playing in La Liga, champions league, and all of the other big tournaments along with all of the other top clubs and will get the new world record for the most consecutive win in any football leagues. The record is 24 and they can obsoletely get there.

My name is shahrukh and think real madrid is the best club in the world. Be case real madrid had the youngest footballers. And C. Ronaldo is also there

It can only be compared with its own previous performances to state whether it is now best or not. But with other clubs it seems to be the everlasting giant because even when it reaches semi final cl or runnerup in la liga you still say the did not perform well other way around these are the highest performance of the other clubs you want to compare with Real because in your mind you recognize it to be the best and therefore you want Real to win them all as it is the best! 1

3 Manchester United (England) Manchester United (England) Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

A historic team known all over the world. Most people can name more united players than they can distant relatives. With the current era under sir Alex being seamlessly never ending they have every right to claim themselves the best football team in the world. No other club is hated by all fans of all teams outside of it.

Man utd is the greatest football club in the whole world judging from their performance so far in England and abroad. With 19 title to their credit I think they worth it.

No one else compares

Throughout history Man United has been the top English football club in the world with a close second of Arsenal or Chelsea

A football club with an immense history. From the early days which yielded success to the first of 2 managerial dynasties, the first being that of Sir Matt Busby. He nurtured through a young team of potential world beaters who the majority of which were tragically killed in an air disaster in 1958. Sir Matt led the club through it's most painful & difficult time and made them the dominant force of English football and just 10 years after tragedy the club were champions of Europe thanks to the managerial magic of Busby and the ridiculous talent of the greatest footballer ever according to Pele, George Best. Bobby Charlton, United's greatest servant an ever present in this remarkable resurrection. The years that followed Busby's departure led to a couple of decades of relative struggle with a league title proving elusive but cup glory was never far away. A 2nd managerial dynasty was set to begin in 1986 as Alex Ferguson took the reigns to deliver and boy did he deliver despite a few ...more

4 Bayern Munich (Germany) Bayern Munich (Germany) Football-Club Bayern München e.V., commonly known as FC Bayern München, FCB, Bayern Munich, or FC Bayern, is a German sports club based in Munich, Bavaria

It's the best team ever and they have the best players with robben, ribery, schweinsteiger, müller, lahm and gomez

Best team of Germany ever. Best Scorer in European Cups of all time (Gerd Mueller). Great team, great stadium, great supporters.

Number 11 is hilarious.. The deserve top 3 before real and barca say no more.
Simply because bayern munich perform amazing every year! They are almost always in the fina, theyve won way to many bundesliga titels and have 4 champions league titles too! Don't forget the amount of deutscher pokals they have!.. Underrated estimation is all that this rating is.

Bayern is the best club in the world
With a star studded playing eleven

5 Chelsea (England) Chelsea (England) Chelsea Football Club is a professional football club in London, England, that competes in the Premier League. Founded in 1905, the club's home ground since then has been Stamford Bridge. Chelsea won the First Division title in 1955, followed by various cup competitions between 1965 and 1971.

Blues are an unstoppable team and whats with the first 4 choices laugh out loud people putting and voting for teams I've never heard before

Even with virtually unlimited amounts of money thrown at them; this club is just flopping - tinocean

Chelsea are best and fastest growing brand in world football. Chelsea are unstoppable and have two best strikers in Torres and Drogba.

No way! Why is chelsea 7th? They are not the best ones but I just don't know 1st football (soccer) team.

Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name. Here at the Bridge, whether rain or fine We can shine all the time Home or away, come and see us play You're welcome any day Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name Come to the Shed and we'll welcome you Wear your blue and see us through Sing loud and clear until the game is done Sing Chelsea everyone Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name. Blue is the colour, football is the game We're all together and winning is our aim So cheer us on through the sun and rain because Chelsea, ...more

Chelsea is by far the best club in the Europe in terms of their game, fans and players.

They have a lot of exciting young prospects and world class experienced players to go with.

Legendary clubs like FC Barcelona, FC Bayern, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, PSG.. they are all scared to play because they know what they are against.

Chelsea has never been a legendary club but I am sure they will get their some day for sure.

6 Arsenal (England) Arsenal (England) Arsenal Football Club is a professional football club based in Islington, London, England, that plays in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Arsenal are the answer if you ask "what teams can make the difference for the player or even the fans to look the football game"

No matter how you look at it, Arsenal will always be in the shadow if Manchester United in terms of performance and popularity. - tinocean

Arsenal is by far the best football club ever... My blood bleeds for arsenal forever... Till I die I'll scream for Arsenal as loud as I can...

Eat Sleep live Arsenal football club! We are the best! Come on Arteta! Good riddens Fabergas and Nari you loss

Only team in the entire Europe to have win an entire season without loosing any match!
That's a next level achievement!

7 Juventus (Italy) Juventus (Italy) Juventus Football Club S.p.A., colloquially known as Juve, is a professional Italian football club in Turin, Piedmont.

Juve Always in My Heart And My soul
Forza Juve Until Die,

Forza Juve! Juventus Per Sempre!
I'm proud to be juventini.. I love JUVENTUS..

Invincible Juventus! Scudetto with unbeaten for whole season, with top legend like Platini and del Piero.. No more words to say, just Forza Bianconeri!

Fino alla fine!

8 Liverpool (England)

Simple... Just the spirit of the club and fans makes me always want to support them, whether they far away and we from Indonesia just watch the match on T.V.. But our spirit we'll always walk with them. You Never Walk Alone!

Greetings from Indonesia

Liverpool's spirit smells of defeat. The players literally seem scared for their life whenever they have to perform against one of the giants. - tinocean

The amount of titles thy won prove their might in football and they are a talented club in history.

"You'll Never Walk Alone" is the song, and they don't. When do you ever see a half-empty Anfield or a miserable away following travelling around the world - never, not now, not before, not ever. Also, look at their history. Back in the day when money wasn't the be all and end all in football, look who was the best team in England - the homeland of football. Liverpool Football Club

Best supporters in the world. One of the most historic football clubs ever. The best ever midfielder joined here (Steven Gerrard). What has the world come to? I mean, surely there is a problem when Liverpool are not in the top 5? No top 3? I mean PERSIB? Who are they? And don't get me started on Chelsea. The most plastic supporters on Earth. Man United only have fans from places like Korea as most of Manchester support Man City, who are also terrible fans and has the worst stadium atmosphere in world at the Emptihad. Arsenal? Well they are good, no, lucky enough to get to the Champions League but are the best in the world at one thing... Getting out of the Champions League and also signing players who will become ''legends'' no joke like Mohammed Elneney, I mean what a play he is. He wilbeter hen Pele defos. Arsene Wenger turned down the chance to get Fabregas back but signs players like Bendtner and Chamakh who still haven't won the Ballon D'or because of FIFA corruption. Italian ...more

9 AC Milan (Italy) AC Milan (Italy)

Milan have won more trophies than any other football team in the world. Should be number 1!

Ac Milan has all the best players and almost every soccer player dreams of joining it first one is kaka second nasri third tevez fourth cristiano Ronaldo only if Jose mironiouh would come to ac Milan which he will if he wants to win titles

Milan is one of the most successful clubs in the world with 6 UEFA Champions league titles, making it the second most successful in Europe in terms of UEFA Champions trophies and 18 Serie A titles making them the second most successful club in Italy. On top of this they, among other clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United, are well known in developing soccer nations like the United States

AC Milan has the most trophies and is a very old team being made1899

10 Manchester City (England) Manchester City (England) Manchester City Football Club, commonly known as City, is a football club in Manchester, England. Founded in 1880 as St. Mark's, it became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and Manchester City in 1894.

Hey, are now top of premier league they beat manchester united which are pretty good they also beat loads of other pretty good teams. That's why they are at the top of the premier league right now.

Lets face it Manchester United lost their golden status about 15 years ago. - tinocean

Since Guardiola came in, they are playing legend won two continuous premier leagues and league cups, won the treble in 2018/19 season. Ya gotta admit it, City is one of the best teams in Europe right now

They are the best

They are easily the best team stuff you who said Man U is 3rd


The Newcomers

? Southampton F.C. (England) Southampton F.C. (England)

What the saints have beaten united and chelsea so they should be in the top 20

Well, they're simply better the skates down the road.

The Contenders

11 Borussia Dortmund (Germany) Borussia Dortmund (Germany) Borussia Dortmund is a club in North Rhine-Westphaila in Germany founded in December 19, 1909 by unhappy men of a church soccer club at a pub at Dortmund . The name Borussia came from the Latin name of a beer in a nearby brewery there . They used to wear blue and white with a red sash but then started more.

How can you argue when they won the league championship last year and are on top of the league again. Plus they have the greatest attendance of any Bundesliga team.

How can you beat Dortmund's impressive 'gegenpressing' and Gotze's tactics, sheer goals and just plain talent. Outrageous we are at 11.

Lewandowski plays there and the team is great. They have a nice manager too

One of best stadiums in the world 85 000. The fans have heart and are not following success. Always sold out and very attractive football with tiny budget compared to other clubs. Just a shame that the greed wins over the heart of players so they will leave to any club for more money like mercenaries. You have to be in this stadium the u will agree with me. I changed my mind after being in there. Awesome

12 Paris SG (France)

Zlatan ibrahimovic is on the team that makes it my opinion to say best soccer club in the world

2nd best


They are incredibly rich. They can literally buy anyone in the world who is willing to come to France and play against horrid teams

13 Atletico Madrid (Spain) Atletico Madrid (Spain) Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD, commonly known as Atlético Madrid, or simply as Atlético or Atleti, is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid, that plays in La Liga. The club play their home games at the Wanda Metropolitano, which has a capacity of 68,000.

Maybe I have bad eyes but a team like this that won so many cups in the European league the latest year with players as "Forlan" few years ago and at this moment the best attacker of the world "Falcao" is not on top of this list?... Shows a lot of the people voting on clubs with no name and no history


How can I not love a team that put their passion at first place instead of money? It's Atleti and although I admit it's never easy to beat Barcelona and Real Madrid at first and second place, at least they have shown those two how to play with passion, stamina and ambition rather than simply relying on money. But I also think that Diego Simeone is the key who takes the most part of the growing team.

They are the best of all time cause of antoine griezmann

14 Ajax (Netherlands) Ajax (Netherlands)

Best club in the world.


This Team is going to be a killer in 5 years, just wait.

Best club of The Netherlands. - Userguy44

15 Inter (Italy) Inter (Italy)

As far as I know, this is the team with the most harmony, friendliness among the players and the officials. Very nice atmosphere there

This may be true but unfortunately the team is full of bloated, ageing players. Ageing can't be helped but the bloating must be due to laziness. - tinocean

Inter is my life!
I've been a fan of Inter for 15 years, I always wait the time, when we become the champion, and in 2010 we've reached treble, first team in Italia, that's very impressive expectation man!


Inter milan the kings-liverpool will suffer against them in this 2008 champions league

Best the best

16 A.S. Roma (Italy) A.S. Roma (Italy) Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly referred to as simply Roma, is a professional Italian football club based in Rome. Founded by a merger in 1927, Roma have participated in the top-tier of Italian football for all of their existence except for 1951–52.

The Italy cup 2007 winner

Roma should be in the top 12

AS ROma is the first team of the Eternal City, the capital of the great Roman Empire! A great team for a great city!

Okay, Roma still in sky forever. Not instant for to be real winner but only roma can be it.

17 Celtic (Scotland)

Best team in the world

Anyone who really knows their football, the origins of the modern, which of course lie in England and Scotland and at the heart of those roots were charity to the poor, and helping working class communities. Well no club personifies this more than Celtic. An Irish marist priest called Brother Walfrid founded them in 1888 to raise money for the poor Catholic Irish and native protestant Scottish in the east end of Glasgow. Today fans from both those communities have honoured this great man by making them the biggest and most distributed "genuine" fan base in the world. True fans that love the club for the right reasons and not for what it might win at the end of a season. I write this as an English Arsenal fan by the way, which I hope is as big as honour as I can give this great club north of the border. Hail Hail!

Best fans, most extensive fan base, most loyal fan base, first non-Latin nation club to win the European Cup with all home-based, home-grown players, best behaved fans, developed three of the world's greatest players, Jimmy Johnstone, Kenny Dalglish, Henrik Larsson.

Scottish people are dicks that why this team made by Irish people

18 Sevilla F.C. (Spain)

2007, Antonio Puerta death vs. Getafe CF ruined them. Good team still.

Sevilla should be in top 20

First team to win Europa League three consecutive times. They may never be considered a top team, but they will always be known as best of the rest.

Not even top 4 all time in Spain. Bilbao is better. All time.

19 Tottenham Hotspurs (England) Tottenham Hotspurs (England) Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly referred to as Spurs, is an English football club located in Tottenham, Haringey, London, that competes in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur are the greatest football team on the planet. There are many reasons why I love Spurs, but above all, the character and unity of the squad is what stands out about this wonderful team. From the breathtaking new stadium, to the fact the we have the most talented manager in the world, and that we qualify for Champions League competition year after year, what is not to like about Tottenham? We also possess the greatest rivalry in the world (North London Derby) that you will be nervous about from a week before the match until the echo of the final whistle. Tottenham are the most incredible team in this world, and anyone that supports them will instantly fall in love with the good old team from N17 White Hart Lane. Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur!

Ha 12 places behind Arsenal Bastards

Should be top 5 at least - jacsal

This team is so underrated man, like practically the most underrated team in the world right now. Their squad is spectacular, with an amazing coach, and always exceeds our expectations. If they win the champs league, they have to be top ten, since they achieved such height without signing new players. They aren't spoiled by money unlike clubs like madrid so they also descerve a respect for that. - friday1365

20 Fc Porto (Portugal)

Porto is right up there among the Top 20 on the planet, not because it is bankrolled by an oil-rich sheik or tax-haven prince; not because of its eye-watering record transfer fees, nor is it through selling ridiculously large volumes of team shirts with the name of the lastest multi-million summer signing, and neither because it was founded in the 19th century, or because of the capacity of its Estadio do Dragao (which it owns outright), or because of the number of clicks of social networks, not least because of the demographic dimension of the city it represents... It is there because of its serious down-to-earth nature and simple business of playing football: its consistent achievements on the sporting front! FC Porto and its fan base do not need the recognition of France Football - the prestigious football periodical that concocts a ranking best suited to what it believes serves the best interest of the clubs in the Big Five leagues - to be included in the world's top 30 clubs. ...more

Fly high Fc Porto!

The team with the highest number of trophies in the XXI century. In the whole world

We can still win our league and do well in the champions league even though we sell our star players, we don't have much star power on the team only (mostly) players with great potential, some players that have played for us that we sold are Falcao, Hulk etc, and we showed the rest of Europe the excellence of mourinho.. We can take on any team in the worl and have a good chance of winning even against barca

21 Everton (England) Everton (England) Everton Football Club is a football club in Liverpool, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football. The club have competed in the top division for a record 114 seasons, missing the top division only four times since The Football League was created in 1888.

Amazing club! Great supporters, brilliant history, and very consistent, surely should be higher than Newcastle United and Aston Villa, two teams who very much lack these qualities!

Everton FC are great because they haven't sold their souls to satan like other clubs and yet are a massive club! Dixie Dean had 60 goals in a season! Nobody wanted to mess with BIG Duncan Ferguson! It doesn't matter if you call them "The Toffees" "The Blues" "The School of Science" or "The People's Club" they represent what is pure about Englsh football! COYB!

Alls you have to do is look at the finance of Everton and the possision they have got to over the past few years and look at the other clubs who have spent hundred of millions and haven't got any better just worse off. One amazing football club who has players playing for the game not the money!

The biggest overachieving club they are not rich they are perfect they never get thrashed because they are the best in the whole world

22 Newcastle United (England) Newcastle United (England) Newcastle United Football Club is an English professional association football club based in Newcastle upon Tyne, that plays in the Premier League, the top tier of English football.

Should be number 1 or 2

Up the toon

Best team ever in the world

We are the best in the world

23 Portsmouth F.C. (England) Portsmouth F.C. (England) Portsmouth Football Club is a professional association football club in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK which plays in EFL League One, the third tier of English football, following their promotion as EFL League Two champions in the 2016–17 EFL League Two season.

I was trained there and they got top ten best child goalies to meet Pickford, Englands goalkeeper. apparently christiano ronaldo visited but I'm a goalie so I didn't meat him

Play Up Pompey! Along with Celtic, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund the best atmosphere at games and the truest of truest fans! Still fill a stadium in league 2 20, 000 a game compared to the rest around 5000, respect to all clubs (apart from the scummers) especially Dortmund, the Yellow Wall= WOW, but Blue Army for life, just waiting for that russian billionaire investor now...

Feel sorry for them dropping

Noisiest fans in the land. Best atmosphere at games and get more fans at each game than the rest of the league added together. Play Up Pompey! - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

24 LA Galaxy (United States)

I don't agree, but its your opinion

LA galaxy is. United States team that consists of many nations. Where else can you find the captain of Ireland, leading a team of the top players from countries like Mexico and England. Not to mention they're great selection of players from the US as well. David beckham, Steven Gerard, Landon Donovan and many more have all played for the Galaxy. The best!

Just sad how an american team is ahead of much better teams... - neehawgamer

L.A. can beet all 50 teams ahead of them

25 Olympique de Marseille (France)

It's a good and steady team any one would look for in the French league 1. The club became the first and only French club to win the UEFA Champions League. Marseille have been French champions nine times and have won the Coupe de France a record ten times.

France s favourite football team with the biggest fan base everybody loves the team in marseille they also are the only French team to win a champion leagues cup allez l OM

26 Crystal Palace (England)) Crystal Palace (England)) Crystal Palace Football Club is an English professional football club based in South Norwood, London, that plays in the Premier League, the highest tier in English football.

They came 11th in the toughest league in the world without the financial power that every other team in the 13/14 BPL had

The Eagles/Glaciers are the best in England the cheerleaders are brilliant and in great form since Alan Pardew took over.


From going from being in administration just a few years ago to how they are doing now deserves some respect

27 Melbourne Victory (Australia)

I love australia

Biggest and best in the land


Um, Melbourne Victory isn't the most Successful A-League team in history, their not even the best in Australia, Brisbane Roar is, Melbourne Victory is like, 5th. Please don't lie to make your Team look good because there's A high chance someone will shut you down.

28 FC Seoul (South Korea)

Lets go korea!

My blood...y life!

FC Seoul is the champion in K-league.
And it team has many national player.
Also, it team's ace player is Dejan.
He is Montenegro's soccer star!

Seriously, no offense, I am a Korean and obsessed with mls league in USA but I've seen live games of these clubs and they are epic 를나음문흦

29 PAOK (Greece)

This app has a lot to look forward to and it looks great but I don't understand how it works with the only thing that is really annoying at times but it does not even show how many people are in my room because of the app.

That was wrote entirely with predictive test. Thank you for your time.

PAOK's fans are just as fanatic as the infamous fans of Boca Juniors and River Plate. Just for the incredible fan support for an otherwise not so important club, I vote it the best. - RigasUT

Great Club, has the best fans in world football. Superb Atmosphere in their home ground, only if you have been at a match at the Toumba Stadium in Salonika will you realize what football passion is about.
P.A.O.K Salonika rules

The atmosphere at toumba is not real. It is from other universe. I don't know if the quality of PAOK is like other big clubs but the atmosphere is PERFECT

30 Leicester City F.C. (England)

Number one

How tf is this teams behind LA GALAXY AND SOME OTHER TEAMS I HAVEN"T EVEN HEARD. THey won the premier league once lmao - friday1365

The greatest team the world has ever seen

They've just won the premier league with nowhere near the amount of money that the big clubs have. They deserve to be higher. - jimicenafromintempo

31 Adelaide United (Australia)

Adelaide United for the win!

They are the best side in Australia(its is actually true, the are the best club in Australia)

32 Gangneung City FC (South Korea)

I don't hate this team, but there are lots of teams in Korea that are better than this one.

33 Cruz Azul (Mexico) Cruz Azul (Mexico) Cruz Azul Fútbol Club, A.C, or simply Cruz Azul is a Mexican football club that plays in the top division of Mexican football, Liga MX. The team was originally based in the town of Jasso, south of Tula de Allende in the state of Hidalgo. The team moved to Mexico City in 1971 to play at the Estadio more.

I know Cruz Azul is probably not the best soccer team but I've bee "azul" since I was born. I gave my vote to Cruz Azul because to honor my dad.

Cruz Azul can beat any team in the Mexican league they might not e the best of the best but they sure are sure good

As always mexican league under rated. Really? When have you ever seen a spanich team completly destroy a mexican team NO! Maybe only the really crappy teams! But NO! Either its a 1-0 mexican defeaT OR win or most of the time a tie. Sure there not better than barcelena but they will put up a good fight with them. Chivas and America are 100 years old only 10/11 titles cruz azul 45 years with 8 and go to the play offs every year! CRUZ AZUL IS THE BEST MEXICAN TEAM... Not the worlds most likely but they are up there too.

The best team of CONCACAF

34 SSC Napoli (Italy)

Best Italian club, won the league twice with Maradona...

Just look at the Champions League Group F:

Borussia 12 pts
Arsenal 12 pts
Napoli 12 pts
Marseille 12 pts

They are one of the best European teams!

Napoli smash nearly all these teams they finished second in the italian league how r there there

They should at least be in the top ten

35 Aston Villa (England) Aston Villa (England)

As mentioned in the other comments, we're not one of the big spenders and we actually focus a lot on developing our players and bringing them into the first team as we don't have as much money to spend on players like some of the other clubs. We also founded the football league so technically without us there wouldn't be any competitive football across teams or it would have at least taken a lot longer to happen and would have been done in a different, possibly less successful way. Not saying that other teams don't have real supporters, however as Villa aren't known as one of the 'big' and extremely successful teams, we don't get a lot of fans that support us just because we're a well known and successful team. It may not be the case in England and some others countries, but from where I live there is a lot of man u, man city, Chelsea, leister and etc fans just based off of the fact that they've won a lot of premier league titles in recent years. Most of these 'fans' tend to change ...more

Great history, great crowd and fans, great football. - nattasha

Absolute best - nattasha

Great team, great history, great crowd and fans, great atmosphere, great football. Therefore the best team. #UTV - nattasha

36 Wolfsburg (Germany)

They are my second favorite soccer team. Also LA galaxy is the worst team in the MLS

This is a great team

37 Orlando City SC (United States) Orlando City SC (United States)
38 Persebaya Surabaya (Indonesia)



We love crot, go green crot in mouth from Surabaya, heroes city

We have best young Asian player so far.. Andik Vermansyah! I'm sure this name will become bigger and bigger! Watch out for anyone, He is still on junior team right now but we believe in him!

They have a biggest supporter in Indonesian

39 Perspolis (Iran)

The most popular team in Asia, and a people's team that got millions of people fan of it, and with all the up and downs we still love it! Persepolis the best team ever!

All the Red man. In the number of 8..

Perspolise is my love

Best persian team

40 FC Schalke 04 (Germany)

At first I just chose a bundesliga team to cheer for, and got schalke, but now I realize how awesome schalke is! - neehawgamer

Schalke 04, have been so brave to make it to the champion league semi-final, what a nice brave team and I think Schalke should be just outside the top ten from this great performance and by the way, they beat Inter 5-2 away for god sake.

Not many clubs out there with more passionate fans and a bigger tradition...

They made UEFA semis once

41 Sydney F.C. (Australia)

The best ever - maxfrcallanan

Sydney fc are the most amazing football team. I don't think theyre the best in the world, but theyre by far the best in the a-league. I can't wait to see them win another championship like they did against melbourne in march 2010. Most amazing penalties, and by far my favourite football team ever. - ilovesydneyfc

Incredible team. World class players such as Del Piero, Dwight Yorke and Bobo have played for them

Sydney fc are incredible, they are in a different league to barca and utd. They have incredible talent and would beat Barcelona 10-0

42 Wellington Phoenix (New Zealand)



Wellington phoenix rule and basically the NZ football team line-out

I love you perspolise
I love you Ali Karimi.
I love you IRAN.

43 Suwon Samsung Bluewings (South Korea)

Lets go Bluewings!

Suwon Samsung Bluewings is one of the powerful teams in K league teams. And sponsor Samsung is very rich company.

44 1. FC Kaiserslautern (Germany)

The only club who is World cup winner in 1954! 5 players won the titel.

45 1.FSV Mainz 05 (Germany)
46 FC United of Manchester

They are a good team😁

47 Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia)

Underrated. Greatest ever Russian team. 2008 UC/USC winner! - Aita45

Champion's League will be ours!

In the world's best city can exist only the best football team! Even without Ars_shavin.

No one has the power of hulk
the thinking of danny
and the hope of zenit

48 Boca Juniors (Argentina) Boca Juniors (Argentina)

This list is a popularity contest run for fans located in the countries outside of the team homes, therefore it is hard to be taken serious. Boca holds the record for most international titles in the whole continent, only followed by other Argentinian and Brazilian teams, so US and Mexican teams should not be on top of this team. NO POSSIBLE ARGUMENT. The amount of titles is paired with the biggest teams in the world like AC Milan and Real Madrid (18 Int. titles). It even has the record of never being beaten by this team (Real Madrid) in their entire history. Besides, talking bout having real fans (not just internet voters) this is one of the 2 most important teams from a country that holds 2 World Cups as well and has been the birthplace of the best players of history (Messi, Maradona, etc)

Greatest fanbase in world

This whole list is a mistake on it's own, not only does Boca Jr rank in the top 10 in the world but I must pay my respects to the other great clubs as well, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and etc. This list was made for those who maybe even watch the game. Unbelievable to think of teams yet alone clubs never even heard of or organizations put on the list just because they are well known for the countries themselves. This list is disrespectful in the lack of knowledge for soccer and everything else that goes a long with the greatest game in the world and history.

Boca has won 18 international titles, like the AC Milan. They both has the highest number of international titles and, I think, they are the best. Boca has excelled at every cup played. Tons of great international players, who made great other teams, were discovered by boca juniors

49 Nottingham Forest (England)

No club in England has ever come from relative obscurity to win back to back European cups, no team will ever replicate this without billions being pumped into it,

nottingham f should be bout 15th we were untouchable won european cup 3 times fa cup twice lots more

European Champions, First Division Title... Hell, we even beat Liverpool in the prime!

Only people who really know and understand football rate Forest.

50 3 Star Club (Nepal)

Good team

Patanes are the best in Nepal


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