Barcelona (Spain)

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Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club, based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.


I'm a Persib Fan, called Bobotoh. Persib is a football club from the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It has one of the greatest and loyal fans in Indonesia. And I'm a Barcelona Fans too. If the question is the best football club in my heart, I will answer: Persib. But as the question is the best football club in the world, so I Voted for Barcelona. I think I don't have to explain why, everybody know why Barca is the best.

You people are just fans out there, how can someone vote on turkish clubs as being the best in the world, no club in the world can touch barca right now, there not even close, they were playing powerplay football against manchester utd. Manu seemed hopeless, even though they are also one of the best in the world. But like I said, barca is just simply the best now, so to all the people out there, if your gonna vote on the subject, as in to, which football club is the best in the world, you know who it is, don't confuse people by putting in clubs like galatasaray and all the other ones, maybe they have great supporters, but that's not the subject here, people wanna know, which club is the best in the world, that is of course on the pitch,

You know why Barcelona are the best team in the world? Because of the history that this team has and the history this team have created. Barcelona is a club that has a strong philosophy and a club with class and moral. They have changed the style of football little by little and taken Europe by storm in recent years. All throughout their history they've had ups and downs but this team doesn't know how to give up or even understand the word impossible. That's why I love this team and believe that this club is indeed the best club in the world. I've seen them lose by big margins multiple times but they persist in being the best and play football like never before. Barcelona have also had legendary players such as Maradona, Ronaldo, Johan Cruff, Ronaldinho, Henrik Larsson, Thierry Henry, Gary Lineker, Rivaldo, Samuel Eto, David Villa and many more. This club also has the most players to ever win the FIFA Ballon D'Or. They have a current squad of spectacular players, such as Lionel Messi, ...more

I think PERSIB the best club in the world.

Barcelona are THE best club in the world. They are the FIRST football team to win SIX titles in just ONE season. They hold some of the best players in the world; Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Villa, and MORE. They don't buy much players, as they have an absolutely AMAZING youth system. They have an AMAZING history, and they will definitely get their fourth title in a row this season. LONG LIVE BARCA!

Messi alone is enough to put Barcelona on top, in addition to that they have Xavi and Iniesta, most talented midfielders of today. They got captain Puyol whose rated among the best defenders. And also 6 titles in season (2008-2009) are enough to put them at number 1.

FC Barcelona has win loads of trophies. We also play the most beautiful football in the world, and we've got the La Masia to make our own style last forever. It's great that we also do charities to help people. We have the awesome Camp Nou stadium, which is the largest in Europe. FCB is More than a club, we will always be the best FOREVER! - wandirection

They can beat any team in the world. Yes they have great players but what makes their style of play so good is that teams have to play with 10 guys behind the ball because Barca will run them out of the park. Add a little creativity along with Messi, Ronnie, Iniesta, Puyol and Valdez and you have magic.

barca fifth? lol impossible barca is the best team of the world, proof? 3-1 owned man u, so wtf is galatarsay whatever, never heard of this crap. 8 world cup champions MESSI another one is the goalkeeper and 1 more = barca. they would probably own galarasay wtf team like 10-0 or more

Oh my God! There must be lots of unreasonable Turkish on this. Barcelona is simply the best. The first ever football team to win six titles one season(2008-2009). This is enough to qualify Barcelona as the best.

Barcelona... That's the club much people think of when someone asks them which club is the best in the world. Messi, David Villa, Iniesta, Xavi etc. They are the "Dream Team" people, nothing can beat them. Never heard of those Turkish and Indonesian clubs before, and I can tell you why:because they are LAME! GO FC BARCELONA!

It's clear there aren't a lot of football fans here. Everybody knows that European clubs are the best in the world. All the best international players play in Europe. And everyone likes different clubs, but nobody can deny that Barcelona is currently the most successful club.

So Barcelona is the greatest football club

Barcelona is amazing. Led by Lionel Messi and David Villa on the same team is literally unstoppable. Also, they have star defenders like Puyol and Abidal. When you put all of that, plus a great passer like Xavi, together with a great manager, you get a team that wins the La Liga.

FC Barcelona is the best club in the world and it's more than just a club.. And they have the best players in the world and it has the greatest manager " pepe guardiola " and it's way better than real Madrid, and they have the greatest supporters ever. Visca la Catalonia!

What?! Futbol Club Barcelona should be in number 1! Are you kidding me? PLEASE! In Barca we have the 3 best football players in the world and we are the best football team who has won 6 cups in a season! And our way to play? Who made that list clearly never watched Barca play.. Well, at least we are in this list and winning Real Madrid! Futbol Club Barcelona FOREVER AND EVER!

Barcelona will always be the best. They have perfect chemistry and go through tournaments almost undefeated always. They have Messi, the best player in the world, Xavi, the best vision and passes in the world, Iniesta, all rounded awesome player.. They have the best defensers.. Best midfielders and best forwards ever. The best team in the world for sure.

barca is the best no doubt. they have won plenty of things and have the best players in the world... the ones that won the world cup. they won 2 back to back uefa champions leagues and won la liga 3 years in a row now. so please don't argue with barca's potential. turkey clubs don't compare to barca.

They not only play the best football, which has mesmerized the footballing world but also win trophies. Those two does rarely if at all come hand in hand. Their playing style is a masterful symphony, a visual treat. Football fans living in this Barcelona era are blessed. Hands down the greatest football team of all time!

PERSIB BANDUNG do not need a world champion. because persib already grown in the soul of most people in Indonesia. That's why persib, present in the order of the best club in the world. If you not Familiar about PERSIB... You can visit our place, Bandung city, West java province, Indonesia Country. - Adier

Persib not just a football team. As a football team is not just having great players, but the fanatical support is everything. Not just a madrid, barca or mu, but persib ingrained in our body. From Sukabumi bobotoh

It is simply the best because of the discipline, their play, the passion they bring in the game, the stars it has, the creativity level, the location, the fans, the management, the titles they hold and the records they are breaking and setting. Why is it not ranked as number 1

Barcelona is the best because messi and david villa are so good that nobody can beat them even messi is the best player of world and it has the biggest victory of season 2011-12 and it's score again manchester united was 3-1

Fcb is best team in the world, best worldclass players play here, fcb has worlds best stadium, many players won and nominated from this club to fifa baloon d'or! In last 6 years fcb won 4 la ligas 2 club world cups, 3 uefa champions league trophies!

Barca should be ranked higher because first of all... They can beat every single team on this list... Can persib bandung do that... I don't think so... And for madrid fans... If you win this year its about time... We, barca, beat you in every single meeting... You guys don't deserve to be champions of la liga... Barca is the best... If you win... You won it without beating barca

Persib best duo, still under persib Barcelona, Barcelona hope I can play against Persib Bandung of Indonesia