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361 Palermo (Italy)
362 Pec Zwolle (Netherlands)

Best team in the eredivisie

ron jans!

363 Yeovil Town (England)

Community Club that's run by the supporters. Progressed as far as the Championship in just 10 years from the bottom roots of the English League. Progressive Club and one of the most notable achievements in a short period of time. - daarman12

364 FC Nantes (France) V 1 Comment
365 AFC Wimbledon AFC Wimbledon

Greatest team in league 1. Club is owned by fans so you can't get better than that - ChristianWalsh

Who are you and bet you can't beat Leyton orient

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366 FBC Melgar (Peru)
367 Bellmare Hiratsuka (Japan)
368 Busan IPark (South Korea)
369 Guadalajara (Mexico)

Best soccer team in the World, with the most Mexican soccer players.
I am a chiva de Corazon. Please vote if you are a chiva de Corazon forever.
Go Chivas!

I learned of this team with young players and its own school. I started following them since Chicharito came to ManU. Chivas has a great history too.

im a club america fan but i have to recognize that im proud to see guadalajara in this ranking cause their from my country....

Chivas is better than la galaxy

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370 Panathinaikos FC (Greece)

P. A. O. anti-fascismo! -anti-racismo!
the historical team of the center of athens. since 1908
Panathinaikos is the most successful Greek club in terms of achievements in European competitions. They have reached the European Cup (later changed to UEFA Champions League) final in 1971 and the semi-finals in 1985 and 1996 at football
.. at basketball 6 times european championships at the last 15 years... thats all falks

The Historical team of Athens

PANATHINAIKOS GATE 13 from Athens existing since 1908. Always on top!

Champions league finnalis and 2 times in the top four of Europe. Also, it is the most succesful club in Greece

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371 Aris F.C. (Greece)

The best and most fanatic fans in the world.Can see them in youtube (ARIS fans)

Best fans ever! Ofc everyone writes about the team he supports but honestly these fans are the best! No doubt about it! Aris' fans are the real deal!

372 Besiktas (Turkey)

1903 First football club of Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. Maybe its not the best football team of all world but our hearts world champion is Besiktas. Besiktas fans are the best supporters of the world ( Carsi ). Our Legend players are LES FERDINAND, STEFAN KUNTZ, KLEBERSON, RICARDINHO, CAREW, RONNY JOHNSEN, H. ALMEIDA, SIMAO SABROSA, GUTI AND QUARESSMA QUARESSMA ALLEY ALLEEY ALLEY

It's not just being a supporter it's a way of life And for most Besiktas supporters it's not about winning or losing but how you won or lost and the way the team played with soul and passion. No Glory hunters here. Besiktas till I die. Fenevbahce wishes they had our soul then maybe they won't be so scared when they play us.

the best team in turkey. has the best fun in the world. the oldest team of turkey

Shh, 1 2 3, BESIKTAS!

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373 Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)

First Eastern European club to get a major trophy (the Champions League winner of 1986)

'86-'89- European football was dominated by Steaua.

Deserves higher on this list as it made history for one simple country. - Stelist

Love of my ife

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374 Al-Ahly FC (Egypt)

Al-Ahly needs to be at least one of the top five teams. They won the Egyptian cup 36 times!

The best team in Africa, Egypt^^ the world they have won more championships than any team they have won Egyptian primer league more than any team in Egypt and they have won Egyptian cup more than any team too they have won African championships more than any team they won more than 120 championships in total they can beat any team in the world like:Real Madrid for the the club of the century world title so in my opinion Al-Ahly should be the best club in the world not only now but in history

Simply, the greATest in Africa and Middle East. And great history 1907 - asho707

Good team

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375 Club Atletico Penarol (Uruguay)

Peniarol The best club in the world! Uruguay Forever! We are the champions we ruled the world Cup 2010 we are better than any other country in the world! We have better values better soccer players and Forlan is the best not messi! Viva Uruguay!

Won 3 world championships, deafeating nothing less than real madrid, and is the greatest South American club in history - manya93

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376 Rangers F.C (Scotland)

Rangers have the biggest pure fan base in the World. In three days in May 2008, Rangers fans converged on Manchester for the UEFA Cup Final. 250,000 fans joined their team. The biggest human deployment of humans since the 2nd world war. 11 arrests helped the press ruin it.

Considering there were normally an average of 72 arrests in Manchester on any given Wednesday. - Cambuslang

Formed in 1872 and boasting 115 Major honours makes the famous Glasgow Rangers the most successful team in the history of football with a staggering 54 Scottish titles, a record 33 league cups and 27 Scottish cups as well as reaching three major European finals. Most recently in 2008 when over 200,000 Teddy Bears travelled to Manchester for the UEFA Cup final. In 1972 Rangers defeated Dynamo Moscow in the Cup Winners cup final and lift their first European title. Playing at the 50,000 capacity world famous Ibrox stadium - one of only two UEFA elite stadiums in Scotland (the other being Hampden Park

Top 10 in the world for definite, unreal seeing them down here. No club in Scotland compares in terms of success and there are few who even compare worldwide. Massive fan base and a club who stand for everything that is right in Britain!

Only club ever to somehow survive liquidated in 2012.

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377 Hamburg (Germany)

I don't support this club but this club used to be the best club in the world and I respect that. They are not the best right now but they are a strong team

I love you more than anything else )
Hamburg ist schwarz weiƟ blau

378 West Ham United (England) West Ham United (England) West Ham United Football Club is a professional football club based in Stratford, East London, England, that competes in the Premier League, England's top tier of football.

definitely don't forget their history they won the world cup - darkkier

I was looking for this club on this list and was surprised to it find here. West Ham is better than any Asian club but some stubborn people just don't want to admit it

Some of the best English player ever have come out of this team

Dam you terry you killed bobby Moore amazing cb for west ham and england

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379 PAOK (Greece)

PAOK's fans are just as fanatic as the infamous fans of Boca Juniors and River Plate. Just for the incredible fan support for an otherwise not so important club, I vote it the best. - RigasUT

Great Club, has the best fans in world football. Superb Atmosphere in their home ground, only if you have been at a match at the Toumba Stadium in Salonika will you realize what football passion is about.
P.A.O.K Salonika rules

paok re... the best fans in greece with distance from the others...


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380 Selangor FC (Malaysia)

Selangor fc is the greatest champions team in Malaysia league and cup and they are the team that have successful go to the afc champions league final

Why Malaysia is down under? Indonesia is lose every match with us.. Indon is 1-8 chelsea you know.. They shall not be top Best Football ever

Malaysia boleh... The manchester united of Malaysia5 times Malaysia Cup Champions...
5 times FA Cup Champions...
6 times continental champions
25 times league champions..
28 times charity shield winners

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