Best Football (Soccer) Clubs in the World

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361 FC Nantes (France) V 1 Comment
362 AFC Wimbledon AFC Wimbledon

Greatest team in league 1. Club is owned by fans so you can't get better than that - ChristianWalsh

Who are you and bet you can't beat Leyton orient

V 1 Comment
363 FBC Melgar (Peru)
364 America MG (Brazil)
365 Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
366 Stockport County (England)

I love them all in one place in a row

367 AFC Leopards (Kenya)
368 PPSM Sakti Magelang (Indonesia)
369 Gallos Blancos (Mexico)
370 Rapid Bucuresti (Romania)

This club has the best fans by what they do every match... It doesn't matter the whether nor the score... The fans sing all the time

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371 PSB Bogor (Indonesia)

The best and the legend football club in Indonesia beside Persib Bandung. I'm proud to be their supporter.

372 Wesbank Tigers FC (Namibia)

The oldest football team in Namibia, with a rich history and a rich culture, Second on the log this season. It helped Namibian soccer to get where it is now, Nicknamed "Ingweinyama"

373 Cambridge United (England)

This team is in the Blue Square Bet Premier. They nearly got into the Premiership (The First Division) and are currently managed by Jez George. Viva La Jezeloution

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374 APR FC (Rwanda)
375 PSSS Situbondo (Indonesia)
376 Peshmerga FC (Iraq)
377 Lille OSC (France)
378 Floresta F.C. (Brazil)
379 Stevenage (England)
380 Enyimba F.C. (Nigeria)
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Who is Persib Bandung... And Why Are They Ranked Number One?
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