Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.


Ronaldo IS THE MAN! He is so amazing and deserves to be number 1. All those beautiful free kicks and yet his hair is still so beautiful? Impressive. He even runs the way he does so his hair doesn't get messed up. If he ran like a normal person, he would be faster than a professional sprinter!

I believe that Cristiano has the greatest most accurate and powerful free kick in the world right now and the best free kick technique ever. His knuckleballs are unstoppable, his curve shots are perfect, and his over-under dipping balls are as perfect as can be.

Amazing his still in hi career but his not yet finished! Beckham and juninho have never shot a free kick from more than 45 yards. But Ronaldo has.. Against arsenal

Cristiano Ronaldo is he best free kick taker in the world because he curls in most of his free kicks he has had some bad game but he has scored some cracking free kicks he might even of scored most of his goals by free kicks so he should be at the top cheek some off his free kicks out if you don't bleave me

The best kick taker is ronaldo
The best footballer is ronaldo
The best striker is ronaldo
Ronaldo does not even miss a kick he always be good not he is the best
Whatever say about ronaldo is less
He is born only for being the best

Cristiano takes great free kicks he should be the best he has lots of power and accuracy in his free kick shots and 85% of them are on target I believe he has the ability to the best not just in free kicks but in the world good luck CR7

In my whole life I've never seen free-kicks like he scores them. He has a unique way of hitting them and those knuckleballs are astonishing. Show me a better free-kick than against Portsmouth or one against arsenal..

Even though I am a Messi and Zidane fan, I can't deny that right now Cristiano Ronaldo is the most well-rounded skill ever and by far the greatest free kick taker ever. Then it's Beckham.

Ronaldo has great power he can make a ball curve in a second, that is what Ronaldo's free kick dangerous to most goalkeepers. His explosive speed also makes the ball hard to catch

He is an awesome guy. He is a full package of foot ball. He heads well, he shoots well, he takes the free kicks well, he runs well. And also he plays well. Where as his opponent messi don't have all these qualities

I Love his Free kicks. He is one of the best free kick tacker in the history of football. His action of taking freekick is one of the best in the football in the history. His action will be the best in the history of football not in the present but in the future. He will be star in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.. He has amazing curling shot ever from free kick! Remember when Manchester United vs FC Porto in Champions League, and Cristiano was HERO!

He can launch out a football like a jet... He got tremendous skill and could break out through any defense... One finds the football inside the net once he gets it...

Never seen a more accurate free kick taker than him! For me, the 2nd best free kick taker of all time, after Roberto Carlos! His free-kick against Atletico is a treat to watch! You'll never get bored with it! In the words of the colourful commentator for Gol, Ray Hudson, it was "a wet dream of orgasmic proportions! "

Dudes this guy can score from anywhere are you kidding me whoever that Juninho Pernambucano guy is I've never heard of him anyone could replace that guy

C ronaldo is the best free kick taker in the world. He has many goals from amazing free kick goals than other players.

Some critics said in 2009, if Ronaldo keeps his free kick form for couple more years, he could be recognized as world's best free kick masters... Umm.. This is 2013... I don't think I can say anymore..
He has got everything under his belt.. His free kick has power, speed, precision.. A nightmare for any goalkeeper.

Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro Ronaldo...
The best free kick taker..
Remember the one taken against Bosnia..! 40 Yards!

He has the best ever free kicks. Notice he usually does them with his head. I started playing soccer because of him. He inspires me a lot.

He is the best free kick taker he scores most of the free kick he takes and he scored more than Messi who himself is a great footballer

Are you kidding me nakamura sucks cristiano is the best free kick taker ever in the 21st century he can put any kind of bend on a ball

Conversion rate is not as great, but they are the most awesome, most unique, free kicks out there. He has also scored over 50 kicks now.

He is a good free kicker because I see him score 60 percent of the time

He is chosen as the free kicker for real Madrid and Portugal

nothing compares and this is from brazilians. we love juninho but ronaldo has total control over the ball when he kicks it - DouglasandSthefany

c. ronaldo should be on the top ten list. his style is unique and the only one I have seen do a knuckle ball not a curve.