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1 coldmirror coldmirror Kathrin Fricke, better known by her channel name coldmirror, is a German YouTube star, voice actress, comedian, web host and internet personality born on October 13, 1984 . more.

She's hilarious - Organ

Is always going to be the most original youtuber I will ever know

It's a complete shock that the one German YouTuber that started the whole movement of the German YouTube scene becoming so big, was the first to appear on T.V., was the first who wasn't just a channel but became a celebrity, was the former most subscribed German YouTuber, is the one channel EVERYBODY knows... is not even among the 100 most subscribed German YouTube stars now. It's a pity, she is basically the one user who established being a YouTuber as a kind of being a celebrity in Germany. We don't know where users like iBlali, Dagi Bee, Gronkh, JuliensBlog, etc., would be without her. She's a cultural icon and inspired many well known memes and quotes. She is the Godmother of the German YouTube scene. - Martin_Canine

Es ist das grösste Mysterium des Universums wie sie noch immer nicht die 1.Millionen Abonnenten hatt und es Dislikes auf ihren Videos gibt!

2 Tinnendo
3 Applewarpictures
4 JuliensBlog
5 ConCrafter
6 DieAussenseiter
7 BibisBeautyPalace
8 iblali
9 Chanundso
10 HalfcastGermany

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11 albertoson
12 DieseSchuleRockt
13 HerrTutorial
15 Der Dunkle Parabelritter

The best Metal youtuber EVER! - Fretto

16 kbshowTV
17 freshaltefolie
18 NuclearBlastEurope
19 Space Frogs
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