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21 Gourgeist Gourgeist

Seriously? 28? Wow. Remember Gen 6? It is a great dual-type. Like, seriously. It has the same amount of weaknesses as Chandelure, but Chandelure is number 2 on the list!? Wow. You people don't know your Pokemon at all. What kind of fans are some people?

18? Gourgeist has trick or treat, a gamebreaking move because you can make combinations like normal ghost.

What do you mean pumpkaboo is cute he's so ugly and terrible!

I love gourgeist.He's so cool and mysterious

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22 Misdreavus Misdreavus

I was in third grade getting my first Pokemon card pack, and the very first card I saw was Misdreavus, and I instantly loved her. I just love her in the games as well, and her design is great! But there was another ghost type I really like too, and that is Banette. Ugh! They are both so awesome! I don't know who to decide!

Really? 28? Her evolved form is up in the top ten, but she's all the way down here? Shame on all of you. A poke doesn't have to be fully evolved to be good. She gives every NU physical spinner nightmares. She burns them with her Will-'O-Wisp and that's all she wrote.

Looks really cool and has awesome moves

LOVE. So cute and strong when evolved :D

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23 Drifloon

I think it is one of the most reliable pokemon.
It levels up quickly, and it depends on how you train it then it will become very powerful. Once it evolves into Drifblim it will learn to fly! Plus it is both ghost and flying which is awesome, as this
Type isn't that common.

Speed is decent, but other than that, great Pokemon! And if you get one with aftermath, you can end the match with a bang.

I like how its Pokedex entry says it steals children who mistake it for a ballon, laugh out loud. Drifloon and Drifblim are my favorite shiny Pokemon.

24 Shedinja Shedinja

When I first encountered one of these Pokemon it wiped my team out because I had no idea what wonder guard was and I was like what the hell it doesn't die!

Come on! Wonder Guard is the best ability and Shedinja is the only Pokemon who knows it!

Why is shedinja not higher on the list? I have swept entire teams thanks to wonder guard. It has sucky stats but the fact that only five types can hit it is pretty amazing.

He has 13 IMMUNITIES. 13!

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25 Mimikyu Mimikyu

It's a mystery, and it will always be like that forever.

IS IMMUNE TO 3 TYPES! Dragon fighting and normal

I defeated all the elite four with my mimikyu

It's extremely strong and perfect for grinding my other Pokémon!

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26 Arceus (Spooky Plate) Arceus (Spooky Plate) Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Its most powerful pokemon and with ghost type its so cool

You are wrong arcus is the first best pokemon.

What best poke ever

24, seriously 24 wow what is wrong with you people it's ARCEUS were talking about here, the GOD OF ALL Pokemon yes, even Mew OK this is Gengar times a million Gengar sucks too it's mega is OK I guess though... But really I could throw a fit about how good this thing is and it's in 24 WWWHHY!

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27 Litwick Litwick

It steals the like energy out of you! How Awesome is that? Plus, ghost and fire is a cool combonation. Inferno, Flame Burst, It has an okay moveset and Sp. Attack. Also it is cute. K bye. - Swaggy11

28 Palossand Palossand

Good ghost type but I havnt played sun and moon :I

What Pokémon is this?

29 Lunala Lunala Lunala is a dual-type Psychic/Ghost Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII . It evolves from Cosmoem when leveled up in Pokémon Moon starting at level 53 . It is one of Cosmog's final forms, the other being Solgaleo . more.

Come on, why didn't anyone know she's on this list? She is awesome and I'd choose moon over sun.

My brother wants froslass to be not included

Just look at this Pokémon, gives you chills


30 Tropius Tropius

He's not a ghost type is he I though he was a grass type not saying he not good I say he good too but gastly and him should be switched

Who Ever put Tropius on here must really love this Pokemon - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

Not even a ghost. It should be because I forgot it existed

Grass/Flying not Ghost. Can only learn Curse and Ominous Wind - PokemonGOSucks

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31 Decidueye Decidueye

Decidueye is just so beautiful! I especially love the grass ghost typing. I chose it for my starter and I haven't regretted it!

Amazing pokemon nothing better then a ghost and grass typing, and its an owl pokemon can it get any better

I am in LOVE with this pokemon! I named mine "Oliver" after the Green Arrow

32 Hoopa Hoopa

He has two forms: cute and strong. This Hoopa entry counts for both. It also has mysterious rings that appear everywhere is ORAS

I think hoopa's special attack stat is op. Even though I prefer hoopa unbound.

Hoopa a mythical Pokemon it should be first

I like Hoopa

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33 Golett Golett
34 Phantump

Its not ghost type lol

LOL should be 1 st

Phantump is both adorable and creepy if you understand the description in the pokedex.

Phantump is a great pokemon with good amount of hp

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35 Poliwrath Poliwrath

Are you mad it is not even a ghost type Pokemon

Can people please not put up other types?

He is nooot a ghost type!

Somebody needs to study their Pokémon... - PokemonGOSucks

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36 Darkrai Darkrai Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon developed by Game Freak. The only way to get this Pokemon was through two events, only one in the United States.

Darkrai is not a ghost type!

Can make you have night mares

It's purely a Dark Type - PokemonGOSucks

Darkrai is pure dark - Banette-marionette

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37 Lampent V 1 Comment
38 Yamask Yamask
39 Shuppet Shuppet

Shuppet's SUPERcute! The thorn on it's head contains very strong powers.

Agreed In Fact I'm shiny hunting for it right now

It knows the move bleh

40 Garchomp Garchomp

Kicks ass not even in its category!

Not a ghost type!

Ya it was a champions Pokemon

Why because they thought it looked like a Ghost? lol - PokemonGOSucks

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