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261 Gabrielle

Good name! Its sweet.

I like Gabrielle and Gabriella but I don't like gab or gabby because I feel like gab would be the word used for the sound of when you put sticky sweaty hands together then pull them apart.

I think its hot because it's my sisters name and 2 of my friends are called that

Nicknames-Gabby, Abby, Gabri, Abri, Bree, Breezy, Brielle, Ariel, Rielle, Elle, Ella, Ellie, Elliana, ELEVATOR! 💕Directioner42

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262 Bridget

I love this name! Why is it so low on the list? It's a beautiful name and if I could change my name it would be Bridget. My BFF's name is Bridget but with a different spelling: Brigid. I like that one better. It's more unique. This name means "strong".

I want to name my daughter this, it should be higher and I love the names Penny and Paige xx

My name is bridget and my greatgrand mothers

It's such a beautiful name
You don't hear it often I hope to name my kids this

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263 Evangeline

Oh my goodness I am in love with this name! Evangeline can be shortened to so many other adorable names like Eve or Angel. I'm definitely giving this name to my daughter!

This is my beloved cousins name it is so pretty it means angel it reminds me of the song Evangeline from princess and the frog so romantic

Evangeline is a very cute name and maybe I'm going to write a story or two using Evangeline and some other names.

264 Andrea

Andrea is a beautiful name when I hear it I think of a princess in a meadow

It's my sister's name... I love it. So perfect

My moms name

I love this name! It's perfect for a any type of girl! Plus it's my name! 👍

265 Jane

It's a very gorgeous name

OK then! - POWERStarz2004

266 Allyah

This name is pretty so thank you very much

This is my name except I spell it Aleah. A lot of people say they think it's pretty (even though I don't think so) so yeah.


267 Bella

Bella is a beautiful name I wish I had it but I'm stuck with another bye the way
Bella means beauty

I see it must be the first best name..

My name is Bella and it also mean beautiful Italian! I love it so much! I get complimented for it a lot! I don't know what I would do if I wasn't named Bella! Especially with a beautiful middle name like Camille! Anyway! If you are trying to find a baby name, choose Bella!-Bella Camille Heyer

She is the character of my dream cartoon character such a beautiful name.

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268 Tessa

My name is Tessa and I think Tessa should be the number 1 name and it is not a name for a tomboy

My names tessa and my friend calls me a tomboy yay

That sounds like a really outgoing tomboys name

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269 Maria

I love this name, so much great movies with Maria in it, it's also Spanish/Italian, and just has a nice ring to it

Maria's always rock they are like #1 They deserve to be on the first page.

My favorite name besides Laurel

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270 Aurora

This name should not be 153 and should be above constance

Love this name

Best name ever

My sister like

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271 Olive

What? It's the worst name to stick on a sweet little girl! - FinnsWorld

Sickest name ever. What's next? Pickle?

Please ignore my first comment on this. I used to hate this name. now I love it. - FinnsWorld

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272 Trong

What the heck sounds like a ladies underwear thong

I feel bad for anyone named Trong

Oh, why is this on here? Please, tell me if you're named 'Trong'. You poor girl.

273 Zara

THIS NAME DESERVES TO BE NUNBER 1!. like there's a store called Zara and Zara Larson and a princess is named after this name... ITS INCREDIBLE:)))))))

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274 Kendra

I use this name if I have a baby girl someday

I used to think this name was snobby until I read Fablehaven and the main character's name is Kendra.

275 Julianna
276 Alexia

Alexia is a good name but you should spell it this way "Alexa"!

I love the name alexa it is such a pretty name!

This is my name so it's so amazing!

The best name in the world

It's my sisters name, and she is very very nice to everybody. it is the best name ever

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277 Kendal

There's a Kendall in my class she is really tall

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278 Tina

Personally, I think Tina is one of the best names around! It is pretty uncommon (well, at least were I live) and it just sounds beautiful.

This is my mom's name! I also love the name Nina!

Bobs burgers tina

Tina,Nina,Lina all pretty,rhyming and sweet and simple sexy too

279 Britney

I like this name spelled "Britney" more than Brittany because Brittany looks a little like "Brit-a-nee" and Britney looks more like "Brit-nee" which is the way it's pronounced

I love this name, it's the best I wish I have this name like Britney Spears

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280 Tabitha

SUCH a beautiful name it means gazelle, beauty and grace. - Smileybunny123

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