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281 Artemis

Artemis is the Greek goddess! She is a bad ass

Artemis is not a bad ***. She's the goddess of hunt, maidenhood, and moon. Shows how much you know, smarty.

282 Oakliee
283 Joan

Its just unique

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284 Saima
285 Karen

My 6th grade English teacher was named Karen, She was the worst teacher I ever had, this ugly name should not hear.

Love it, not only because it reminds me of mean girls - Organ

Honestly a bland name

Fashionable and cute
I had a teacher named that and she was so pretty and sweet

286 Geraldine

Sort of pretty but sounds like a male name that doesn't really need to have a girl version

287 Francene V 1 Comment
288 Gabriella V 1 Comment
289 Alana

This is my name and I'm REALLY glad it's on this list!

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290 Alexa

Alexa is my best friends name and I love it

This is cool and can be shortened to my name Lexie!

It's so majestical! And people who don't like it you should know the name Alexa means defender.

This is my name and I hate it...I really hate it xc

291 Blossom

From the T.V. show the powerpuff girls I love that name and the show!

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292 Rosie

What's Rosie doing down here? I'm named Rosie and this should be higher or else...

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293 Shannon

Shannon is my name and it's absolutely amazing. It's so unique for our generation. I love being the only Shannon in my school. Shannon seems like the name of a smart and beautiful woman

My name is Shannon. I have always loved it. If it wasn't weird I would name my daughter Shannon.

294 Caitlyn
295 Rizagin

I love this 'because it is so unique and lovely

296 Angelle
297 Christy V 1 Comment
298 Giselle

This is my name! It is not very well-known, but still good

A beautiful European model has this name. Except it's spelled like Jezelle or something. It's a very beautiful name!

Amy Adams used that name in Enchanted (2007). - playstationfan66

299 Keilah
300 Airish
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