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361 Kara

This Name Was Not On Here I Wish It Was Because Its Sexy

362 Hillary

This is a trump supporter voting this!

(this is a joke, I hate trump)

363 Nancy V 2 Comments
364 Jordan

I love the name Jordan it is also my favorite star Jordan jones. she is just like me it is so pretty I wish I could be named Jordan so bad!

Hello Jordan is the best name in the world and can be used for a boy or girl

This is my name. I love it, its unique for a girl but most people call me jordy.

365 Gianna

A beautiful name for strong girls. tall beautiful and green or blue eyes

V 3 Comments
366 Serena

I'm naming my daughter this when I have kids - MorganChambz

Not the tennis player it's just a pretty name... It sounds like ''serene'' so... I guess kinda peaceful/pretty?!

It's a pretty name that is unique and awesome and my name is serina yes not with an e but with a I but still it is a pretty name and awesome

367 Katie

I'm am so calling my kid this as it could be such a good cheerleader name, as I know so many cheerleaders, as I am one my self, with this names and they make such good flyers. Also it means kind and beautiful. please I hate it when people call my 'kate' as it tacky and Is so annoying.

That is my first name. I love it though I would want to change it to Molly

My real name is Katherine but my nickname is Katie.

I love this name it's also my name it's meaning is meant to be pure I think this name is wonderful it's so original! ❤️😻

V 4 Comments
368 Hayden

Read you thing says your crushes name it my too I am a girl and a boy in my glass name is Hayden it kinda if you think about it this is a boy name but that just my opinion

Its a very nice name fell in love with it

Awesome name that's my crushes name

One of my close friends name is Hayden, I am a girl by the way. I do like the name, along with his younger sister's name Ava. I think u should vote for this name, it's very athletic

V 1 Comment
369 Eleanor

Such a beautiful name and you don't hear it much. I expect this name to have a huge comeback!

I love it! It's my friends name and I wish I had it!

V 2 Comments
370 Lydia

My name Is LYDIA! I have got a lot of best friends there called Caitlin Ocean carina maddie Jennifer Molly paradise roxy Decibel Candy and Annabelle

My name is lydia and I love this name case not a lot of people are called lydia and it make you feel happy

My name is lydia all the people keep making fun of me but now that my name is on the list I don't feel like it's a bad name anymore

My friend is called lydia its an amazing name it seems so calm and gentil

V 4 Comments
371 Eileen

Eileen is such a beautiful name, but I'm glad that people doesn't use it that much because it keeps being very uncommon and that's better, I think. Well, that's my name. And I like it.

I like this name... and I like Eileen from regular show too

My name, actually, I really hate it.. - Lucretia

Eileen is my world

372 Josie

This is my name and I think it is better than Emma or Emily or Madison. Those 3 names are overrated

It awesome


373 Hollie V 3 Comments
374 Madeleine

Madeleine is a lovely French name

V 4 Comments
375 Namyra

My crush's name, I very like her face and personality.

V 1 Comment
376 Shakina V 1 Comment
377 Osama

Ummm nah

378 Miley V 2 Comments
379 Shania

Love this name, my cousin has this name and it truly suits her.

380 Ingrid

Ingrid is the coolest name ever please put it as number 1

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