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461 Demetria

Never name your kid that

Your so rude it's my name

462 Connie

That's my name and I love it well my real name is constance

I love this name as well it is mine please vote I love it

Cute fab amazing vote now

463 Amaya

One of My cousins names is Amaya

I love this name. itmeans night rain in japenese! Its
My name fyi

464 Alexandra

My name is Alexandra and I think it is a pretty name, but people with the name Alexandra should go by Alex like me. (by the way I'm sort of a tomboy)

It's my name and it is very pretty and my friends love it

Hot chicks go by Alex, I mean the sexy kind...

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465 Amberley

I completely love this name because it is what my beautiful daughter's name is. No one has ever heard of it where I live so that makes it doubly special. Her name holds a very special meaning because it came from a very special place.

466 Penny
467 Kaylee

I think you need to put them in because they are my sister's names and I love them to death and also the names are very pretty

Too bad no one will ever see this name because its # 600. But if it ever gets high enough that people adore it, remember that I love it because its an awesome name. (It's not my name, it's my OCs name.) I don't like popular names, but I love this one!

468 Macy

Sounds like a pretty preppy girl who wears lots of makeup.

This is my name and I love it

Sounds like an emo anime fangirl who dyes her hair different colors and wears a lot of black and purple.

Macy's like the store ummm. No

469 Haiden
470 Vivian V 3 Comments
471 Joyce

I love this name

This is my name

472 Farah

This name means Joy in Arabic, and if you have a cheerful little kiddo, name your child this, pronto!

I think Farah is a nice I know Somebody called Farah

Wahoo! I swear I am doing a happy dance right now

Farah is a lovely name

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473 Talia
474 Tanya
475 Rylee

I love this name! I wish this was my name...

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476 Kiley

This is an awesome name!

477 Savhanna

That name sucks my name is more pretty my name is Laurel!

Its pretty and contemporary lovely

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478 Aisha

It is an awesome names

Best beautiful quiey good girl


479 Shivani
480 Liseth
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