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121 Isabel

Isabel is my name and everyone loves it so don't hide it it's the best name ever let's vote up to the top

My sister, she is a wonderful person. I wish she was still here with me.

I think it's a cute, simple name, and FABULOUS name!

117?!?! 117?!?! This should be WAAY highe

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122 Veronica

The best name ever! It's my name. It sounds pretty & I like the way it looks.

I love this name, it is my sisters name, my family calls her a very good nickname.

Me - Lunala

123 Naomi

This is my name! Naomi, me, who people say sings just like Adele, whose favourite singer is Adele, and who shares a BIRTHDAY with Adele! If I wasn't called Naomi, I would SO be called Adele!

In my school have one girl name Naomi, she's really cute and we're really good friend even she's younger than me 1 years old. I really love her.

Biblical, sexy, as well exotic and smart

great name

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124 Shayleigh

Most unique name, you don't come across it regularly its not one of those common names all the girls have, it displays individuality and uniqueness you're not following the typical crowd :D

Love the name - one of my friends is named Shayleigh.

It's a lovely name, my best friend spells it Shaleigh.

Its uniqe! And I love uniqe names
Love michelle

125 Stella

I like the name because I had a dog named Stella but passed away. My most favorite cousin Julia sent me a valentine with a picture of my dog
And it was one of the best valentines I have ever gotten.

Stella from Winx Club! She is the most beautiful and that's her name! So beautiful!

Stella means star and it is awesome and that is why it is my name.

Whoever said Stella is an Italian name... actually, it isn't, it's Latin.
Stella means Star in Latin, not in Italian.

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126 Beyonce

I agree with you and the singer is pretty

Name your kid this and she will be famous one day.

I love this name

How do you pernounce Beyonce, and what does it mean?

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127 Ariana

My mom think that I look like Ariana grande even my some friends also think that same But I don't know, by the way I like this name - Righteous

I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE, this name should be number 1

It's such a cute name

Lol, was looking for this name. It's my girlfriends name, and it's just absolutely beautiful, deserves to be in top 10 e.e

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128 Billy

That is my name! And yes, I am a girl.

Goat Gruff

129 Rachael

You see, weather your name is Tiffany, Bridget, lauren, Milly, camilla, or a really odd name that I like but just seemed to forget, RACHAEL is the best one out there! The Rachael's of the world deserve recognition! I understand if all you peasants wish to shorten it to RACHEL but the really sophisticated people out there neeed that extra "A" to help fulfill their lives! So to all the RACHAEL's of the world... ROCK ON! P.S I have always pictured a RACHAEL with long brown hair and green eyes, but if you don't have this it's still ok!

My moms name is Rachael and dad's name is josh

I grantee it's the best name ever because if you like 4'o clock club it has a girl called Rachael and Josh try's to impress her. It's just the best name ever

My mums name is Rachael and I love it.It is so cool

130 Regina

I just love the sound of Regina...Regina

My teachers name and she is nice and elegant

I just love your name so much!

lol me too

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131 Evelyn

I really like this name! (it's mine so I'm kind of stuck with it lol) I mean it's a name that doesn't have only one type of person that comes to mind when you think of an Evelyn. She could be girly, rebellious, a flirt, sporty, the list goes on. Just two rules- get a really cool middle name and NEVER NAME A BOY THIS HE WILL HATE YOU FOR LIFE I PROMISE

It sounds like the name of an elf or something. From Lord of the Rings!

I am in love with a girl named Evelyn. So for me this name is the most beautiful in the world - DarkSideOfDragons

I'm going to name my kids Evelyn and Meridith

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132 Addison

That's my name! I don't really like it that much. But I'm glad that some people like it

I love this name! It's beautiful. I'm not sure why it isn't more popular

Addison is the best name ever it is so pretty I love it

I have a cousin named Addison and we call her addy for short. She is adorable and she is just the cutest thing ever

133 Leila

Leila, what a great name to call your daughter. She is loveable, loud, happy, and annoying. Yes I said annoying. The name Leila means night or night of wishes. She is also excited about everything. Amd mostly always positive.

I find this name underrated, it sounds so pretty. - ivylee

I have a crush on a girl named Leila

I've a doll named Leila.

134 Catherine

Pure it!

Charlette is better than you.

Oh please Charlotte is a snotty and rude name, while Catherine is a kind, beautiful name. - Untildawn8


My name! Why so low :( - Untildawn8

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135 Celeste

My name is Luna Celeste, and I have a little sis named Stella Dawn

It's my name so of course I love it!

Love this name! No idea why :L

Your sister and you haveawesome names, just saying!

136 Annabelle

That is my name! It is not very popular and I like that. It used to be 11th place on this list! People often call me anna. I also like the names Audrey and Julie.

I was wondering when I would see this name

137 Sky

I love that name!

I love your Name

Nobody could ever take this pride away from you if you had this wonderful name.


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138 McKenna V 1 Comment
139 Baylynn
140 Petal
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