First off he is the HERO! He always wants to help people out even when maybe when he shouldn't, he just wants everyone to be happy. He's obnoxious, funny and maybe just a little dumb, anyone who says it's just an act is simply wrong. I mean come on guys he put a hamburger on England's head to cure him and he did not even know what a cold was, but even then he was protecting England from getting molested by France which proves he truly is the world's hero. He literally has the world's biggest ego and the world's most obnoxious laugh yet he is also caring and kind really he just wants everyone to be happy, he is also insecure about his figure for whatever reason-I mean seriously he has nothing to worry about-yet he always makes a point to be happy and cheerful and dispite being a little arrogant and having a terrible ability to read the atmosphere he is always bubbly and happy and he doesn't let anyone tell him what to do, he is his own person and he is extermly hard working. You simply ...more

Despite being one of the youngest countries around, America shines through and through. He fought for his independence and became of the youngest superpowers ever. Despite his obvious quirks and being a jerk sometimes, he is good at heart and genuinely wants to make friends and do the right thing. His laughter is contagious and his true desire to be a hero to others is genuine. I'm also amazed at his super strength and wonder how he could get such a ability at birth? Maybe there's much more to his story than we really know... Hm

Alfred is the greatest! He is the most positive amazing person ever. He has an interesting foreshadowed past and is adorable as a colony. Then after he separated from England, he has become a superpower. He is always positive and does what he wants beyotch! He is loud and his ideas are funny and cool. He is so young so of course he is like this. America is proud and happy. He is always there to lighten the mood. Plus he's played by Eric Vale which is cool. He is so awesome he has an alien friend named Tony. Come on! If you don't at least like America's personality of looks I don't know, cause he is my HERO!

Most people don't like him because he comes off as an egotistical jerk, even I didn't like him at first, but then as the series progress you start to under stand him more and relate to him. You start laughing along with his jokes and start feeling how he feels. He's not as self centered as he comes off to be either. He'll help anyone regardless if they want it or not and I admire him for that. After all the wars and troubles he's been through he can still smile and have fun. And if you think he doesn't have his deep moments look up the strip Davie.

! America is a great character who is like me but a guy that is from Vergina, who likes hamburgers (sorry I'm not a really aAmerican because I don't like hamburgers), and he is blond with blue eyes. He is Amazing in every way. That dude is like Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, with a tiny bit of Applejack. And if he were to have a Pokemon, it would probably be a dark, electric, flying, or AWESOME type. For my opinion, I think Alfred F. Jones (in other words, America), would be my older brother (England, Italy, Spain, Romano, Denmark, Norway, and some other characters 'like Mexico, Netherlands, he is a real character, Wales,N. Ireland, Ireland, and another European country). Alfred is Strong, Kind, Daring, Happy, Awesome, Sweet, Amazing, goofy, and cute :). I guess if he really were real, he would call me Amazing, Mischievous, Cool, Kind, Crazy, Goofy, Odd (in a cute way), Cute, Silly, Giggly, Loyal, Honest, Strong, a maze (meaning sometimes confusing), Joyful, hyper, like himself but a 12 ...more

Come on? Why not? Just pick Alfred. He's my favourite character of the series due to his cute personality and stregths. Although he is a bit of a knucklehead, he does what he thinks is right and stands up for justice and others. And he's just so funny, loveable and heroic! I love all the sketches with him in, he can be such a serious but also fun character...

Can someone explain to me why he has to be FICTIONAL?!


I love America! He can a put a smile on anyone's face. Although he may be a little stuck up with his "I'm the hero" quote, he cares deeply about his friends. America is an easy lovable character and always has a big grin on his face. He has incredible strength, a huge appetite, and a friendly demeanor.

He's the HERO! How can anyone NOT love him?!?! He's the best character ever! And his laugh is hilarious. Iggy's a lucky guy to have a lover like that... Laugh out loud Just joking...

I like America because he's loud. I know usually those type of characters are thought of as annoying, but if he wasn't loud I think I would honestly hate him. I also love his personality, he can really put a smile on your face if your having a bad day.

He's that type of person that chooses to have fun then be serious. Even though he is just as powerful sand smart as the rest of the nations he chooses to make people comfortable instead of tense.

I can't help but love him, everything he says and does is just so optimistic and he sees the brighter side of everything! He also SO cute. This precious cinnamon roll needs to be loved and protected. He, Italy, and Denmark alike.

America is really funny and, in my opinion, really cute. And he doesn't look like Canada. Canada looks like him.

What I enjoy about America's character is his childlike behavior, lightheartedness, and the determination on which he carries out his actions.

America's just to great to be 4th, we all know who the real hero is, he should clearly be #1.

"Listen to my total hero voice, guys! " seriously, does America ALWAYS have to be the hero!? Though they nailed him perfectly. And as an American, I should be taking offense, though I visualize myself as Japanese.

He's a 10 on Personality, Cuteness and Hotness! He's always outgoing and I love him.

One of the sweetest and funniest characters on the show, in my opinion (the other one is North Italy).

He's really optimistic, and he may seem very carefree, but that doesn't mean he's not smart!

He may be goofy sometimes, but he knows when to pull a serious face and when to cheer up everyone else!

He's one of the most caring and amazing characters with a touch of goofiness to pick up any bad mood.

He's awesome and funny. Hetalia would be kinda bland without him.

Alfred F. Jones is one of my favourites! He's that type of guy everyone would just feel happy about. He's energetic, fun-loving and a great guy at heart. Even though he can be a douche, he's still the hero. It's almost impossible for anyone to hate this guy! He's like a brother to anyone and how can anyone deny his awesomeness?! Go USA! Keep smiling!

US is so damn hilarious with his hero complex persona.

I love him because he is the perfect stereotype of the USA and he's amazing! 11