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1 Becker Knife and Tool

Becker Knife and Tool... Not just a knife brand, but one of the more involved producers out there. Mr. Ethan has been GREAT to speak with at shows and events. Really down to earth and listens to the consumers and their needs/wants. I own numerous Becker knives, and will continue until I run out of knives to buy. Certainly not the most expensive knife on the market, but dollar for dollar, in my opinion the single best knife you can find.

Becker knives are an amazing value for the money. Fantastic, well thought out designs make them exceedingly useful in the field, on a hike, at the campsite, or around the house. The blades come razor sharp out of the box, hold up under ridiculous abuse and are easy to sharpen. The handles are some of the most comfortable I've ever held. Awesome awesome knives.

I've owned A LOT of knives in my life but none that can match a Becker knife for value, design and overall utility. I love the way they are balanced and the ergos of their world famous handles. But what makes them far superior to other knife companies is Ethan Becker. I've only met him once in person, but I have to say he's one of the most genuine down to earth people around.

Becker knifes are hands down the best value for your money but above and beyond the best design for your money. Easy to customize, simple to maintain and overall great utilitarian knives. No case queens in the whole line! You won't be disappointed with any of the models/designs.

2 Benchmade

I have three benchmades! All are incredible knives at great prices. There is a 100% chance of me buying another benchmade. The axis lock cannot be matched by most locks out there. I own a benchmade mini presidio and I use it quite heavily and it still stands up to much abuse. I also have a benchmade emissary it is a very compact knife and is very sharp and holds its edge very nicely. Lastly, I have a benchmade adamas which is easily my favorite benchmade folder. It is incredibly strong keeps its edge like nothing else considering it has d2 steel amazing knife. The fact that benchmade isn't in the top 5 is sickening, cold steel is most certainly not number one. It just shows how little this website and its creators know about knives. If you get the free time, look up a diamondbladr knife sometime or a busse or a hinderer or even esee nor cold steel.

I love Benchmade knives. The blades hold up and I barely ever sharpen it. I used it on a farm so it is always out of my pocket and cutting something. I would recommend this knife company to anybody who uses knives all the time. The hand grips are by far fill the best in your hand and they are lightweight. I would encourage anybody in the market for a Benchmade to go ahead and spend the money on the last knife they will ever have to buy!
Nathan Ford

Benchmade knives are a staple in my gear; whether around the city or in the mountains. The feel, quality and designs are second to none. I once lost a benchmade knife and it was a sad day. I have tried a lot of other brands, but once I got my first Benchmade...I've never felt the need to look elsewhere. My personal favorite is my Barrage featuring the AXIS Assist open system. One hand and your are ready to go. Brilliant!

Benchmade is a little pricier but you get what you pay for. I just received the 755 MPR and craftsmanship is great and it has the proper materials where they should be! I would definitely have Benchmade in the top three if not number one. I am now looking at the Barrage or the Adams, check out the price difference in these two knives an you will see where the difference is in materials. Have a great day!

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3 ESEE Knives

These are some of the best knives in the $50-$150 dollar price range that money can buy. They have one of the best warranties in the business and the knives are nearly indestructible. The knives are made from 1095 steel and come with an excellent heat treatment. The different models come in a range of powder coated colors to help combat corrosion. The owners run an excellent discussion forum and offer training that covers many different outdoor activities.

You can train a monkey to put an edge on a piece of metal and sell it, but ESEE is much more than a company selling sharpened pieces of steel. There is a culture behind ESEE that drives individuals into the outdoors to explore the unknown and thrive in adverse environments.

I own several Esee knives and I love them. My favorite is my newest edition the laser strike what a knife perfect in every way. Thanks Esee for producing a top notch superb quality blade. Y'all are number ONE in my book

The first time I walked into a major knife shop and saw the ESSE brand, I forgot about every other knife brand on earth! Talk about an eye catcher! If you like knives, then you would be crazy not to own an ESSE!

4 Spyderco

Spyderco knives are the best looking, best quality knives by far. I know this based on my experience with my collection of over 100 various brands of knives and multi-tools. Their signature round hole on the blades are very unique as well as usable. All of their knives are of high quality steel whether made in USA, Japan, China, or Taiwan. And they are the best when it comes to new and exotic designs. Their new carbonless nitrogen based H-1 salt series blades are rust and corrosion free. No other steel compares. If you live or work on/near salt water you would be more than satisfied with the quality and workmanship of this Spyderco salt series knife. Dare to compare with any other!

Spyderco knives are the "cutting edge" of blade technology. They put extensive research into new and exotic steels, searching for the perfect balance if hardness and toughness. They're expanding production in the US while sourcing the highest quality steel from around the world. Just hold a Spyderco to get a sense of their fit and finish. Precise, sharp and engineered to perform. You'd be hard pressed to find a better knife for the money.

The H1 Salt range of knives are the best that I have owned, living at the coast I have had opportunity to test the stain resistance. This knife is with me wherever I go, even in the sea. In 5 years so far not a bit of discoloration, this is extremely impressive. I really get the best use from the excellent serrated blade which is in my opinion one of the best designs available. The range is comprehensive and there is a knife for all uses.

Worst customer service I've ever experienced from a knife company and I own just over 200 knives, so that should say a lot! Needless to say, I will never be purchasing their knives again. It also seems as though Spyderco's prices have gotten more and more absurd almost as quickly as their knives grow more and more ugly... Not quite sure what they are doing, but I hope it involves them going out of business.

5 TOPS Knives

Calling a Benchmade knife a child's toy has to be one of the funniest things I have read in a while. Especially when comparing it to a Tops. 1095 is great steel but there are literally a hundred companies that can make just a good (and usually better) knife with it than Tops (although all of them will be a great deal lighter). Of course they do usually come with that pry bar... So you can tactically open a can of paint when you need it to survive.

Heavy knife, made in US, holds an edge well. Great for batoning which makes it a perfect survival knife in my book. You can get a heavy knife to do other tasks with more care, but you can never ask a lighter knife to do a heavier duty chore.

Superior knives, both survival and tactical. Comparing a Top's knife to a Gerber, Cold Steel or a benchmade is like comparing a really professional tool to a child's toy.

Tops knives should be #1 because they are made in America and have the best heat treat in the world.


KA-BAR is one of the best knife companies ever forged. They have been and American classic since World War II and you will still see knifes from world war two on veteran's belts because the were made to last. While not as flashy as a Coldsteel or as beautifully crafted as a Benchmade KA-BAR's simple yet amazingly reliable designs have done the job since 1898. Which is 82 years older than Coldsteel and 90 more than Benchmade. That's why I would trust the 7 inch Combat/utility (As would many U.S. veterans) on my belt than any other knife.

I've got a Gerber K-bar. It's the year 2000 commemorative one, but I've always used it as a working knife. I've skinned deer & gutted hogs with it. It's a little too big for both jobs, but it always had a great cutting edge to it. Now I'm using a Hen & Rooster folding lockblade to skin with & to do the gutting. It's became my favorite for cutting food. But I use my Kernshaw when I need a blade fast.

Ka-Bar is a legend. Should be in 1st place, since they have the tools, they have the experience. They are the most known knives and they are affordable. Benchmade is a quality company, but I don't know anyone owning a benchmade knife. On the other hand, I know plenty of people who owns Ka-Bars...

I've tried a lot of knives in my time, but the Ka Bar USMC Knife does everything I need it to do an more. After I bought this knife it sold me, and almost every Ka Bar product I have handled is superb in every aspect

7 Victorinox

There is no better value in the knife industry. Their knives perform far better than people would expect. See the rope cutting test by jdavis882 for proof of exactly how good and versatile their steel is. Their factory is also one of the most refined in the world. Each knife produced has an extremely low carbon footprint. The heat produced by their factory is actually used to heat the homes surrounding their factory at no cost to the people. I love all of the knife companies currently in this list, but Victorinox is doing something that nobody else is. High quality product, great fit and finish, low price point, low carbon footprint, giving back to their community, lifetime warranty, and excellent performance.

The good old Swiss army knives, without a doubt the best multitool in the world. Admitted, the actual knife may not preform as well as some other Scandinavian brands, but it is still a superb blade that will definitely outperform the lesser brands. However, it is not the blade that has made these classic tools so famous, it is the sheer versatility and quality of the numerous tools and attachments on this wonderful knife. This fantastic company deserves every bit of fame it's earned, and their classic knives are a true must have for any knife enthusiast.

I always have a Victorinox pocket knife on me or near to me they have. Blades that can be kept very sharp with a little honing, and the tools are so useful, I have carried one with for 38 years and taken one on my travels all over the world. AVGG

Top quality knife and superb handle to work around the meat and fishes.! hats off

8 Mora

I'm surprised at many of these reviews. I'm an avid outdoorsman and a knife collector myself. I own and used nearly every knife in these reviews, and my favorite... is still the mora. Do your research. Nearly every survival class teacher or guide I've met in the last 40+ years carries a mora. Razor sharp, easy to resharpen, and inexpensive. (Unless you lose it, you wont need to replace it.) A knife is a tool, and only as good as the hands operating it. I'm amazed how many so called "Woodsman" throw their knife, baton with it, or (as some reviewers refer to it) call it a weapon! You're going to the woods, dudes! You're not fighting zombies or ISIS terrorists! Try gutting a trout or pan fish with your 8" Ka-bar or Cold Steel. I have them, but always carry my mora. Can't beat the price or quality. I still have my first of many... 33 years, and going strong.

Best knife ever, I was in wilderness therapy when I was first introduced to the morakniv companion and I've had this same knife for over a year now. It never fails to be sharp as hell, and holds an edge for a very long time. I'm thinking of upgrading to the bushcraft soon and I know I will not be dissapointed.

Tremendous knife. Exceptionally sharp. Wears well. Cost can't be beat. Easy to maintain. Thinner blade thickness means less metal to push through your material (generally wood for my uses). I love my Moras.

If the point of a knife is to cut things with... Rather than chopping cinder blocks and all that "destructive test" stuff--Mora's cut as well as most things out there.

9 Ontario Knife Company

Ontario/RAT produces some very fine knives. Their high end knives are on par with Cold Steel, and even their low end folders produced out of Taiwan are of remarkably high quality and value priced. They do not make a bad product, they price competitively, and they deliver high quality at all price points.

Simply put. I owned many knives and I also love Mora but Ontario is hands down the best.

Great Knife. I own a XM-1s folding knife. It has quality steel and is built like a tank.

The rat 1 is without a doubt one of my favorite knives.

10 Buck Knives

1. Buck Knives are made in the USA.
2. Buck Knives come with a "Forever Warranty".
3. Buck Knives hold an edge like no other knife.
4. Buck Knives are a steal for the price you pay.
5. Buck Knives are beautiful.
6. Buck will sharpen a knife for you for $7. You pay for shipping to their factory but they pay for the way back.
7. If you need a new blade on your knife Buck will put a new one on the knife for $10.
8. Buck will do cosmetic work in your knife for free all you pay for is shipping to their factory.

Buck knives are the best quality knives I’ve ever owned in my 62 years. I have owned many knife brands in my years, but the many models, quality, warranty and price have always made Buck knives number 1 in my book. I’ve got Buck knives I’ve had for 50 years and they still perform like new. I grew up with Buck knives and still carry and use them today.

Redpoint is the knife for me, locks closed and open to prevent accidental opening if you bump your hip against something. Good grip, sharp blade, easy open despite the fact that it locks in the closed position.

Have been around for quite a while and is what you usually think of when you think of a woodsmens knife. the the coolest knives around and the materials are said to be mediocre. But don't rule out the affordability in these knives is great so practicality would be great with these knives but use your own opinion please.

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11 Fallkniven

Research? One to hand down to your children's children. One of the top 5 Survival knives A1, great in my kitchen? But Vg 10 steel is great for anywhere. Outdoors camping, fishing, splitting wood, or take down an intruder. You do get what you pay for.

I like family owned and run knife companies that take pride and produce a knives that says in your hand this is a real knife. The relationship you develop with a Falkniven is one of respect and trust...

I think owning a classic, like my F-1, is a privilige and an honor. It is "the knife" to have when you only have one. The A-1 if often classed as one of the best in the world.

Family owned... Awesome quality get what you pay for...

12 DPX Gear

High quality, no BS knives designed by a real person for people who work in harm's way.

13 Cold Steel

Their customer service has not always been stellar and the advent of making nearly all of their folding knives with unequally sized thumb studs has really become the bane of existence for lefties out there... Sorry I'm not into having to swap thumb studs around requiring me to wrap my nice pliers with duct tape!

I bought a Cold Steel Survival Edge knife and find it be the best hollow handle knife on the market for the price. I have other cold steel products and find them to be of highest performance. I wish they had a bigger selection of knives. (You should see their online video knife torture test) unbelievable!

Cold Steel has and makes the best weapons hands down. I've bought many cold steel weapons and they never cease to amaze me! Although Benchmade is number 1, I think Cold Steel makes way sharper and more durable weapons, not to mention the incredible quality that Cold Steel offers. COLD STEEL ALL THE WAY!

I bought one of cold steel's knives several months ago. It's the best knife I have ever had. It has held through ever thing I put it through. I have pried manhole covers open with it cut steel wire and multiple other things. Cold steel is the way the go.

14 Bark River

Hundreds of Styles, Steels and Handle Materials. If your looking for a one of a kind semi custom, this is the place. Lifetime unconditional warranty. No matter what you do to your knife, they will make it right.

Excellent company. Tons of style choices, steel choices and sheath choices. Unconditional lifetime warranty. You can't beat that.

Best semi-custom knives for the price around, made in USA, and awesome steel choices.

Make some incredible knives... Good steel and handle choices.4

15 Condor

Solid, no frills carbon steel knife that will hold up to the demands of outdoorsman and warriors alike. Great price.

Handcrafted blades with excellent sheaths

DAMN good knife for the price try out their Kempler blade

Condor Moonstalker rocks.

16 Kershaw

A great variety, versatile and razor sharp out of the box. Cheap and affordable knife for a good premium steel, worth it for anyone that has tight budget but looking for a good knife. Just remember the fundamentals how to use knife and Kershaw will never fail you

I've learned to handle knives since the IDF in Israel. I now collect them. I love them all! But Kershaw knows what they are doing. #1 in my book. Gerber # 2. I can shave with a Kershaw knife.

Practical Stainless steel knives. I still have a Ken onion from 1998 that still works. Even with heavy use and sharpening. Is there any way to down vote spider co? Lol.

By far the best value in a pocket folder I've found. Super sharp, very solid construction, and quick to deploy.

17 Hardcore Hardware
18 Grohmann

Recently ordered a boat knife (model #3) and was pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship and quality of the blade. It's unique handle and angle are unlike anything I own and I find balances well in the hand. Also great customer service over the phone and they shipped quickly from Canada to the U.S.

My 1957 model 1 carbon steel, is still going strong. My father made a great buy when he walked into that store on Spadina ave. Toronto, in the spring of 1958. My friends marvel at the wonderful gift he left me. God rest his soul.

I have a #3 wich is 27 years old and is still in wonderful condition, they're not any of those tacticool knifes that people seem to like so much their woodsman knives that are built to work. Even cold steel ripped off their #1 original design.

Tough knives built to work, got one that's over 27 years old and still a great worker. When taken good care of, it will never let you down.

19 Bastinelli Creations

Amazing hand made French high quality knife which are not too expensive.

Tremendous knives ever made

20 Combative Edge
21 SOG

I’ve owned only one SOG and it has worked with me through 2 rotations and I will continue to stick with SOG even for when I deploy.

I have owned numerous SOG knives over the years, and they are exceptionally high quality, especially the ones made in Seki, Japan. My personal favorite is my SSD89 SOG Scuba/Demo...of which I purchased a Sullivan Model 14 Sheath for. It's the perfect ensemble. SOG knives have also become quite the collector item and I see them eventually becoming a knife company to rival Randall Knives.

Have used SOG knives on my many trips to the 'sand box'. Have to say that these knives handled everything I needed them to and did not have to be re-sharpened the entire trip. Have many knives to choose from, my SOG is firmly attached to my '3-day bag' for a reason.

I have owned many knives here on this website and I will always choose SOG over any other knife. They have never let me down, but many other brands have. Rugged, reliable, stay sharp, tactical, and good for almost everything out there. SOG for the win. Kjwalden211

22 Brous Blades

Expensive knives but awesome. I own five Benchmades and I do love their knives but the Brous Blades Division is by far the best quality knife I have. There really is no comparison between my Division and my Benchmades. For the price I think Benchmade is tough to beat but Brous knives are the best knives I've come across.

Outstanding knives. I only have one...a karambit.

23 Columbia River Knife & Tool

CRKT started doing business by making amazingly cool knives, including collaborations with famous knife makers, and have grown from doing the most value driven knives out there to making high value high end "Super Production knives" such as the 2014 Blade Show Knife of the Year Ken Onion HiJinx. They have Ken Onion kicking butt and taking names as just one of MANY amazing makers they work with. Liong Mah, Alan Folts, James Williams, and many others including a total of FOUR members of the Cutlery Hall of Fame. And several more that in 20 years will be in there too. CRKT is a company you should have started watching years ago. Today they are setting standards for the future.

They have some great designers, but more importantly they produce quality products that are available from their retailers at very reasonable prices.

Innovative, functional, and stylish there is nothing lacking in their offering.

I have a lot of their knives and think that the quality maches Cold Steel.

24 Dogwood Custom Knives

I've had a chance to meet and talk to Dan, and I can tell you first hand he is my favorite knife maker to date. Dogwood knives are top shelf. Dan understands the physics, geometry and history of knives. Dogwood knives are made of the highest quality products by a true master knife maker. Dan understands how physics and blade geometry lends itself to a knife's designated tasks. Dogwood knives are classic designs proves through out history and improved with modern materials and Dan's phenominal skill and eye for detail. All at a great price. Just try to take my Dogwood away from me.

I have owned more knives than I care to admit and My Echo5 from Dogwood is my "go to" knife. I am getting more of his as soon as possible. Not to mention Dan is a great guy and really cares if his customers are happy. I can assure you, you will not be unhappy with his product.

Skylar - Able2Survive

I met Dan last year (2014) at Blade show. Very nice man, very knowledgeable and friendly. Blades are incredibly durable, and comfortable to the hand.

High Quality knives and a high quality owner. Highly recommend Dogwood because of the lifetime guarantee on the knives.

25 Mcusta Knives

I own a knife from every company listed here (except for Brous but that is only because they aren't worth the money). I carry a Mcusta. Sure, my Benchmade is great as is my Spyderco and Emerson but my favorite is still the Mcusta. But if you get one, get the Damascus and don't waste your money with anything above that. Easy to clean, easy to sharpen, easy to carry.

I own MC-1, so simple yet so beautiful...

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