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41 Emerson

Come on guys...? If you know anything about knives you have to know that Emerson is at least top 3. Way above Cold Steel. Cold Steel is not all show but they are not even close to the best. My opinion, #1 Benchmade, #2 Emerson, #3 Fox, #4 Spyderco... Cold Steel thinks they are better than they are, that's why they charge way too much, just because a company charges $500 for a knife does not mean that knife is worth $500, on top of that they do not have as many practical knives as many others.

If you like it or give it a chance the wave feature beats all competitors, plus they r 100% US made, and they do not just make new designs for shot show or blade show they make new designs because they work. If like knife art they r not for you but if you want a hard use tool/tactical/EDC knife emerson knives r for U.

Really, you put cold steel way above Emerson? Is this a joke?

More people know of cold steel to our regreat - hkjh

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42 Microtech

If you overlook the drama. There knives are fantastic. The tolerances and ergo's are as good as it gets. I would take a Microtech over Benchmade, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Emerson every time. Not that the other companies make great knives, because they do. But Microtech in my opinion are an order of magnitude better. Just Saying...

43 really microtech is by far the best knife I've ever had and now is all I own

No question, the best made!

Calling these knives a production company is ridiculous. All of the microtechs I own are damn near the best value knives I have in my collection of custom knives. Yes, this does include my kirby labert customs, chris reeves, strider customs, strife customs and so on. Which some can reach up to $2000+ and yet for the money I would rather have my trusty microtech. Not to mention that the as super bad ass and a great investment if you buy a popular model hold on to it and they discontinue it it may sell for 3x the msrp.

43 Survive Knives (GSO)

We are a small, customer driven business with one goal: Your Satisfaction. Our mission is to provide users with high quality cutting tools, that you can trust and rely on when the chips are down.

Greatest knife I have ever had the pleasure of using. So difficult to come by but it's worth the wait.

Unbeatable combination of high performance at reasonable prices.

Excellent! High quality. Great Steel. Great Customer Service!

44 MTech

M tech extreme knives are a great value for such a beefy well built knife

All I buy are mtech and nothing else. They are awesome looking knives and extremely durable

I love my mtech extreme knives. Extremely durable and look awesome. I can't believe its this low on the list!

45 Puma

A German company, its been making hunting knives for almost 60 years. I wouldn't go on safari without one.

Top of the line steel, stag handle and a really nice design. No place else I'd spend $300 on a knife. Top of the line with no corners cut.

Best hunting knife ever the puma white hunter.

46 Smith & Wesson

Sturdy yet cheap and affordable

My favorite is buck but there are very good knives too

Cheap, cool designs, sturdy... LOVE IT!

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47 Busse Knife Group

Made of infi steel the only company in the world that has been able to properly make this steel. If you search buses battle mistress on YouTube you will see the power of these knives.

Basic 9 destruction test.

I own two Busse knives, both made of Infi steel and while you will pay a bit more, they're worth every penny. The steel is indestructible and super easy to maintain. If cost were not a factor, everyone would own Busse knives.

Best of the best

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48 Browning

I have 2 of their folding knives and for the price was quite suprised by the quality. I did have to sharpen it up a bit but it is now pretty sharp and seems to hold its edge well.

I know I would not put many of the other "gun-knifemaking" companys high up here but I think Browning is for real, not cheapcool like s&w. I own the military version of the now may be old Zulu folder and both the fit, ergonomics are GREAT and in this version the steel is just great in my opinion. Italian made like so many other good brands..

49 Randall Knives

Best knife around and it has been around a long, long time! Soldiers in WWII would send twenty dollars (their price in those years) to "The Knife Man" in Orlando. Mr Randall would make them a reliable and efficient weapon so that they could increase their odds of survival. If you order one it still takes about twelve months before you get. The demand is there and so is the hand made quality! Every collector, whether a small collector or a large collector should have at least one! My Randall is my "bragging knife"! When the guys start talking knives, I pull out my Randall and say nothing. The knife speaks for itself! Enough said.

I have 7 Randall knives and don't consider myself a collector...each one has a specific purpose. One or two are show knives, 2 are backpacking knives, and the other 3 do a lot of the work around the house, in the yard, and on the road. I have had Randall knives since 1971, have visited Orlando to see them made, and have always seen them at gun shows. My advice is to buy a large one for show and buy smaller ones for the practical use aspects. The Combat Companion is nice all around, the number one is too big to be practical.

The wait list is about 4 years long right now for a Randall Knife, which is an indication of the quality of their knives. Overall, Randall Knives is arguably the best knife company out there. If you don't know about Randall Knives or haven't heard of them, I recommend researching their history and see for yourself.

I am not a knife expert, nor a knife aficionado. I am merely someone who is a great admirer of beauty, exquisite craftsmanship and one who greatly appreciates those extremely talented individuals responsible for creating such beautiful objects with a true sense of love and dedication to their craft.

I am acutely aware of the fact that there are many other custom knife-makers past and present who are " or were " fine craftsmen, some able to charge vast sums of money for their creations.
And I am not disputing their worth.

However it is my belief that they, like so many others, must fall in line behind Randall. Because they all owe a great deal to the creative genius and vision that Mr. Bo Randall brought to the Art of Knifemaking " elevating it to a new and much higher level. His appreciation and dedication to his craft remains apparent in every Randall knife to this day.

In the most practical sense of the word " a Randall Made is quite simply THE ...more

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50 Schrade

Schrade is an underrated knife brand,they deserve better,they make a vast variety of knifes of such great quality at an affordable price,if your not a collector but a user,you can't beat them,razor sharp high carbon steel is used on most of there brands,will never buy 440 stainless again.

Cheap and very good especially the ones starting from 20$

Schrade need to have a higher rank because I have seen so many bad reviews on brands like CRKT and Cold Steel. Schrade is a high quality knife and by the way what about Zero Tolerance knives.

Schrade products give great value.

Sufficiently high quality at a price reasonable enough to create a new customer.


Wouldn't have bought my Schf37 if it had been higher priced or lower quality. Proud owner. And thanks to Chris@ Preparedmind 101 for turning me on to Schrade!

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51 Karelia Custom Knives

Great guy to work with. My knife is super sharp and looks just amazing!

Really cool blade designs and totally affordable. Got two of these.

Michael is awesome and goes above and beyond to keep his customers happy!
Great knives at great prices!

52 Extrema Ratio

One of the best knife company, with great products

Best I ever had

There selvans survival knife is a tough all rounder with a good weight and comfy grip from heavy chopping to skining the blade holds its edge and is easy to sharpen I have owned one for a while and it is still a pleasure to own and use and is my number one knife out in the field

53 Old Timer

The US made ones before 2004 were the best, now it's made in China.

The usa made ones before 2004 were better, now it's made in China

54 Moore Maker

Great steel great owners have met em tough built

Best cowboy knives I have ever had. Being in 59th place is disgraceful

55 Spartan Blades

There is no misconception to the intent of these knives. Grasp one, they are weapons.

Top Quality, CPM S35VN Blades, Great Designs. A little on the expensive side.

I purchased their Harsey Model II fixed blade and it has the best hand feel, balance and looks of any knife I own. CPM S35VN steel too.
You will be floored with its quality!
American made.
I own Mooneys, Bark Rivers, SOGs, Bokers etc. but this knife and company are truly unique.

56 Imacasa
57 Strider

Strider uses some of the best steel. Need to re-evaluate this list. I'd put Strider Knives at the top of the list. Research the steel that these companies use and you'll find many use average to sub par steel.

Seen many scout/snipers carry these in the Marines. Carried one myself. These are man killing knives first and foremost.

Song is the perfect EDC knife for those times you unexpectedly need a brute of a blade. It takes incredible abuse and looks just as good afterward as it did fresh from the store. This knife will serve you well for years. Thanks!

Not worth the green

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58 Opinel

Opinel, probably the best folding knife of all time. It traditional, classic and beautiful, and it really proves how rubbish all these modern knives are when compared to something simple and original. I myself am a collector of tradition knives, and as far as folding knives go, go really can't beat the original, definitive article. Opinel offers a number of different exotic wood handle for the classic model, making them an excellent showpiece and a true gentleman's everyday carry.

Excellent knives, keen edge, easily maintained

The best for this money. Knife is broken or lost? Just buy another one.

Why is Opinel so low in this list? Should be much higher! Opinel No8 for the win,I love that knife!

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59 San Mai
60 Helle Knives

Handmade, lifetime warranty, triple laminated, high-quality steel, a masterly handcrafted quality wood handle on every knife that remains competitive with the best tech for handles to date. For the price, they're an amazing buy and a lifelong companion. Check this family-owned Norwegian company out

These are great knives. They stay sharp and if needed are fairly easy to sharpen. They are hand made and not too pricey.

Real handmade knives, triple laminated steel blade, hand crafted wooden handle, quality leather pouch. I have the Dokka folder.

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