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61 Spartan Blades
62 Rampuri
63 Helle Knives

Handmade, lifetime warranty, triple laminated, high-quality steel, a masterly handcrafted quality wood handle on every knife that remains competitive with the best tech for handles to date. For the price, they're an amazing buy and a lifelong companion. Check this family-owned Norwegian company out

These are great knives. They stay sharp and if needed are fairly easy to sharpen. They are hand made and not too pricey.

Real handmade knives, triple laminated steel blade, hand crafted wooden handle, quality leather pouch. I have the Dokka folder.

64 Tiger USA

Excellent high quality knives.

65 Fiskars

This company is over 300 years old. More than any other company in this list.

66 Begg Knives
67 Power State
68 Ontario Rat 1

I have tortured the knife and still cuts perfectly

Good quality, low price, GREAT KNIFE!

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69 IIsakki Jarvenpaa

Beautifully made, full of character, knife manufacturer from Kauhava in Finland - Angus

70 Deering Knives

Jonathan's work is nothing as hort of masterful. Fit and finish is impeccable and the ptice is a steal for the knife you get.

71 Moreau Cutlery

Mike Moreau is a down to earth guy making top quality knives. As a one man shop Mike makes made to order bushcraft knives that are durable, feel great in the hand, and just feel right!

72 LT Wright Knives

Should be number one, hand made, flawless quality, amazing and indestructible steels, cheaper than most mass produced knives and made in the U.S.A!

73 D.O.W.
74 Master
75 Kanetsune

I don't know much about them. I just think that from what I see, they are a formidable entry that needs consideration.

76 Marttiini

Knives from Finland, sharp, quality and full of character - Angus

77 River Bottom Blades

These knives have solid design and are highly regarded in the bushcraft community!

78 Enzo

Amazing value, fit, and finish. I own a lot of different knives, but these finnish blades are among my favorites! Especially the trapper.

79 Battle Horse Knives
80 TK Knives
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