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1 Mario Party 2

This game is honestly bad, it may have memorable minigames but it focuses more on originality than fun gameplay! And there the board names were so bad! Seriously though, Pirate Land, Western Land, Bowser Land? I want variety in names as well as boards - darthvadern

I just got this game on virtual console and it’s amazing! I do have some problems with certain mini games such as deep sea salvage and such. But other than a few bad mini games this game is great!

This game did it best in my opinion. It took everything that was fun in original Mario Party, cut the stuff that wasn't, and added in some new treats to make the games even more hilariously fun. I'm not quite sure what it was about this one, but my fondest and funniest Mario Party memories are all from #2.

Hey guys if you love this game and have a brand new wii or wii u, or even an old one at that you should go to nintendo club where you can register your system for coins that you spend on free rewards. One of these prizes is this game for only 150 coins! Which is not that many infact the dsi is still worth 100 coins if you register.

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2 Mario Party 7

This game in my opinion is the best overall. The mini games are fantastic and the boards are creative and fun! Also this game brought cool elements like a 8 player mode and Bowser time. Well, I hated Bowser time. The only problem I had with this game was Bowser time because it was just lame and unfair. But anyways, Mario Party 5 was the first Mario party game I ever played. But when I got this game I was really hooked into the series. I also like how every board is completely different from each other. From having you climbing a entire mountain for a star to paying Chomp Chomp's to squish you opponents to steal their stars, it's the best game overall and has a great variety!

It's the best Gamecube Mario Party, it had awesomne minigames and boards, and it was just more memorable - darthvadern

The mini-games, the items, even the boards are all ingenious! You've got to watch your step in this one, other wise you could land on someone-else's space that they set using orbs! Not to mention the fact that you can play with 8 people as well, so no one gets left out this way! There's so many paths to choose, items to use plus coins, stars and items to steal! Race to the top in pagoda peak or test your luck in neon heights, every single board has its own special way to play that's sure to keep you on your toes! This is, without a doubt, the best Mario Party game and one that you'll be playing for years to come!

I've heard people say this is one that is forgettable because nothing about it was original. Um... this is THE GREATEST Mario Party Game ever! It has a really great Character roster (even if it was a little shocking that Birdo was included, which is fine), the around-the-world theme was cool, the stages are all cool, the mini games are terrific, and the 8 player thing was innovative and cool, even if the controls were difficult! - marble

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3 Mario Party 6

So cool, very beautiful game and also have a new mechanism which swaps day and night.

I thin this game is better than 4 and 5 mainly because of how unique this one is, there's a day and night system, that is so creative! It introduced the mic which feels so good to hold and it has the game when Mario Party actually started to ge really fun! - darthvadern

Here's my list of and opinion of all 16 games:

16- Mario Party Advance: an awful first attempt at a handheld-31%
15- Mario Party 1: an outdated relic of the past-39%
14- Mario Party top 100: such a wasted opportunity-41%
13- Mario Party 10: so lazy and completely rushed-45%
12- Mario Party island tour: SOOO boring-46%
11- Mario Party 9: good minigames but party car sucks-49%
10- Mario Party 5: just average-53%
9- Mario Party 8: best character roster but too much motion controls-56%
8- Mario Party 3: introduction to waluigi and story mode and duel mode-61%
7- Mario Party 7: cool 8 player mode-67%
6- Mario Party star rush: surprisingly good-70%
5- Mario Party 2: best n64 game-78%
4- Mario Party Ds: the properly good handheld-83%
3- Mario Party 4: best minigames in the series-88%
2- Super Mario Party: the saviour of the franchise-96%
1- Mario Party 6: best Mario party game EVER! -100%

This is one of the best, Almost al of its mini-games are memorable and leave you feeling great after each one. It is the perfect balance of Friend ship destroying and friend ship enhancing. The only problem with this one is reason to replay, after you unlock everything there is no reason to play it again alone unless you really want to play it for fun which it always seems like a good enough reason to me. Very enjoyable to play!

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4 Mario Party 5

This one is super forgettable, it's enjoyable but man is it boring, the boards were for the most part extremly boring an uninteresting (Future Dream is just some stale platforms in the middle of the void), the mnigames are boring too! I will give it credit for having an awesomne Bowser fight though - darthvadern

This needs to be #1 Since the mini-games are fantastic, Like Pushy Penguins for example, There are a ton of characters to pick, The Party Boards are fantactic, Rainbow Dream was pretty good as well Best Mario Party game EVER

I used to beg my dad to let me rent this game. It was very expensive so I used to rent the expensive games all the time. I really enjoyed this one

Its one of the most memorable games in the series it has some flaws but not that you can remember after you just had an amazing time. It has a really good story mode that no other game has even come close to replicating. The minigames were amazing and most of the boards felt perfect. Only improvement would be to expand some of the boards that felt a bit small.

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5 Mario Party 3

People praise 2, 4 and 6, but leave this game in the dust... Those are still good games, but Mario Party 3 will always be the best!

Me and my roommates will occasionally crack open a case of beers and play Mario Party games... it gets very competitive. MP3 is just by far the best. It has, what I like to call the perfect trifecta of balance. # 1: the luck factor: The sensitivity or lack there of in your old fashioned run of the mill N64 controller adds to chaotic fun of the games. Of course, the dice can always land in or out of your favor, and there are a few mini games, that are based on the results of only lady lucky herself... and of course the dreaded chance time.

# 2: Strategic factor: Even if you're playing a game where you're struggling to win most of the mini games, a few well executed items, or precisely won battle games, or coin steals can help you weasel your way back into contention. It expanded the affects of items set in MP2 by allowing you to carry more than one (i can't remember how many times a plunder chest put a complete stranglehold on the item game in Mario party 2). # 3: Skill ...more

Better than 1 and 2 but still pretty bad - darthvadern


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6 Mario Party 8

Just flip the chimp

First mario party I played so it's probably just nostalgia, but this game is so fun.

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This is the only excellent classic mario party in my opinion, while I love 6 and 7, this one just had more and it also had the best minigames in the series, Koopa's Tycoon Town was also one of the best boards in the series - darthvadern

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7 Mario Party 4

Best one it's so low on the list because people are stupid!

This mario party in particular was the reason for me to start playing a lot of video games and the reason to keep my adventure to find more video games

Boring - darthvadern

Though Mario Party 4 belongs to a more advanced console than the N64, the GameCube, the game still feels like a N64 Mario Party game in every way. Not only that, but the Mini Games were excellent and Donkey Kong was still playable in this game. Mario Party 4 is definitely the go-to game for Mario Party fans.

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8 Mario Party 9

Easily the best. What is so horrible about the vehicle you move around in? I thought it was unique. The vehicle made the game less strategic and more a game of chance, like a PARTY game.

This game is way more underrated than mario party 8, They took a change, and It didn't work, But WHY WOULD THEY BRING BACK THE CAR IN MARIO PARTY 10? This game had great mini games except for pier pressure because that one can go die but still, I find myself still playing this game by myself because no one else likes this game to this day.

The car was bad, but the minigames, soundtrack, and modes were AMAZING and definitely made up for it.

Definitely the most underrated MP game. It has great mini games (Notable games include Speeding Bullets, Peak Precision, Launch Break, Skipping Class, and Growing Up), it has unique board designs (I don't mind the long path instead of loops), and has great graphics. - Solacress

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9 Mario Party DS

Underrated - TristGamer

This is the best

I love Mario Party 2 but this was the first one I played, it has a unique concept with the characters being small which make creative boards and mini games.

This game has great and fun minigames that everyone should try

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10 Mario Party

This was honestly terrible and one of the absolute worst mario games out there, those stick-rotating minigames and boring boards are really bad, also, I'm not a graphics-hater but the graphics in the N64 Mario parties honestly ruined it for me even more - darthvadern

People would like this game more if they WORKED TOGETHER instead of raging at each other from all the trolling. OK, please here me out: In this game, Bowser was the biggest troll in this game than any other, so you and your friends can work together to unlock Bowser's Magma Mountain (for 980 coins in the shop) so you can finally give Bowser what he deserves after all he's done throughout the game: A very painful explosion that will cause him to wail in pain! (I think it's a perfect way to "finish" the game.)

In this game, playing with friends, you will rage your balls off and you interact with your friends better (although this game might ruin friendships). You're not gonna feel like you're going to win unlike in some of the newer Mario Party games (although you can still win sometimes when you think you don't have a chance and the game just turns around and players can still unexpectedly win) but in the original Mario Party you can almost assume that you're not going to win. With things like Chance Time, Boo, and happening spaces, everyone has a fair shot no matter how many stars and coins everyone has. 9 is the worst console Mario Party game and should not be ahead of this gem. Also, did I mention that this game has the best minigames. Many minigames from this game are better than most other minigames in Mario Party history, in my opinion. This game is legendary compared to the other Mario Party games. What's it doing at number 7? This should definitely be numero uno. It's too good to ...more

This Mario Party, the Original, certainly brings back the most memories, it had the most funnest and memorable mini games, it's the most hilarious, the 1P mode was excellent and chanllenging, and the board maps we're just so fun and big, you had to keep playing it.

I especially enjoyed the concept where you get to buy items from the shop, and collect 100 stars to unlock Bowser's level and then beat his to unlock the final level called, the Superstar.

Mario Party the Original has my vote.

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11 Super Mario Party

It's good, but definitely my least favourite modern mario party (excluding Top 100 I guess), because it went back to the old formula, which in itself is just kinda proof they are running out of ideas, and I was never a fan of the old formula to begin with and there wasn't much original about this, yes this game is worse than Island Tour and the other modern mario parties (come at me) - darthvadern

Why is this only number 11!? this is like the best Mario game I've ever played. Should be at least top 3. Seriously I have been waiting for months to finally get this game! From like start of September, I have kept counting down the number of days until this game would be released. and I absolutely adore this game with all my heart. Just how on earth is this not on the list!?

Well in my opinion this game is now the best in the series. In fact I love it so much that it makes Mario party 2 (previously my favourite one) look like a sequel to hotel Mario!

Yes I know there are only 4 boards! But they finally brought back the classic formula excellent work and Cube! You finally listened to us!

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12 Mario Party: Island Tour


This game is better than Star Rush and DS I'm telling ya - darthvadern

No basic boards, no story mode, no sense of accomplishment and WEAK gameplay

No 1vs 3 no 2 vs 2 and no battle games come on

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13 Mario Party: The Top 100

This is the newest Marino party games so far and it isn't actually that bad - Aaronwahed

Please don't waste your money on this game its actually really bad - HunterBoy


Love it already!

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14 Mario Party: Star Rush

A masterpiece, I love the uniqueness in this game, however I hated the minigames - darthvadern

How did Mario Party Island Tour get over this game! This game is a lot better than Mario Party Island Tour. It has got the most characters, boards, game modes out of all the series. I play this game about every day. They should make this game cost to $50

Looking good.

I got this game the day it came out, and instantly fell in love. That love was shattered 12 days later, when I unlocked everything. Now its boring. - cabennett18

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15 Mario Party-e

I'll only say one thing: the minigames are stored on cards you need to buy and scan with the GBA

WHAT EVEN IS THIS?!? - HunterBoy

16 Mario Party 10

It looks like spike is the new pink gold peach

Not enough content

This game is really awesomne, amazing graphics and the boards and bosses rocked, it's not a masterpiece though because it feels a bit incomplete - darthvadern

I think this game is fun because you get to play as Bow Wow / Bowser. They're many new things to do in Mario party 10 you even get to play on a game board. Plush I feel bad for Nintendo they worked so hard of thinking of such a great idea can everybody look on the bright side on this game?! But really look ON THE BRIGHT SIDE cause they made it together as a team. And if you buy it no matter what just play it even if you don't like it or HATE it for the love of Mario.

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17 Wii Party

Not Mario Party, this is Wii Party - MarioBros11

18 Wii Party U


This game is very interesting

19 Mario Party Advance

Best game ever

Heard it was terrible - darthvadern

This game has the least amount of playable characters! This game is also what ruined my belief in the Mario Party series! I'm not buying any other Mario Party Games!

All Gamecube Mario party games are great! You can't let this one let it all down! - marble

This game sucks, no multiplayer whatsoever. And the Cheep Cheep Swimming game is ridiculously hard

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20 Mario Party 11

It's called SUPER Mario Party - darthvadern

Why is there not Mario Party 11 already?

21 Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Who the hell put this on here - MarioBros11

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