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21 ChimneySwift11

He's awesome, loves his subscribers and doesn't swear.

He's a really good builder in Minecraft. He's also really funny!

What why is he so low down? He is my 2nd favorite you tuber on Minecraft (on everything)

You sucked at every thing

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22 Sethbling

The best of the best. He may not be as good in actual Survival as other people, but his redstone creations are top notch. (pun intended)

He is the redstone god, his creations are awesome.

He is awesome with redstone almost knows as mutch as notch

He is extremely skilled both in survival (MindCrack) and engineering.

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23 L for Leeeeee x

Lee is so cool he should be in the top 10

The best Minecraft player ever

L for lee is nothing compare to me in killing I killed all of the players in the server hunger games they are so weak hahah!

You said Lee 3 times

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24 AshDubh

Heard of him, never watched though.

Ash your awesome love you in the attack of the b teem Ash's Rusty Doors!

Mission To Mars & Attack of the B-Team r my favorite of his videos

I love your cheese

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25 Natz50000 V 1 Comment
26 CavemanFilms

You are a best Minecraft animation and you best Minecraft player

Cavemanfilms has quite enjoyable videos. I love his Wrecking Ball parody.

CavemanFilms is quite funny, but a great commentator.

27 MrWoofless

Excellent building skills and at least tries to make his videos entertaining even when he's doing something boring.

Works super hard to make the best content, and ACTUALLY listens to his fans, and applies their input. Very funny, and has his own cult following. JOIN THE WOOFPACK!

He is the best Minecraft player ever!

Finally, someone agrees with me!

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28 Etho

Etho is the best survival redstoner, he is really good with a bow, has a great sense of humor, never swore before, knows more than notch about the game. Invented a living creature in Minecraft by the name of wilson who thinks and has emotions all in survival, alone.

Etho is one of the best Minecraft players! Great at survival redstone wins most fights in ultra hardcore and done nearly 400 episodes of pure survival I think this guy Gets at least top 2 hands down

Etho is a redstone GENIUS. He created an ME system. In survival. In vanilla. In my opinion, that alone qualifies him as #1. Also, he's funny, NEVER swears, and I really respect him.

He combines incredible knowledge about the game (his redstoning is insane) with good looking builds and really good humor. The most special thing about him is that he seems to never run out of ideas, he made over 450 survival episodes in unmodded minecraft and each single episode has unique content and original ideas by himself. He would definitely deserve to be #1 in my opinion.

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29 xRpMx13

The Incredibly good looking gamer how hard is that!

He is awesome and amazingly funny

Ryan is a good survival games player, really good content on his channel, too.

Really good at Minecraft!

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30 Chirsandthemike

I've seen his oldest videos, he is so funny and I watched him in a bad mood and it ended me feeling like laughing all day, he should tots be first

I love Chris's videos, he is so funny and always leaves me laughing or at least in a good mood, he should at least be in the top 10

Woah woah woah are you blind! This dude is awesome! I love him and he doesn't deserve to be 27!

He's okay, I guess.

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31 Slamacow

His animations are awesome, I wish I could animate as good as him

Slamacow is good at animations, actually, GREAT at animations.

He is one of the best animaters in the world along with his videos

I love his Animations

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32 Carflo

Seriously! This guy is amazing! He's awesome! He's everything! He may not be as popular as Stamps but he should be on the top 10 list!

I don't know if I've seen any of his videos, he seems cool though.

What up man the video you make is awesome!

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33 Real Thinknoodles

I know thinknoodles is not popular but I like how he also funny and very creative and awesome one day he is going to be the best

Think noodles is better has done more than things then everyone

He's so cool and never stops building stuff

Thinknoodles I'm you're biggest fan my sister loves you and I love watching you play and hope one day you will be number 1

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34 stampylonghead

He is pure awesome and his structures are epic

He is great he started as a beginner but he worked his way up to be the best

He is so kid-friendly while being funny for adults at the same time.

" he is so funny

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35 Paulsoaresjr‎

He's the one who got me into Minecraft. I love all his videos from Man vs Minecraft to Minecraft Dad to the Survive and Thrive tutorials that taught me how to play. What an awesome voice as well and he almost never swears. Paul really deserves to be much higher up this list in my opinion.

Barely swears has really funny shows and a perfect voice

Doesn't swear only once in a while really funny and has an awesome voice!

Paul soares Jr was making survival videos before these people were out of diapers, end of story.

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36 Keralis

Keralis is the best minecraft builder ever

Keralis is awesome, he's the best in building

Keralis need to be in the top 10, because of his building and killing skills

He is the best and have awesome building skills

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37 Bodil40

Amazing at making adventure maps and parkour maps

He's awesome he is better than all the other Minecraft players who ever played and I like all the battle domes that he is in

His laugh sounds like a dieing hyena, I hate when he ruins videos by trolling.

GREAT troll, really funny, great at parkour.

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38 TrueMinecraftUniverse

He Is Really Good at parkour and doesn't swear a lot. And his videos are never boring

True MC is a great YouTuber, I don't watch him much but he's legendary.

He is awesome#harldly ever cusses#friend of skydoesminecraft#just as good as stampy#in team crafted.

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39 Dannismo
40 Vikkstar123

He deserves to be higher because he puts a lot of effort into his videos and contents

Vikkstar123 is good at PvP, Parkour and just general survival Minecraft.

Do make you have anyone like your video!

How is vikkstar123 not first

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