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421 Smallishbeans V 2 Comments
422 Dusdavid
423 Firekiller9000 V 1 Comment
424 Matthew7 V 1 Comment
425 Noah V 1 Comment
426 JDCraft Gaming

His animations are so cool And he plays a lot he has 12 Minecraft mobile servers He is the best!

427 CREEEPZ V 1 Comment
428 UMinecr
429 dunhills

He is an awesome player and he subscribes to lots of YouTubers

430 Magicdog2013

Always changing his skin to better skins lord of death tag and mineplex's skin comp he works on maps and unity games and his channel is going to have the biggest come back ever. His real name is UNKNOWN or where he Comes from UNKNOWN His age UNKNOWN He works hard on everything he does and treats others the way they would want to be treated. His friends are not yet on the channel but they will be bob Chica creepy (his creeper pet) And minions his rivals will be toy Chica Sam (bob's evil cousin) and E.L.C (evil lord cow) His favourite Theory about Minecraft is the splashes are made by Herobrine because they keep removing him meaning he's real his skin looks like the common gold knight skin but different his username is Yes you guessed it magicdog2013 no caps no spaces
(Say magic-dog-20-13 not magic-dog-2013) he has won 20 PVP games and made the five nights at FREDBEARs map on Minecraft fourms his age is most likely 34 but he doesn't upload videos in the school days meaning he may be ...more

431 Gameknight999
432 Monet113
433 chicke367nturtle V 1 Comment
434 BlockyDolphinYT
435 Permanently
436 ItzAnnaYT V 1 Comment
437 GabbyPlayzMC

I've been watching him in mcsg... I saw he was really good at pvp... to be honest I think he needs to be at least top 10... he's good at rods,bows,fns's and all other stuff... he deserves to be top 10... also he told me his real name was Erin Gabriel Soriano

438 MoreAliA

Ali-A is just SUPER AWESOME! YEA! oh and he is great at sky wars hunger games Ali-A's Adventure/Quest! (my favorite) and most of all survival series! and he is the diamond king.
I love you Ali-A!

439 hamster_michael V 1 Comment
440 Kate_09
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