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121 Parker_games

I love Parker_Games, the way he acts and just over all loves his viewers on YouTube, and I think everyone really does have a special bond with him. He should be in the top 20, not top 220. Love you Parker

Parker is patient, Parker is kind. Parker does not envy, Parker does not boast, Parker is not proud.

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122 LionMaker

He's really good at entertainment

He is absolutely awesome

Great at survival and very funny to. He has the biggest mine ever and great
Friends that join!

He is the best(as if)

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123 Aphmau

To me she is the most amazing,talented,And Funny Minecraft gamer I've ever seen Because she's like no ordinary gamer she's herself she does what she can for her fans and family she cares a lot about everything and anything that's why she's the best

She is great! I love her videos and her map making skills :D

She is the best in Minecraft and I think she should be 1st

Oh my gosh I love aphmau she is so good and love her roleplays but wish that she would do more mini games with friends

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124 TSMC

He told us how to build many things

Yoou should be 2rd best in the hole world best youtuber tsmc make tsmc 2nd his the best at building

125 Grian

He's a really funny guy. I love his build battles and his channel. Also, if you see this Grian, you should do Judge Swap more often. It's absolutely hilarious seeing them make Chica with an Adam's apple.

I think he is one of the best out there!

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126 Tobygames V 3 Comments
127 HaganPlaysMC
128 Aypierre

French but a really complete player. Pretty much the best youtuber I saw.

The king of redstone! Complete player with his awesome patricks.

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129 XerainGaming

The most hilarious and awesomest players go suscribe at xeraingaming on youtube!

130 Bcookie4

Best girl in minecraft! The princess of diamond budder and emerald. She is nice to everybody and just like Notch. She knows everything about and in minecraft. I know everybody hasn't herd of her but that's why I am putting her on here. She is so sweat.

Best girl in Minecraft! Just like Notch. Knows everything, smart, beautiful, and really funny. Really nice too. PLEASE VOTE AND RATE!

The most popular and awsomest girl player ever. Never does anything bad and is nice to
Players. Bcookie4 is the princess of diamond budder and emerald

131 SebertkillerZ V 1 Comment
132 ElrichMc

He has a YouTube channel, visit it and surprise yourself, he is THE PRO.

The best player of Minecraft survival and pvp

Amazing I see all his videos, he's the best Minecraft survival and pvp player

BEST PVP and technical survival player. He's been in ZipKrowd!

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133 SqaisheyQuack

I like the sky den that stamps does with her

I think she is the funniest and the coolest :-)

She is awesome! I like her better.Bets girl Minecraft player then ashely

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134 ImThatGuyPT

Yeah, same here, wish I could find something about him

He really is pretty good at SG, sadly can't find any videos of him playing

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135 Lachlancraftbattleduty V 1 Comment
136 supergirlygamer

SUPERGIRLYGAMER IS THE BEST! I LOVE her videos and I also LOVE when she makes videos with Furious Destroyer there a GREAT TEAM!

You are totally awesome and your videos are really funny and interesting.

Love the new version of Minecraft in your house

You should really be in the top ten

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137 Evan31607

He is the best! =)

Actually I Changed to ZonixMC so if your going to subscribe to me or somthing I'm actually ZonixMC now thanks sor your consideration this is a big honor or something whatever lol thanks bye.

He Is The Best Minecraft Player,Club penguin player,and Poptropica Player In The World. He deserves To Be In At Least 1st,2nd,or 3rd at the most. He is So Amazing And Very Fun To be With. I'm With Him Everyday And He Is Just Super Super Awesome.He Is An Expert At Almost every Game There Is.I love His Great Additude and Happieness.He is A Very Adventerous In Most Games To. So He Is The Best Video Game Player In The World!.

138 FyreUk

One of the best Minecraft builders ever.

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139 Kiingtong V 1 Comment
140 Minewarsnewhope
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