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21 Vinyl Scratch and Octavia

Why is it so bad? I give it 10/10


This one's an exception for me, like LyraBon is. I'm hetero.

I Love This Ship! Ahh! Love it! They are meant for each other! :D

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22 Rarity and Braeburn

NO! For one thing, Rarity is very ladylike. Braeburn is a pony that watches Applejack in Rodeo shows. Rarity would die if she was forced to marry Braeburn. Seriously.

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23 Rumble and Scootaloo

Scootaloo is the best crusader

I just love this pairing!

They are cute

I don't know

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24 Crysalis and King Sombra

Yeah I could actually see this I guess, but for some reason I like Sombra and celestia. I like to believe that Sombra and celestia were together at one point, but when he was saving her from some evil force, the evil was imprisoned in his body, so he was banished. Just my fanfiction side taking over.

I see how that can work. But I would go with Luna and Sombra. They have known each other BEFORE Sombra turned evil after all.

I don't know... Fans requested this, so here here it is. I think they're not a very good couple. At least they're decent... - hollypotion

Nice! Two evils live happily forever after!

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25 Big Macintosh and Fluttershy V 4 Comments
26 Sci-Twilight and Sunset Shimmer

I don't really like tjis ship because I prefer Sunset with the Twilight Sparkle from the pony world.

These gals are seen in EG Friendship Games

Sci-Twi is a Shadowbolt while Sunset is a Wonderbolt

Twilight turned into a villain when she came full magic on the gang (Mane 6)

While Twilight is walking to the halls, and she is near Rarity's Dressroom outside, Rarity made magic and her Pony Ears come at top of her head and Twilights amulet detected the magic and stole it (Happened to the 5 too except for sunset.)

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27 Twilight Sparkle and Spike

Twilight is basically his mother

Technically this way higher on the list because Time Turner is the one of the various names Doctor Whooves is referred to as

This is just beyond disturbing and on the brim of being incest!

oh ye

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28 Derpy and Dr Whooves

Love it




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29 Rarity and Master

Who is master

Who's master?

Good is good


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30 Princess Luna and King Sombra

I like luna and Sombra. I think it's a double date with Celestia an Discord. Sombra is a king with dark magic so as Princess Luna. Princess Luna is the princess of night and I think King Sombra is the king of shadows.

I love this couple so much there are perfect for each other

Yes I think this should be higher on the list

I really love this couple!
my list is this one:
1-Luna and King Sombra
2-Fluttershy and discord
3-twilight and flash sentry
4-pinkie pie and chesse sandwich
5-sweet bell and that fillly that I forgot the name...

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31 Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst V 1 Comment
32 Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash

They are so cute together plus rainbow always seems to care and protect flutter shy in hurricane flutter shy rainbow dash was hard on her because she wanted her to understand that everyone can make a difference. flutter dash/rainbow shy rocks

Seriously guys? This couple is so adorable. My OTP for life. Rainbow Dash protects Fluttershy while Fluttershy helps her back. I think they have a obvious crush on each other from any way.

They should TOTALLY get together! :3

Rainbow dash and fluttershy is one of the best couples in my opinion:)
1) Rainbow dash and fluttershy meet each other both when they are in childhood
2)Rainbow dash always protect or defend fluttershy! For example,when fluttershy was leg was being trapped,rainbow dash came and save her.Or when in childhood,Rainbowdash defend fluttershy
3)Physical touch! Rainbow dash always put her hoof around fluttershy or hug her! Sometimes even carrying her(trade ya)
4)Fluttershy comfort Rainbow dash
Rainbow dash was sad when she has to let Tank go,but Fluttershy comfort Rainbow dash and when Rainbow dash hurt her wings and cannot compete in the Completion,Fluttershy promised to give Rainbow Dash the medal if she wins

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33 Sweetie Belle and Spike

I really like this couple. Sweetie Belle and Spike are pretty much the same age

I like it but I think Sparity is much better


We need a spikebelle ep

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34 Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer

I love this ship but I feel like Pony Twilight x Sunset is the one I ship. Human Twilight seems to really be in guys...

I dislike Flash Sentry and Timber, none of them deserves Twilight (either one of them). So obviously I hate those ships but I guess I could be ok if Sunset liked the Twilight from the human world. Because Pony Twilight is taken on my list.

This one needs to be higher. Who doesn't like SunLight?

Twilight is actually gay.Not Rainbow Dash or Sunset shimmer

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35 Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie

Why is PinkieDash so low on this list? They're *pouts* so cute together! Besides, this ship is SO much better than CheesePie and SoarinDash.

They are the most underrated fictional couple in media history. They should get together more often when season 5 comes out.

I think this the best ship ever

This is my OTP. They are so adorable together! This ship should definitely be in the top ten - It's so underrated!

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36 Pinkie Pie and Discord

I think they're TOO much alike

Why does this exist



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37 Spike and Thorax

Their friendship is so cute... wouldn't be surprised if Thorax liked spike! (Vise versa)

38 Apple Bloom and Tender Taps V 2 Comments
39 Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon

Do I really need to say more

Really! There mortal enemies

Eh, it's okay... Really...

I'm sure Twilight highly dislikes Trixie. I don't like this ship. :P

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40 Spitfire and Soarin

But in Rainbow falls, Spitfire tried to replace him, with Rainbow dash, and Rainbow helped Soarin.

I know this is an underrated shipping, but can people at least give this couple a chance.

SoarinFire? So much better than SoarinDash. *Mumbles* Crazy MLP fans and their shippings.

NOOO Soraindash is better - Warriorcatsfandom

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