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61 Pinkie the Party Planner V 1 Comment
62 What More is Out There V 3 Comments
63 Magic Inside of You

Isn't this the same as I am just a pony?

V 1 Comment
64 Right There In Front of Me!
65 Dance Magic

Love it so catchy

Did Andrea Libman do Pinkie Pie's singing in this song? - ring0ff1re

Have you guys saw this amazing dance isn't it. it's my fave.i love how sunset shimmer,rainbow dash, apple jack,sunny flare, rarity and sour sweet dance in this one was apple jack dance

66 Got the Music In You
67 Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree - Intro Song
68 A Friend for Life

I love dis song

I'm now not gonna sing this it will take long to type

This song reminds me of my friends

V 1 Comment
69 Cupcake Song

This song is so catchy! It comes out of NOWHERE and at the end, you get Pinkie's sense of craziness as she keeps saying "cupcakes" like it's a god.

70 Love Is In Bloom

#49? Really? This song was a great way to end season 2, and would be great at weddings as it is! It did get overshadowed by This Day Aria, but come on this should be top 20, if not top 10, at least!

V 2 Comments
71 Evil Enchantress

Kay how does pinkie do that with her eyes? That fast?!

This is a very funny song when Pinkie sang it.

V 2 Comments
72 Memories from the Underground

Such an awesome song! Megan McCarthy would be awesome with Bankrupt, huh!?! EVIL SPINACH!

V 1 Comment
73 Friendship Through the Ages

Love this song this is some of it some things come and some things go some to fast and some go slow

This song gives me great feels! And also reminds me of my old friends I lost...

81? Are you joking me? This is a very perfect song about friendship.

i like

V 3 Comments
74 Octavia and Vinyls' Dubstep

I know it doesn't have any lyrics, but who cares? They make an AMAZING dub step to MLP and I just love techno music! ANyone who loves techno music and MLP should enjoy this song.


This song just has a fierceness and a fire behind it that you can't ignore! So catchy, and sums up the conflict of the movie pretty well. Canterlot High vs. Crystal Prep.

Awesome song love the two teams singing their views for each other my favourite

It has good gags about our awesome characters! And the song fits in awesome.

Really, 58? I love this song. Even its new, doesn't mean its not good.

V 2 Comments
76 The Spectacle

Seriously, listen to it once? No stick. Listen to it twice? You will sing it under your breath.

Lady gaga epic beast song.

Pony version of Lady " Ra Ra "


V 1 Comment
77 Equestria Girls
78 The Ballad of the Crystal Empire V 1 Comment
79 Rainbow Rocks

The fact that I had to add this song myself is absolutely atrocious. This and Welcome to the Show and the best songs in the entire franchise!

V 1 Comment
80 The Laughter Song
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