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1 Jade

Jade can also mean that they are cold hearted or they have been hurt in some way my it be mentally or physically by someone else or them selfs

I love that name its so cool and emo like

Jade is a dark mysterious name. I love the name Jade it describes the personality in a way. I am Emo myself but I want to change my name mind you I don't want to change it to Jade but if I wanted to I would because Jade is a really pretty, dark, and mysterious name.

Beautifully dark.

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2 Raven

I love this name, This show might be old, but It reminds me of Teen Titans, and just how dark Raven was.. I honestly want that to be my name. I'm also Emo and that name is Just beautifully dark. ~

YES raven which indicates Dark colors and stuff, raven colors are black and purple and (stereotypically) they envy black and purple because they are colors that can go to a shade really dark and not look weird

I love love that name people should choose that for their kids name five stars I give it -Skylar Winters

I think of the original Teen Titans but everyone is all about Teen Titans Go lately😭

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3 Willow

My ex girlfriends name. I'm a girl by the way

It's a super good name for a dark emo I am a ten year old girl by the way

I love this name and I am emo no I am going to change my name to Willow!

It's my real name but me not emo... but me depressed.

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4 London

I love the sound of this name, sounds like a beautiful, smart girl

Love this name, it's so cool

I love this name, it's so cute

I have a sister named Lyndon and my cousin's name is Taylyn. and mine is literally the most basic name (Kalin)

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5 Mandy

Bonus points if that girl is friends with a guy named Billy or a guy nicknamed "Grim".

Funny enough this is my name. I'm more of a punk emo than anything. Lol

Kinda like Billy and Mandy

My aunt's name

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6 Lucy

You know the anime show Fairy Tail!

Lucy from fairy tail is so emo yep.

I know that anime my favorite one

Fairytail (the anime) love the name Lucy (favorite character)

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7 Kyle

That's my name

My name is lacey and I'm emo so I dunno.

;3 nice

My girlfriend's Name :P and she's an emo too hehe

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8 Xandra

I just love this name honestly I would want to change my name to this cause am emo and it describes me

I am now gonna change my name to that because its too perfect for me too

I may not know what xandra means but I love it and I hate my real name so this is my new name.

Set it as my Skype name, I love it

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9 Stella

That's my name, I am pretty emo so I was over the moon when I found it on this list. Was considering changing it but hell nah!

That's my name and I am a rebel, swag, emo, and bad girl So I recommend it

I love this name

Recommend this. that's my name and I am an emo girl.

10 Zero

I get called that by the popular kidz... They make fun of me because I'm Emo and bi

Popular kids are trash. I'm bi and emo too! Just don't take their crap, stand up for yourself! CUSS THEM OUT, that's what I do - ThatEmoLoner

I just love this name, it has many different meanings to me. But if I do name my kid this (in many many years) she (they them, I don't know the pronouns) may be picked on, which I hope will never happen.

Zero is my favorite because in my favorite anime show the one guy that is sure hot and his name is Zero! And I think its great for a girl name!

This makes me think of Borderland 2. Love it but not my real name. :3

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11 Siren

Sleeping with sirens' LOL OH GOD

It just sounds to me the best and most mysterious

Love that band my favorite too


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12 Luan

It's a beautiful name really, but I feel it's more of a nature lover's name that's why I wouldn't choose it for an emo girl's name. I would pick this name as like the 6th name I would choose.

I love this name

13 Shannon

Anyone else think this girl is crazy...?

Hey there, I'm Shannon!

It just sounds emo

My name is shannon and I love emo so..yea

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14 Amber

My friend calls herself Amber on the internet because she doesn't like people to know her real name, but I think it suits her well anyway. She's very, how do I say this, mysterious? She has a lot of secrets she's never told anyone, but I can tell they influence the way she acts and feels, even now. - LostHunter

That's my name! I always thought Amber was a very umm I don't know like a happy bright name for some reason lol... I would have never guessed it to be an emo name...

My name's Amber, I always used to think it was a bright cheerful name but since I became emo it seems darker to me now. I don't know I just feel like it's a mysterious kinda name

That’s one of my friends names and she’s Emo as all hell

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15 Emily

My name is Emily also and as an emo person I am glad it's on this list

It's my name and never really thought it sounded emo till' now.. Lol

This is my name and I'm emo myself so... Fits

My name is Emily and I'm emo

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16 Neva

It's such a unique name and it would be perfect for a doll I'm going to name for my cousins

Unique but I love it!

My friends name and she is emo

My names Nevena so I might use it

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17 Harley

Harley is a very pretty name. Love thinking of this name as Harley Quinn my favorite Batman character. Harley is also a very dark and mysterious name to have. Very Emo like too. I am an Emo myself and would love to have this as my name for sure.

This reminds me of Harley Quinn... My favorite Batman character

I to like this name as my favorite character/person is harley Quinn I am not full emo but I do have an emo side and this to me is a perfect name

It�'s a name that�'s I can realte to an emo! Cool!

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18 Shade

So different! The best name for an emo.

I love shadow would be a good name


19 Evony

Agreed. Ems are human, but people treat them like they're Satan's helpers ;-;

Very pretty, she could be smart, outgoing, and likes nature

I love this name, being an emo myself I think it fits

Nice name

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20 Alexandra

Very good. I really like this name! My parents were going to name me Alexandra, but they named me Maddie instead. I don't know why but everyone at school calls me Alex. I also like this name because of the band: Asking Alexandra! One of my favorite bands! I hope you guys vote for this name! - maddyday

People call me Alex too. Probably because my full name is Alexandra! - PianoQueen

My name is Alexis. This name reminds me to my favorite band - Asking Alexandria. I'm so proud of my name because it's nearly like Alexandra

I'm thinking about changing my name to Alexandra due to the facts that one I get picked on because of my real name and because I just love the name Alexandra

My sister's name is Alexandra and she is super kawaii and the opposite of emo

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