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1 Jade

, I love VICTORIOUS on NICK! And my favorite character in there is named Jade!

Jade is my name and I was going to go as an emo girl for Halloween and I was going to change my name to something more emo as a character change... then I saw this and I was laughing so hard.

Jade can also mean that they are cold hearted or they have been hurt in some way my it be mentally or physically by someone else or them selfs

It is literally a jewel nothing more, no "hidden meaning" it is literally a rock in the ground. - Stalin

My name is Jade and I am depressed and emo, so.. For further explanation Jade is a a vampire- Jade Summer! Also my middle name is Rayne, who is also a vamp, then the Jade green stone.. I collect rocks... It all connects!

2 Raven

Raven reminds me of raven from teen titans and those ravens you see cawing in horror movies

When I hear the name Raven I think of the character from Teen Titans

I absolutely love Raven as a name. It just brings out the dark and scary ness of the night.

I've always LOVED this name and I always will. It has just this, sound that brightens my mind!

3 Willow

My ex girlfriends name. I'm a girl by the way

I love this name. It is my favorite name and it is my dark emo original character's name!

I love this name this is my real name. I'm emo and I date girls and boys.

I love this name and I am emo no I am going to change my name to Willow!

4 Lucy

That's my name and I'm also emo but I don't think the popular kidz r liking it so I have to find a way to ignore them and one day I will find the gothic bat I can find and make sure that the bat sucks their blood (my life be like weird, messy, creepy so on but I know I am strong )

You know the anime show Fairy Tail!

Lucy from fairy tail is so emo yep.

I know that anime my favorite one

5 Alexandra

Hey my accual name is Alexandra but my school calls me Lex or Lexy

Very good. I really like this name! My parents were going to name me Alexandra, but they named me Maddie instead. I don't know why but everyone at school calls me Alex. I also like this name because of the band: Asking Alexandra! One of my favorite bands! I hope you guys vote for this name!

People call me Alex too. Probably because my full name is Alexandra! - PianoQueen

My name is Alexis. This name reminds me to my favorite band - Asking Alexandria. I'm so proud of my name because it's nearly like Alexandra

I'm thinking about changing my name to Alexandra due to the facts that one I get picked on because of my real name and because I just love the name Alexandra

6 Abigail

Like the song by Motionless in White

Abigail is my name and I'm emo and depressed, so yeah
P.S. Please pray for me

Abigail sounds like an emo kind of name

Sister Abigail from WWE

7 London

I love this name because I am half British, half French, American, etc. But it reminds me of London, England

I knew a kid by this name, he ran away with some girl and never came back, gosh I hope he's alright.

I just love this name! I'm emo and bi and I was thinking of calling myself London for a while!

I was doing an emo sim and the first name I was thinkin of was London and then I came here and I was like "her name is gonna be London"

8 Kyle

Some girls can be named Kyle, not just guys... I have a friend made Kyle and she is a girl

That's my name

My name is lacey and I'm emo so I dunno.

Do you mean ( ky lee ) or ( ky ul ) because if you meant Kylie you spelled it wrong,

if your a bad speller ask for help don't just write a boys name -Letters to The Editor

9 Acacia

It reminds me of trees which brings me to Willow but I LOVE THE NAME ACACIA

It's unique and different it set apart from a lot of names

there's a girl who I was friends with who had this name.

Miiinnneeecrrraaffft. 10/10 Would name kid

10 Mandy

Bonus points if that girl is friends with a guy named Billy or a guy nicknamed "Grim".

Kinda like Billy and Mandy

Funny enough this is my name. I'm more of a punk emo than anything. Lol

My aunt's name

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11 Alaura

Very cute emo name

I really like this name!

It sounds like Aurora

My name is Alora and I'm emo so eh close enough I guess

12 Siren

I love mermaids that have singing powers that attract people so they can harm that person

I picture like an emo gang member's name could be Siren, love it

I like this one because my name is actually Siren Willow so I really basically like my own name lol

Sleeping with sirens' LOL OH GOD

13 Stella

Whenever I think of the name Stella it reminds me of Stella from Winx Club (I don't watch Winx Club anymore but my younger sister do)

That's my name, I am pretty emo so I was over the moon when I found it on this list. Was considering changing it but hell nah!

Has that name also has anarchy, green day, My Chemical Romance, fall out boy, panic at the disco, frank, the used,21 pilots, sleeping with sirens poster on the wall is the defoliation of emo

That's my name and I am a rebel, swag, emo, and bad girl So I recommend it

14 Xandra

I think this name is very emo and unique at the same time. Probably going to name my kid this lol

Xandra pops out because of the ‘X’. I feel like it gives just a dark meaning.

I am now gonna change my name to that because its too perfect for me too

I'm not sure how it's pronounced but it sounds emo like me and I will use it in a book I'm writing.

15 Zero

In all honesty, who would name their kid Zero? I mean, really, have fun getting teased forevermore, kid

Zero brings out the dark of night. It reminds me of Zero lights or zero stars.

I get called that by the popular kidz... They make fun of me because I'm Emo and bi

Popular kids are trash. I'm bi and emo too! Just don't take their crap, stand up for yourself! CUSS THEM OUT, that's what I do

I love it, because oftentimes, the number is considered useless, which is how I often feel.

16 Alice

I really like the name Alice it sounds really cool and it reminds me of the movie Alice in Wonderland

It reminds me of alice the madness returns my favorite video game

Alice is such an emo name! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland

Alice is a really cool name I wish I had my name like that

17 Alexandria

I've always loved this name, it has many nicknames and sounds great as it rolls off the tongue.

Asking Alexandria, people. Makes it a great name, sounds amazing

Asking Alexandria

My name is Alexandria and am proud I made the list. (But I like some of the other names as well)

18 Luan

My aunts name is luan but its spelled LuAnn still a nice name. My aunts kinda emo, well like not emo but I guess kinda antisocial and her voice sounds grumpy but shes not really a dark mysterious person

It's a beautiful name really, but I feel it's more of a nature lover's name that's why I wouldn't choose it for an emo girl's name. I would pick this name as like the 6th name I would choose.

I love this name because it is a good one! So now I am changing my name to this name above!

I love this name

19 Shannon

Anyone else think this girl is crazy...?

My name is Shannon and I am an Emo! I was so NOT expecting this!

Classic, never gets old. Seriously, it never will.

Shannon is my name and I'm yea!

20 Shade

Shade reminds me of something that can hid or is very good at not being able to see anything. Like a window shade to block out the light.

So different! The best name for an emo.

. My emo heart wants to legally change my name to this

shade is a great name, I want it good choice emo sis

21 Harley

Harley just reminds me of Harley Quinn and she is dark and spooky.

I love the name Harley! Reminds me of Harley Quinn! I’ve always wanted my name to be Harley...

Harley is a very pretty name. Love thinking of this name as Harley Quinn my favorite Batman character. Harley is also a very dark and mysterious name to have. Very Emo like too. I am an Emo myself and would love to have this as my name for sure.

This reminds me of Harley Quinn... My favorite Batman character

22 Alexia

Haha that's my name and I'm so emo lol

I think it sound emo

I have a close friend named Alexia

That is the perfect name for an emo

23 Neva

Neva is a great name for a creepypasta character I'm working on I'm gonna use it

It's such a unique name and it would be perfect for a doll I'm going to name for my cousins

Its very simple and sounds dark

Unique but I love it!

24 Emily

I'm trans, (Mtf), Also Emo Too, this is what my friends said fit me so I chose it..

My name is emily...well I mean I do have dark red hair and ALWAYS wear black so I guess I'm emo...

I'm trans (ftm) and my given name was Emily. It's a pretty name but just doesn't suit me.

My name is Emily also and as an emo person I am glad it's on this list

25 Winter

Winter represents the darkness of the night and reminds me of how everyone is locked up in their homes because it’s so cold outside.

I'm an Emo who is really dark and shuts everybody out. I haven't talked to anybody in like 4 years, I don't know what to say to them. I haven't said anything not a word and I really think I don't know how to speak anymore. I can't even say my name without getting mad at myself for even being born. That's how deep I am. Words cut like knives. BVB's song savior kept me from killing myself.

I love this name, I hate my name it's too weird

My nickname is Winter because I am cold-hearted and would usually ignore people. I am quite happy that Winter is a part of this list

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