Best National Soccer Teams

Which county has the best current soccer squad and don't base your choices on the world cup.

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1 Brazil

Spain PlayStation very well but I don't understand why many considers them the best of all time. They have been 35 consecutive official matches undefeated before been destroyed by young brazil team ( first match playing brazil what may justify why took so long to loose ), but this record is shared with Brazil. Brazil and Argentina can not play europian cups, but in all major world wide cups brazil is far more successful. 7 world cups finals, 5 World Cup wins and 4 confederation cups. What about Spain? Just one World Cup and 0 confederation cups? Before comparing with brazil Spain must match the success of many other nations... ( Italy, Germany, Argentina e Uruguay are far more successfull )

Five world cups.
Top team in FIFA World Cup - All-time rankings (best numbers overall)

It doesn't matter how good the "current" European sensation is --recent years, Spain; before them, Italy; before, France, before Germany, etc. -- Brazil IS ALWAYS THE TEAM TO BEAT.

Ok I'm not a Brazilian but I see the skills of the Brazil really Incredible...

Brazil is not good

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2 Germany

Germany is historically one of the three most successful national teams at international competitions, having won a total of three World Cups and three European Championships. They have also been runners-up three times in the European Championships, four times in the World Cup, and further won four 3rd places. East Germany won Olympic Gold in 1976. Germany is the only nation to have won both the men's and women's World Cups. Germany's rivals include England, The Netherlands, and Argentina.

Germany have a really good chance of winning the World Cup this year. Neur, Phillip Lahm, Bastian Shcweinshwigher ( If I spell your name wrong I am sorry) Mesut Ozil, Muller, Reus, Kroos, Gotze and so may more players that are star quality. 4 time winners of the world cup have been in the semi-finals 4 times plus there other 4 wins that is 8 times. Germany also are the only teams to ever have the men and the women both win the world cup. Germany is one of those big teams when you think about football. They are in the group of death and very one thinks that they are going to walk out with 9 points. In the group of death I don't think that is possible. They are the top 5 teams in the world. All of Spain's stars are getting old Xavi 33 years old this is his last world cup. ( I think because a 37 year old man can't compete) Inestia 30 years old. England's players are getting destroyed. Argentina only has Messi. There real threats are Netherlands Brazil and Italy. Italy almost got beaten ...more - zotz99

Germany should be in 2nd place because they have one more cups than Spain

Been in the finals of the world cup 8 winning 4 and being in second place 4 times, and been third place many times as well. Germany has also won the European championship 3 time making them the most successful titleholders alongside with Spain. My country is the most successful and consistent team when it comes to international competition. THEY ARE THE BEST... THE GERMAN MACHINE.

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3 Spain

Spain winning both the world and European cup in the last couple of years, are proving they are the best team ever. Yes this is certainly a golden age for Spanish football. But some of the players they have we'll be all time legends, not just in Spain but in history(Casillas, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyols). People we're talking about the best team ever!... Not the number of cups won. I hope they win Euro 12" that'll put the nail in the coffin!

Spain has won 3 major tournaments in the last 4 years and they have enough firepower to be major threat in 2014. Brazil got lucky in the confederations cup. Spain is fully capable of defending their World Cup if they recruit more young talent onto their squad. They also manage to dominate possession in almost every game. VIVA ESPANA!

Euro cup tournaments are probably more competitve than confederations cups.

Spain is the only team ever to win 3 major tournaments in a row.

Historically Spain does not match Brazil, but that does not mean the current Spanish team isn't better than any team Brazil ever had. If Spain win another World Cup it will be impossible to deny Spain is the best international team of all team. That says how much they've accomplished already.

As Spain winning a World Cup is 2010 they are at least better than Belgium

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4 Argentina

Argentina is the greatest football nation in history. It's currently the best squad in the world, having reached 3 consecutive finals in 3 years in a row. Unfortunately, luck has stopped them from claiming three titles recently but it's not like they need any more championships. They're already the most championship-winning national football team in history and are therefore the most successful football selection of all time with more than 20 Official Championships in:

15 Copa Americas (1910, 1921, 1923, 1927, 1929, 1931, 1935, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1957, 1958, 1991, 1993)

2 FIFA World Cups (1978, 1986)

2 Olympic Gold Medals (2004, 2008)

1 FIFA Confederations Cup (1992)

Argentina gave as all time football legends: Diego Maradona, Alfredo Di Stefano, Gabriel Batistuta, Daniel Passarella, Javier Zanetti, Diego Simeone, Juan Sabastien Veron, Juan Roman Riquelme, Javier Saviola, and Roberto Ayala.

They have the current best squad:

Angel Di ...more - Leoda1234

MAradona, the best player of the 20th century was from Argentina. Messi, the best current player is from Argentina. That says it all. Argentina has the most entertaining football ever, and they have some of the best players too. The reason that they are not achieving top level success right now is the don't have a high quality coach.

Argentina not my home state but still a great soccer country - 123wmx

Messi,Di Stefano and Maradona

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5 Italy

Nobody can match their talent, they have a beret of great players, including one of the best goalkeepers in the world

During the earliest days of Italian nation football, it was common for a Technical Commission to be appointed. The Commission took the role that a standard coach would currently play. Ever since 1967, the national team has been controlled by the coaches only.

For this reason, the coach of the Italian national team is still called Technical Commissioner (Commissario tecnico or CT).

Technical Commission (1910-1912)
Vittorio Pozzo (1912)
Technical Commission (1912-1924)
Vittorio Pozzo (1924)
Technical Commission (1924-1925)
Augusto Rangone (1925-1928)
Carlo Carcano (1928-1929)
Vittorio Pozzo (1929-1948) - World Champions 1934, World Champions 1938
Ferruccio Novo (1949-1950) - as Technical Commission Chairman
Technical Commission (1951)
Carlino Beretta (1952-1953)
Technical Commission (1953-1959)
Giuseppe Viani ...more - roblist

4 world cups the best team in Europe. In 2006 they only conceded two goals: 1 an own goal by Zaccardo against USA and zidane penalty in the final.

They have been excellent through out football history from winning 2 world cups in a row in 1934 and 1938 then to winning the European championship in 1968, then to winning the world cup again in 1982 and again in 2006 along with several other world cup and European finals dotted around. They play like no other team with their unique style which makes their football so beautiful to watch.

The best. Nobody compares with ITALIA.

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6 Netherlands

Dude they are the best team... you all suck for making them 21! I mean they have Robin Van Persie! He is amazing! I mean Brazil deserves to be number 1 because they have been to the world cup the most but Netherlands should be in the top 5!

I'm not dutch but you must admire there skills and contribution for the beautiful game over the past 4 decades, and that for such a small country, they really are the Brazil of Europe, football is in there genes

The dutch are the founders of total football. There legacy is not only in there game and for Holland, but the made football more interesting for the whole world.

Few great players are on this team.WESLEY SNEIJDER MEMPHIS DEPAY DALEY BLIND to name just 3.

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7 England

1. Gary Linekar
2. Bobby Moore
3. Gordon Banks
4. Wayne Rooney
5. Bobby Charlton
6. Stanley Matthews
7. David Beckham
8. Bryan Robson
9. Jimmy Greaves
10. Kevin Keegan
11. David Beckham

All great players for England, England have a spirit for there footy matches, they have won the World Cup only once in 1966 - roblist

One of the best teams to ever play football. England also has the best players including Beckham & Rooney. By winning the World Cup in 1966, they've shown the whole world what a great team they are. GO ENGLAND!

If you think England are so good then how did they win the World Cup only once in 1966? Brazil have won it five times as much! And yet England are 6th?! Totally wrong.

They had the best players

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8 France

France should be in the top 5 France produced so many incredible players like Raymond Kopa Michele Pltini and of course the Legendary Zindine Zidane they won the 1998 World Cup the 1984 and 2000 euro cup they also won the two confederation cup and the 1984 Olympics.

France are much more successful than England... How come they are so low? They are a one time world champion, 2 times European champions and 1 time world cup runners up.. They should be placed after Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain and Argentina. For me, France is the sixth most successful country in the world.

France is amazing! In my opinion they deserve to be second place according to their wins against Germany plus my grandparents live there and my dad speaks French there should be a lot more votes for them

Favorite national soccer team

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9 Portugal

One of the most decorated teams ever, this team is famous for Christiano Ronaldo, they have never won a world cup, they have been runners up in 1966 but lost to England 2-1, and have been runners up in the 2004 Euro Cup were they lost to Greece. But in the 2010 World Cup smashed North Korea 7 - 0 in a match were Christiano Ronaldo scored 3 or 4 goals, and could be one of portugals best performances - roblist

Portugal may be a small country, with very few football players comparing to other top national squads, but despite all of that, they still face the big ones in outstanding matches. Portugal may have never won a major competition but they already have a title: the most underrated team.

Although we have never won any title, we play good football, enjoyable and organized. The only thing left is a bit of luck...

Ronaldo is the nightmare for defenders. He plays like a superstar which helps the team

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10 Uruguay

Won first world cup EVER in 1930 very good team luiz suarez is a fantastic player

Respect from Romania! You're an amazing team, and I hope cause you will win the World Cup in 2014!

Uruguay is a very underrated team, they can play football, they showed one of the best efforts at the 2010 World Cup and have won the World Cup itself 3 times, A good effort. - roblist

I chose urguay in school and the boaring
team was Costa Rica

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11 Colombia

Colombia has some of the best players in the world right now. Brazil may have had it's moments, but it's not as good as it was before. Spain won one world cup and then it all went downhill. Spain lost its first game in the World Cup 2014 right after it had won the World Cup 2010. Spain is not bad, but is not that good. Its chance at the Euro Cup right now got lost somewhere. Sure, Colombia has not won a World Cup before, but it's really possible they will. They were a comeback and definitely a star team in the World Cup 2014. Argentina isn't that good either. Just because it made the final in the Copa America Centenario 2016, doesn't even mean it would win. In fact, I was surprised it didn't win. Anyways, Colombia has a lot of potential and it is young, while other teams aren't.

Colombia is an amazing team and knows their ways just cause they have some bad days we all do and Yea Brazil is good but only cause they cheat Colombia made Plenty of goals except since Brazil cheated on the World Cup against Colombia the referees didn't count most of them AND the referees have our cards when we didn't deserve them

Colombia has such a great team, they proved it today October 11 against Chile, they were losing 3-0 and they ended up tying. Now they have a spot in the World Cup and I'm pretty sure they will surprise us.

I love my Colombia!

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12 Belgium

Won THIRD Place @ Russia World Cup 2018. Deserved More. Had a better team than Croatia. Half of our players are @ Big-name Premier League clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United!

Wait and see in 2014... Quarter finals at least

Just look at the team, its great, they are maybe not so good as spain or germany, but Wait and see..

Belgium is definitely the best national team of this generation. Not only do they have some of the best players such as Eden Hazard, and Kevin De Bruyne. When they work together, they can achieve something that no one has ever seen.

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13 United States

This is the only country that calls football soccer and instead of calling soccer football they call American football, football that's why sometimes United States soccer team can't be taken seriously they are good but just sometimes dumb, but they are more American Football that's there excuse. Hopefully they don't call FIFA some other crap

The united States are underrated and you shouldn't under estimate their ability to play Soccer. They have been Runners up in the World Cup, there biggest win was 11 - 0 and they have won the Gold Cup Four Times - roblist

It is cool and it might become much better


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14 Mexico

Mexico is playing in such a better level, they have beaten The US almost half the time with 4 or more goals & they have beat Brazil over the past years more times than any other country I think they deserve to be higher in the rank.

Mexico is a great team because they beated france 2-0 I think. They might as well beated and lose against italy in the world cup. France too in the world cup and someone said they beat brazil like 2 times already. But never won a world cup in history

They should be in the top 10

Mexico best team ever

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15 Chile

Chile could have the fastest rising talent than any other team, they have been runners up in the World Cup and have won the copa America Four times. And they put on a good show at the 2010 World Cup, when they shocked everybody by leaving the Group Stage undefeated. They may have only had 8 appearances, but in those 8 appearances they have shown a lot of talent and have been great! - roblist

Chile should be at least 5th they are better then the teams that are above them and they made it into the quarter finals in the COPA America Brazil is first and didn't get to the quarter finals

They are a great team they are way better than many of the teams above them they should at least be in the top 10

Two champion winner america cup

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16 Japan

What we r way better then most of the teams above us

They only have fast players but that doesn't help

Amazing, and really has the ability to reach a World Cup Semi Final

Japan is amazing you idiots they should be at least in the top 15

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17 Sweden

Their present is not their best, I'll give you that. However, even though they didn't make it to the last WC, they have a good place in world football with Zlatan Ibrahimovic as their leading figure. There are nine "Greats" in football history: The eight champions plus the Netherlands. After that Sweden has the best record and presence throughout the years. Sweden played in a World Cup Final (even if it was theirs). Got in third place twice. It should be way higher on this list.

Sweden has a much better record than many of the teams above on this list. What are people thinking?

Come on Sweden we are playing a game in Ireland and I got Sweden so hope you win. Best of luck Olivia

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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18 Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a good team as you saw in the world cup qualifying the beat the us and Mexico I think Honduras to some of the best teams in North America.

Costa Rica is the most underrated national team in the world. They got into the quarterfinals in 2014 and it is only 19? Come on people.

How is Japan higher than Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the way better team


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19 Russia

Lost to Slovakia ( 2 - 1 ) also lost to Wales ( 3 - 0 ) in Euro 2016

Russia should be in the top 10s at least

The best team ever number 1

the best

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20 Switzerland

Bad luck for the Swiss. I hope that England and Switzerland will meet in 2022 world cup. Can't wait to see. My favourite team alongside England

I'm very surprised with a lot of countries that aren't even in the top 20! Switzerland are easily a top 20 team!

They are an amazing team they almost beat Argentina

Swiss should be much higher like around 20. They have Xhaka,Shaqiri,and Mehmdi

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21 Greece

Greece have never won a world cup, but have won a euro cup. When Greece are on their best day you better watch out for this team, they have a lot of talent to give - roblist

I am greek and I hate haters we are better than Albania and england I do not care what you say

Keep up the good work HELLAS OLE OLE


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22 Cameroon

Cameroon are not that good and a lot of the countries like Bosnia and Croatia and the Ivory coast should be above them.

Lol - yanzchenthebest

Cammaroon should be first there my favourite even do I'm not from cammaroon

23 Haiti

They are a team of great passing. They play collectively as Spain and Barcelona. They have a team that can become as great as the top teams in the world but their problems are two things: they need good finishers and good defenders. Again, they pass the ball good and have good stamina. Jean Sony Alcenat and Joseph Peterson as well as Leonel Saint-preux, Maurice and Guerriers are fantastic players. They won the caribean cup and they have been recently analyzsed as the fourth technical team in America after Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico, in term of collective play. When they come back they will move 10 in placement and they will be one of the world rivals in soccer. Mark my word!

Such a great team! Very proud to be Haitian!

Lol - yanzchenthebest

They have some decent players these days. Alcenat, RB, playing for Petrolul Ploiesti in the Romanian league has played amazing there and in Europe... and there is a youngster playing for PSG as well. They could be a good side in the future

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24 Poland

Poland is in 7th place in the world they have the fourth best striker on there team, and they won against every team to get to the world cup finals except for Denmark and they are one of the only two teams that have beat Germany they should be in the top ten list they are better than 3/4 the teams on this list

Third place in two world cups. And we are in 70th place, something wrong here.

I am sorry but this is totally of,f Poland should be at place number 13. How did Uruguay get 10.And how did the united states get 13.Same with Japan.

Lewandowski one of the best player in the world and poland is better than england and you will change your mind when the 2018 world cup comes up

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25 Turkey

Because they always surprise the other team by coming on hard when they seem to lose ;). They kick more than just ballz.

Greetings from U.S.

Great team! Beautiful play but can be a little lazy ;( other than that they play great football and went onto the finals in 2010.

The Turkish national team has a lot of great players and the players pass a lot, they do not just sprint away and try to score goals like morons.

Turkey > Haiti & Greece - kedibey

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26 Bosnia and Herzegovina

We suppose to be higher than that because Bosnia has a lot of good players and they have improved allot we should be like in 18 or 19

Why 44 we belong in first 20

Bosnia is technically one of the best Teams

Underrated - PopGeorge1678

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27 Czech Republic

Czech Republic is beautiful dress and good football point. One point to best goal keeper in world Petr Cech. Czech Republic be last team Czechoslovakia, this team have one silver medal on masters world. To day is best guard to Petr Cech.

They are very under rated. Should be higher. Have one of the best goalies as well

Czech Rep should be much much higher on this list. They were runners up at the World Cup twice (as Czechoslovakia) played in third place at World Cup. Runners ups at the Euro. Have been ranked 2nd, always make most big tournaments and have some of the best players. Cech, Medved, Baros and many more.

Czech Republic is have best goalie keeper name Petr Cech. Petr Cech have of nation team players worst attack and worst defense. Petr Cech is in Chelsea. History team Czechia to be Czechoslovakia. Goalie keeper Planicka, and many great players. Czechia me silver medail last years in Euro, in final lose to team Germany.

28 Nigeria

Has players in all top leagues of the world. Besides, those players are cool and very professional on the field of play. Other teams have foreign players and not professional

I think Nigeria should be better than Haiti

Nigeria is great football state, beautiful dress and of player his manny speed and intellect man and Nigeria is in football werry playable.

up nigeria

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29 Hungary

Please do your research. Hungary under puskas was best national team ever.

In early fifties Hungary's national team was the best national team. They destroyed the self-confident English team twice (6:3 and 7:1), and they lost the only (but the most important) match in the final of the World Cup 54. After having win against Brazil and Uruguay in the quarter final and semi final they could not win against West Germany team which did not missed the help of the English referee (Mr. Ling).

Hungary was undefeated in 100 friendly and championship matches in the early 50's. How many national teams can boast about that? NONE.

Northern Ireland cam boast about being undefeated in 100 matches

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30 Canada

Canada needs to make it to a final soon otherwise they'll keep watching stupid American football! Canada! Amazing people amazing country!

I do not think Canada will win the FIFA world cup for 2014, but I believe they will improve for the next couple of years.

Canada is not even playing in the 2014 world cup. But maybe they are strong.

Ha ha! - yanzchenthebest

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31 Lebanon

They are a very good side and hard to beat

They aren't that good of team but there okay.

Lebanon is awesome now they almost beat Brazil

Ha ha - yanzchenthebest

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32 Peru

They have a really good team and almost got to the world cup all they needed to do was beat one of the best teams, Brazil so yeah they are a lot better than they get credit for.

They are a very good team and should be Number 3 in the world.

They have the best goalie and beat Brazil once 2-0, so, yeah.

I think Peru is great because they put a lot of effort to win and they got Brasil out in the Copa America round 3 1-0 and they got in 3rd place in the Copa America 2015 because Paolo Gurrero lead PerĂº to 3rd place that is why Peru is my favorite international soccer team and it is my country.

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33 Wales

Any team with Bale is a good team am I right

Wales beat many and are going to the semi-finals in the euros

Bale is obviously one of the fastest players in football

Any team in england is a good team right

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34 Romania

Very underrated country of some of the most technical players in the world. Coaches from abroad have noticed that.. the biggest problem has been corruption in the FA, bad owners and agents, etc.. but with a new FA president and a great generation of youth, there shouldn't be as many talents wasted in the coming years! Romania should always be a top 10-15 country...

Romania had one of the best teams in Europe in the 1990's. Hagi was undoubtedly a football legend. They still produce many talented players and in a few years they may be able to cause serious damage in major tournaments.

Romania is really good

Romania Is Quite Decent,And It Deserves Rank 23,because It Said ''Their Football Is Back''

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35 South Korea

South Korea may have their true talents covered up by Japanese who are used to putting them down ever since the 1500s, but the reality of their great nation and spirit will show up in the future.

Korea has been put down by the Japanese and Chinese, especially because they are sandwiched between two greedy nations who attacked them on both sides ever since the 14th century.
Even now, the Japanese tries to claim one of Korea's port islands and claims the East Sea (Korea's for the longest time) as their own and calls it the unofficial name, Japan Sea)

It's no wonder great nations like the US support honest nations like Korea over Japan and China, who are extremely rude and sneaky.

Even statistically Korea is the better soccer team, given their rankings and past acheivements. You have to consider the truth before opinions, and truthfully Korea is the better, more honest, more passionate nation of Soccer. Why is Japan even on this list anyways?

South Korea sure is the best team they came 4th in the 2002 FIFA world cup unfortunately losing by Turkey 3-2 and Turkey only won by ONE NILL.

South Korea definitely deserves to be at least top 25! They are the 2nd best team in Asia and won AFC several times.

Algeria are very good because they belive in themselves

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36 Algeria

In 2013 the algerian soccer team get much better than they was and if they keep going like this they gonna be the best soccer team in africa and that's word.

Algeria rocks to death

Algeria participated in the 2014 world cup whereas many other powerful teams didn't.

Mehrez, Slimani, Feghouli... Everyone needs to know them!
And also Zinedine Zidane, Karim Benzema... are other Algerian, French-Born players. They got Algerian blood in their veins. In 2014 World Cup, Algeria could win 3-2 against Germany if the excluding games didn't exist. They did 1-1 and had to be defeated in the prolongation. They did better that France and of course, than Brazil (lost 7-1 against Germany)

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37 Pakistan

Pakistan is very stupid country India is much better in football than Pakistan

Amazing team, with talent young and old just waiting to flourish. Mark my words, THEY WILL SOON BE A POWERHoUSE.

Amazing team, they can do much better than what they are doing. ! They just need some more practice.. !

Pakistan is better than india

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38 Scotland

An Amazing team throughout the years. Unfortuantly Scotland did not managed to suceed in tournaments as expected and if they did, Scotland would definatly be up there with Brazil, Holland ect. - allqueen

Euro2020 team

OK team - PopGeorge1678

39 Iceland

How are they top 40?

They should be way better, 20-25. They won England a few times.

They should at least be in 30

Iceland should be 28 or 27

40 Bulgaria

Please Bulgaria is better than all of the 10 teams infront of her


Bulgaria finished fourth in 1994 on the World Cup but deserved maybe even to win it with players such as Stoichkov, Kostadinov, Lechkov and others we should have beaten Italy and got in the final but the French referee didn't let us. Even now Bulgaria still gives good quality players such as Berbatov, Martin Petrov, Stilyan Petrov, Milanov, Manolev and I think if Berbo returns to the Bulgarian national team we will do very good on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil and even if he doesn't we can still do good. We almost beat Italy in 2012 and could've done it but maybe we had no luck cause the match finished 2:2 but even then squadra was still shaking from fear. I think Bulgaria may have a future in football if the black Toto stops and our footballers be more disciplined.

41 Vietnam

We are stupid how how how?

The best team.

This one can easily beat how many countries now,not like the Malaysians.This one should be higher than Malaysia,Kemboja,Myanmmar and how many mote countries from Asia except Korean

42 New Zealand

They should be higher and be better ranked

We're going to get into Russia 2018!

They aren't very good, they can't even beat China. P.S I am part Chinese and New Zealand

Lol - yanzchenthebest

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43 Ireland

Robbie Keane. Nobody else in Ireland is good.

Seriously Ireland should be in the top 20.They have beaten Germany

Ireland was great in the mid 2000s but one it's the Keane show they will bounce back.

Look at Irelands best 11. 1. Shay Given, 2. Denis Irwin 3.Paul McGrath. 4. Kevin Moran.5.Johnny Carey 6.Roy Keane.7 Johnny Giles.8 Liam Brady.9.Ronnie Whelan.10. Robbie Keane. 11 John Aldridge.
On there day that team would have been in Top 10 in the world.

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44 Serbia

If you were to play Serbia's defense and Brazil's offense... IT WOULD BE ALL OVER

Because Serbia got some of the most best defenders and players in the world and because we have Neven Subotic 'Borussia Dortmund' Branislav Ivanovic 'Chelsea' Aleksandar Kolarov 'Manchester City' Matija Nastasic 'Manchester City' and also Filip Duricic' Benefica' and other great great players.

45 Albania

The best soccer team ever

Albania should be first best team ever

It plays football with passion. - Engli

You are the worst team ever

46 Jamaica

The team has been improving over the years. They were goal cup finalists in 20015

They have morgan

47 Thailand

Boo Thailand

LET'S PUSH THIS DOWN TO 100! - yanzchenthebest


48 Northern Ireland

Why doesn't anybody vote for this team I love them

A tiny country that have made the q/finals of the World Cup twice an have beaten Portugal, Spain, Russia, Germany, England, Sweden. Awesome!

49 Bangladesh

We're so much above India. Yay! - Ark-M

It is the Best team in Asia!

50 Armenia

Any nationality that I am are the best!

Ararat 78, the Armenia national football team at the time of the Soviet Union, became the champion in all 15 Soviet Union countries in year 1978!

Armenia won czech republic 2 -1 they won guatemela 7-1 they won denmark and slovakia 4-0 armenia is the 9 the best

Armenia is 1096 times beter then bulgaria

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