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1 Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens The Montreal Canadiens are a Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Montreal, Quebec, that competes in the National Hockey League.

k look if you don't vote for the canadiens... something is wrong wit u... I've been to most of the "crazy hockey city's" and well Montreal is the best by far... and I'm not even a habs fan... but montreal is the best hockey city

My mother has always been a senator fan. After I took her to a game at the bell centre, she walked out saying "go habs go! "

The birthplace of hockey, Montreal may be a Catholic city but its biggest cathedrals are the Forum and the Bell Centre. Its biggest holy symbol is the letter C with an H in it and the Catholic Church has even placed ads in major newspapers urging the populace to pray for Les Canadiens. No place in the world worships Hockey with the passion of Montreal and no place in the world has had that passion for as long as Montreal. There is no contest here.

Just to say I am so happy the florida panthers are not on this list.

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2 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs The Toronto Maple Leafs are a Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario, that competes in the National Hockey League.

Fans sell out every game... even though the team hasn't won a championship since 1967. Leaf nation doesn't go into hiding when things go bad. - VADERtheIMPALER

we would rather get shot than cheer for the habs, sens or anyone else

Canadian's fans boo their own team all the time. They're not always sold out either the Leafs are always sold out. - BKAllmighty

When you go to a home game you can't see through the blue and white.

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3 Calgary Flames Calgary Flames The Calgary Flames are a professional ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Flames are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

C OF RED! DUH! You will never be in another stadium that has such a unified color, It's awesome. GO FLAMES GO!

Calgary has the best fanbase very passionate

If only they did not lose the stanley cup final against tampa in 2004.

Only nhl team that has a longer sellout streak is Vancouver and TO. Are in a dry spell keepin them out of the playoffs but have still stayed loyal. The atmosphere at games is insane, and the fans are wild.
PS : As soon as Chicago misses the playoffs one year I guarantee all their "dedicated" fans will be out the door.

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4 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks

As a long time Maple Leafs fan, this team should be DEAD LAST for "Best Fans"! They LOSE points for being an original 6 fan base that abandoned their team when they were bad in the mid-2000's but then discovered their team when they drafted upcoming stars. PHONY/FAIR WEATHER/FRAUDS and to make it worse, they tout their so-called TWO MILLION fans at their victory parade, like that somehow makes up for them being 2nd to last in attendance before they got good! Easily number one bandwagon bunch, totally no-nothings about hockey too. Great at screaming during national anthem, but ask them who Stan Mikita or Bobby Hull is and watch the blank stares...

How can this team's fans be ranked 3rd? How about NUMBER 1 BANDWAGON fan base? How do you not show up when the team is lousy, and blame it on fans wanting to punish ownership, but then the team is GREAT and you show up? Oh, because your really knowledgeable? Sorry, that's fair weather Chicago! You should be ranked 28th, or 29th, just like your attendance was around 2006-07. Montreal has real fans. Toronto has real fans. I'll take even Sharks and Kings fans over this group as they showed up in the years their teams were not making the playoffs. Of the original 6, easily the worst fan base. Total Fake Fans!

How can this fan base be listed anywhere in the top 20? They were 2nd to last in attendance when the team was crummy, and oh, guess what, they get really good and they're all of a sudden selling out? Bandwagon! This is the phoniest fan base in the league. The yell the entire national anthem, and after a goal is scored, but when they're losing, it's as quiet as a tomb at the United Center. They deserve a much lower rating. Like 20th, and that's being kind, for the total bandwagon approach.

I vote, as a BRUINS fan, this team to be number one bandwagon group of fans in the NHL. Unlike Boston, a TRUE hockey city, one that produces tons of college hockey talent, no colleges in Chicago produce anything other than bandwagon fans that claim to be loyal. Bruins attendance NEVER tanked like Chicago's did, and they should be in the bottom 5 of WORST fan bases, since they are totally bandwagon. What a bunch of phonies!

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5 Pitsburgh Penguins

Been there through it all. We finally have a team we are proud of. But we were there. I lived through those terrible years. I'm still sitting through the Pirates lean years. I'm still waiting. Fair weather fan? Don't think so buddy. Nobody here gave up on anything. Just the opposite. I (we) patiently waited. How about you pal?
Do you have the patience to ride out this terrible Flyers team of which your comments lead me to believe you're a fan? Will you be at the game next season when they have no shot at the playoffs? I doubt it. You haven't the class.

This Team was ready to move-bags packed due to complete lack of support. Then, they get Crosby and presto, great fans that show up every game. Hmmm, why was their a total lack of support and then they're this loyal devoted fan base-could it be because they're front runners? Yes, that's it!

Yeah no until they got Crosby they were having trouble selling out, nah don't deserve credit

Best fans, best team, best city. Don't be haters.

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6 Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators

Ottawa is between montreal and toronto so give them credit they have a lot of fans who will continue to support their team through the tough rebuild

Unlike Toronto fans, Ottawa fans don't act like abused spouses who refuse to leave their abuser. Ottawa is a great Hockey town and this is coming from a Habs fan.

7 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks The Vancouver Canucks are an ice hockey team based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

Yes, the Canucks are some of the most crazy fans. For having two riots vs The Bruins in 2011. Then having one again in 1994 against the Rangers. There some crazy fans. - JustinBieberSucksPoop

They kind of suck but we are still loyal no matter what. GO CANUCKS GO

Long suffering and yet fiercely loyal. Also overwhelmingly neurotic.

We're the reason that everyone waves white towels for their team, that's a fact!

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8 Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings The Los Angeles Kings are a professional ice hockey team based in Los Angeles, California. They are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

Glad to see a sunbelt team this high on the list. USA today just had a great article stating one of the 3 major occurrences in NHL history impacting the league with regard to hockey success in the US was Gretzky going to the Kings in 1988. That fan base has been hugely supportive ever since. There never was a drop off and that is why this fan base HAS to be higher than 15th. It's overall impact on the league is huge! It created all the American born players pouring into hockey instead of other sports, especially in non-traditional cities. The result is players like Austin Matthews going to Toronto and hopefully leading my Maple Leafs back to greatness, or at least relevance. Best fan base, it's the Leafs. But biggest impact was Gretzky to LA.

I think of all the fan bases in the NHL, this one is under the radar screen. For a team that plays in a city with tons of entertainment options, how do they sell out every night? Meanwhile you have some fairly good teams, that don't do that in cities that have nowhere near the entertainment options (Colorado, New Jersey, Carolina, St. Louis...etc. Gretzky was a catalyst but I have always been impressed that Kings fans show up night after night. LA is easily the best, probably the only reason, hockey even exists in places like San Jose and Anaheim, Arizona and Tampa, Florida and Carolina, and the NHL could lose at least 4 of the other sun belt teams and no one would notice. The Kings Fan base are probably the only deserving sun belt team on this list. The Canadian teams are always going to be the most fanatic, and a few mid-west and Northeast teams, but this fan base definitely is the clear best of the non-traditional markets.

This is a very under appreciated fan base. This fan base sells out nightly, has never stopped going to games even when the team was not competitive, and for a west coast team really has a hockey savvy fan base. If you engage Kings fans they'll come back with intelligent conversation, something you won't likely get with most sun belt fan bases. I'd probably put them a little higher -more like 12th, for consistent support and overall fan knowledge. LA is a very good hockey market. I never thought I would say that, being an east coast fan, but they really have a good base. Montreal and Toronto are the best, and then I would say Detroit, Boston and New York, plus the other Canada teams. This is the best sunbelt fan base by far.

It's great to see the Kings fan base in the top 10. For a long time this team as received support, win or lose, there has not be a game that was not sold out since 2012, despite the team not making the playoffs one of those years and this year being at the bottom of the playoff rung. This fan base has etched itself into the upper echelon of the league, and deserves a high ranking, certainly the highest of any sunbelt franchise.

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9 Winnipeg Jets

Everyone should experience a jet game at mts centre. It's unbelievable. We should be at number one spot. Montreal overrated so does toronto.

Greatest fan experience of any nhl team. Should be #1 after the playoffs last year. #whiteout

Not the most fans because of the small population, but definitely the most passionate.

There is no way this should not be at #1, you wear the worlds best ear protection and it still is super loud.

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10 Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings The Detroit Red Wings are a professional ice hockey team based in Detroit, Michigan. They are members of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League and are one of the Original Six teams of the league.

They have won 4 cups in the past 17 years, good fans had to have something to do with that

There the best makes no sense kinda like liking the capitals

Are you kidding me? They literally call the city "Hockey Town"! - Dougedwards36

Everyone should know that we may not have the most fans, but we do have the best

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11 Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers

This truly is a great fan base, and I say this as a Kings fan since 1969. The first expansion franchise to truly make it big-sellout every night-basically since the Kate Smith days-and unlike the so call "Pens Fans", have a real home ice advantage. I've never heard it NOT loud for a Flyers home game-meanwhile you listen to on radio, or watch a Penguins home game, and it's as quiet as a tomb.

By far the craziest and most loyal fan base. These guys bleed orange and black, and has been voted by players as the worst place to play on a visiting team before.

How are they number 9? We have not seen a title in 40 years and yet we are still here, supporting the black and orange. We are passionate about our hockey team.

NOT THE BEST FAN BASE just ask what happened to Eagles fans is simalier here

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12 Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers The Edmonton Oilers are a professional ice hockey team based in Edmonton, Alberta. They are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

There is no fanbase with the exception of Toronto and Montreal that would suck for 8 straight years (2 last place finishes) and STILL SELL OUT EVERY NIGHT. Easily one of the best fanbases, and far better than the "business men flames" and the Canucks who jump ship at the first sign of failure.

Still selling out the place in 2015? Those are fans.

I'm happy they are above the top ten spot.

At least they have real fans unlike florida whitch struggles to get fans to a game.

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13 Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild

We are the state of hockey and all the other teams who can't even have outdoor ice in the winter should not even have a NHL hockey team! - Callahan87

The Wild in the State of Hockey has never had a non-sold out game...

You maybe the state of hockey but canada is the country of hockey.

Minnesota is like the American Canada

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14 New York Rangers New York Rangers

best fans in the NHL in the famous legendary MSG in new York city

1 cup in 75 years and countless playoff heartbreaks and we still continue to come close or sell the place out every year since the 1970s. Lets Go Rangers... New York's #1 hockey team!

15 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres

Which city always has the 3rd highest T.V. ratings after the two teams actually in the stanley cup?

According to Nielson, Buffalo had the second highest percentage (48%) of people watch/attend at least one one the home team's games for the 12-13 season. We came in 22nd, fired our coach, and had Leino on our team. Pittsburgh, the highest percentage (54%) came in second, went to the Eastern Conference Finals, and had Crosby on their team.

I believe I've made my point.

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16 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Bruins compete in the National Hockey League as a member club of the league's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division.

Well too bad bruins fan. Focuse more on football and less on hockey. Bruins go to hell.

They don't desreve to be in the top ten or top five the canadian teams deserve to be.

The fact that the Bruins are not in the top 5 is an ABSOLUTE JOKE! I am from Boston and as a Bruins fan I am insulted that the Bruins are tanked #26!

Hey man just keep these thoughts to yourself. Cause it doesn't look like your getting anywhere - TheHabsFan

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17 St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues The St. Louis Blues are a professional ice hockey team in St. Louis, Missouri. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

Yes St. Louis deserves a Stanley cup since the Rams left the city must be shaken

Big sports city who is hungry for their first Stanley Cup.

I am a diehard Blues fan, and the other comments are true. We love our team, we would give anything for a Stanley Cup, and we are seriously ticked off that they moved our beloved Rams. We are a talented team, and we have our eyes glued to the T.V. when we are playing in the playoffs.

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18 New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils

Great fan bases don't have victory parades in their parking lot-with 30,000 people showing up, in a tri-state area of over 12 million. Crummy fan base, also a quiet arena that rarely sells out. Rangers=Great fans. Devils=apathy

What! How did the Devils get here!? They are so bad it is not even funny. They are on the NHL top list for relocation. Averaged 13,000 this year and 75% of arena filled bad fanbase

Duh duh duh duuh duh! HEY! YOU SUCK! Hahaha, I love that. I just wish I could go to a game, I live in Europe. :(

Devils is go go go! Good hystorical super team, werry super dress, in dress is art to red best devil. Devils shoping the good European player.

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19 San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks The San Jose Sharks are a professional ice hockey team based in San Jose, California. They are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

Horrible fan base, Oakland Seals left and now we have this self-promoting franchise of zero accomplishments. They are not only not the loudest in the NHL, the King fan base is a whole lot louder, and I say this as a Bruin fan. This group should be in the bottom 10!

Sell out practically every game with insanely passionate fans. The Tank is always loud and a blast to attend. Beautiful arena, loyal following, great team!

Loudest NHL arena in the nation

20 Washington Capitals Washington Capitals
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