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1 Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Product Image

Well this was a huge step forward the SNES. I played some games like Killer Instinct which was AMAZING. Too bad the cartridge cost couldn't compete with disc games like Playstation. Its controller was beautiful.

The system brought many of our beloved franchises (such as Mario, Star Fox, and Zelda) into the 3rd dimension so well, that it's hard to not say that it's greatest system Nintendo has made. It's innovation is in it's technology. All the games I mentioned above helped revolutionize gaming in some way. Heck, GoldenEye 007 made a footprint for franchises such as Halo and Call of Duty to follow. Truly a great console.

How can you not say this is the greatest? Think about all of the classics: Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong 64, Star Fox 64, Kirby the Crystal Shards, and so many more. The graphics on the games were incredible for its day and the games had tight controls. This was truly Nintendo's golden era. Nintendo 64 is the greatest system of all time!

This console had so many good games! Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, the Mario Party Trilogy, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Star Fox 64, Super Smash Bros. , Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye 007, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Kirby 64 and so much more! And that's just the amount of effort from TWO DEVELOPERS!

2 Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Gamecube Product Image

Sure the 64 was the nostalgic one, but did it go well? Not really, I mean don't get me wrong, a lot of the games are cool, but very few have aged well mostly because the 64 is one of the early 3D consoles, and Nintendo's first 3D console. However, when we move to Nintendo's next 3D console, the Nintendo GameCube, we get some of the most memorable, best gameplay, best music and best almost anything Nintendo has offered, and unlike its predecessor there are plenty of games that still look amazingly impressive to this day (Written in 2016, edited 2017). Just to name a few GameCube games that offered legendary gameplay and amazing visuals that look good today, you have Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure, Wind Waker or Twilight Princess (All 3 are amazing and haven't aged badly), Super Mario Sunshine, and many many more. It also was the start of many Nintendo series with the new found capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube (Take the Mario 128 engine or ...more

A cousing had it, I loved it, loved the control desing and its graphics. I know it's loved by many.

This has to be the best console Nintendo has ever made, even though it had bad sales people who did pick one up where lucky this small even portable system has an outstanding gaming library including metriod prime, Mario kart double dash, wind waker and resident evil 4. that's not it you could also buy the gameboy player which played all of your gameboy, gameboy colour and GBA. you also have access to games like Oot through the Zelda collection game! Even better it has the best crafted controller to date! It fits in the hand like it was part of your hand, the L and R button amazing and feel great and there is logic behind the controller the A button is biggest because you use it most etc. my list of good things go on... It has amazing graphics etc etc.. I think I have made my point you cannot live without this beast of a console

It's old but sweet! The best games on it are:

1. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, it's my favorite game ever!
2. Super Smash Bros. Melee
3. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
4. Pikmin
5. Super Mario Sunshine

Awesome system! Other games to consider are Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Kirby's Air Ride!

3 Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii Product Image

Motion control was great. I know some game developers didn't understand how to take advantage of it but still it was pretty solid. Didn't really had many games but those that I had were good, like No More Heroes.

Everyone is talking about Mario games but no one is gonna remind about Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort

Amazing memories from my childhood, amazing games plus ability to play all GameCube games. Also mii channel

Wii is my faviorite console ever. It has great games such as super mario galaxy and Metroid prime can play the entire gamecube library. Also Wii sports.

4 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Entertainment System Product Image

It's like the NES with an amazing game library but with better graphics, sounds and the saving feature was more common now.

together with Sega Genesis the golden age of gaming. It will not get better than this.

This is the best and last great Nintendo console. After this one, every fan moved to Playstation because it was the spiritual successor to the SNES. Every major series by a major developer (Konami, Capcom, Square, Enix) released games for the PSX like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest...those who voted for the N64 are kids that can't understand what made Nintendo great in the 8 and 16 bit eras.
N64 is easily Nintendo's worst console ever... If it weren't for Rare, it would have only three good games. Give me a break!

I like this console more than Nintendo 64 the controllers are really comfortable and there are many good games such as super Mario world killer instinct donkey kong country Zelda a link to the past and you never get bored with it

5 Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Entertainment System Product Image

The console that all started it for me at my uncles home. That is where the magic happened with mario bros 1 & 3. Awesome times.

One of the best game library in the universe, a solid hardware and technical capacities. Then came the SNES.

If there was a Nintendo game console called the Nintendo classics there would be other games for it like super Mario bros 2 the legend of Zelda the adventures of link mega man 2 double dragon 2 and teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 the arcade game with art cards with great art work and amazing concept with 3d graphics and the same story lines and the game of super Mario bros 2 would still be cool Mario and the other characters would still throw turnups bombs carry keys and dig in the ground and it would be still easy to fight the game bosses like mouser Birdo Tryclyde and wart and the game of double dragon 2 would also still be fun and so would the game teenage mutant ninja turtles the arcade game with the same game play and the same sound effects and the same plot they would all very fun and very cool

Nintendo is the best game console ever it's part of my childhood and it's also another reason for there to be a game console for adult collectors called the Nintendo classics and the game of super Mario bros would be the best and it would come with art cards and a book about the T.V. shows like the super Mario bros super show the adventures of super Mario bros 3 super Mario world the legend of Zelda captain n the game master video power the power team mega man and the show that never got made that were going to be shown on something called the power hour with the super Mario bros super show like of Metroid it was going to be a guy named Jake spaceman instead of samus aran castlevania it would be two guys instead of simon belmont california games and double dragon and the history of the Nintendo games with great art work and great details and the concept art of the games

6 Wii U

Never owned one but friends who owned it say it had some great games and the control is a great idea. I assume it helped shape the Switch.

Often underrated, but with a lot of good first party titles like mario3d world, mario maker, Yoshis wooly world and breath of the wild. The building quality is also excellent. Much more robust than Switch.

everyone says this is the worse game consle but to me all of the wii are good

Best Nintendo console yet! Severely underrated with many hidden gems and features! Super cheap price also!

7 Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Product Image

Okay I bought this for one reason: The sims 3 is on it and I'm a huge sims fan! Turns out, there are better games on it like tomodachi life and super mario 3d world and I love it more than the sims 3

The Fact that they attached 2 screens that can interact with each other and also it can interact with the Wii U was really cool.

Okay this should be replaced because it was DISCONTINUED! The Nintendo 3ds does not exsist anymore. It's gone. I think the NEW NINTENDi2DS XL should be here cos it is so good

I have a question. I also asked Nintendo this on their website. I went to my local Target in Maryland, and noticed the 3ds section was gone. Was there a problem, or are Nintendo planning to discontinue it?

8 Nintendo Switch

This console is fun for the family, you can play great games on it and it's pretty cheap for a console like this

This game is both a handheld and home console that can be versatile as the same results as the nintendo ds and the wii I love this console that can be more popular some other game lovers

I love it, it's portable, it's a solid console and really I don't care about hyper-realistic graphics, I just care about having fun. I can play some indie games from PC and it seems that it has a decent portability so its library might keep expanding!

Nintendo switch is amazing and I love playing mario kart with my family

9 Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Product Image

The DS was the 2nd oldest Nintendo Device I used, it was fun to play on.

Wow. this handheld device was incredible. Double screens for different uses is amazing. The tactile screen is resistant and the battery is really long. Good array of games too.

Cooking Mama series and Ace Attorney for the win!

The best Pokemon games were made for this system

10 Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance Product Image

A Link to the Past, Metroid Fusion, Mario World, Bros. 3, Final Fantasy, Pokémon Emerald, Sapphire, Pokémon Fire Red, Minish Cap, Zero Mission, Superstar Saga, Golden Sun, what else do you need?!

Always brings me back no matter what age I am. Still in love with Pokemon emerald.

A link to the past, one of the best Zelda games ever. Play all old gameboy games! Back lit! Great console!

Love It Cause Of Metal Gear Solid And Grand Theif Auto Andvaced Came out in 2004 ,I got it on a crappy rom app and we could play any game unless it is over the PSP{Playstation Portable}

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11 Gameboy Gameboy Product Image

What can I say... it wasn't the Sega Game Gear (actually I remember Sega beating Nintendo on every technical aspect) but I guess, again, the game library was definite. I wasn't much of a fan of its screen but hey, it was revolutionary.

My first gamesystem, great games with marioland 1 and 2, Tiny Toons, Turtles 1 & 2. Formula 1 and Double Dragon. This was great on holidays and in the car.

A classic! This sold a lot of copies and it is revolutionary.

Paved the way for the gameboy advance.

12 Gameboy Advance SP Gameboy Advance SP Product Image

This was my first portable gaming console. It was a great improvement from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color due to the backlight and closable screen (just to help hide it in the middle of the night). I spent all my time using this, bringing it to school to trade or battle Pokemon or just relaxing. During long trips or when I was just bored, the Gameboy Advance SP was always there for me.

Super portable and has awesome games!

I think the Gameboy Advance was a legendary console for the fact that it had some amazing games and had some great gameplay with long-lasting battery

This is not a Nintendo console. The GBA SP is part of the Game Boy Advance.

13 Gameboy Color Gameboy Color Product Image

Best Pokemon games-red, blue, and yellow

Never owned one, so I don't know... But Pokemon gen 1 looks really cool.

The natural step forward. Now with color.

The Gameboy color has a nice ass

14 Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS Lite Product Image

Very cool console. Has a good design, GBA slot and long lasting battery.
Unfortunately, it's discontinued.

Really cool improvement of the DS, and by the way, it has a great D-Pad.

Best ss console ever

I mean ds

15 New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DS Product Image

Awesome games like sun and moon, Maria kart 7, and classics remade like ocarina of time all packed in a tiny, nice to hold device. Plus, don't forget backwards compatibility, so you can play ds classics like new super Mario bro's and Pokemon heart gold/ soul silver. In my opinion, best handheld device ever.

Vote for 3ds, not for this...

It's awesome it's big 1000 more functionalitys it should be called the super ds


16 Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi Product Image

I like it, except it needs to play Gameboy games too.

Same as DS, but buttons are way too clicky on this one...

17 Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo 3DS XL Product Image

Great games, and awesome having a bigger display!

O mer gerd this is number 13 I IS NUMBER 1!

This counts more as a 3ds.

Muuuch more comfortable

18 SNES Classic Edition SNES Classic Edition Product Image

Already great collection standard, with modification you can install your favorite games of choice. Is very close to the original, controllers feel very well and the crt filters are great.

While the snes has a large library of games, this thing is one of the only ways to get snes games today and has the official star fox 2!

19 New Nintendo 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS XL Product Image

It's a bigger 3Ds. It's more comfortable to play on in my opinion and got rid of that annoying green light on the 3Ds.

My New Nintendo 3DS XL has a Legend of Zelda cover.

Why is there a picture of a SNES here?

I have it and I like it

20 NES Classic Edition NES Classic Edition Product Image

Good feeling, but filters for CRT could be better. Controller cables far too short. But nonetheless great retro experience.

Same as NES

Looks Small

21 Nintendo New 3DS LL

What is this thing? Never heard of it


22 Color TV-Game

I have NEVER heard of it, What is it?

What? Never heard of this?

23 DS Lite DS Lite Product Image

The exact same remodel of the DS is on here twice?

24 Nintendo DSi XL Nintendo DSi XL Product Image

Why on earth is this lower than the DSi?

25 Super Famicom Super Famicom Product Image

Same as SNES, but it's PAL version


The Asian SNES.

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