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1 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Sticker Star 4/10 bad

Color Splash 5/10 slightly better than sticker star but still bad

Super Paper Mario 8/10 great story and awesome villain

Paper Mario 8.5/10 the game that started it all

TTYD 10/10 incredibly amazing

My first Paper Mario game. I love the 1st as much, but this one I just like a lot more. It had many more "Paper" elements then the 1st, and honestly, I liked Paper Mario before Sticker Star was made. Sticker Star basically just stretches the concept of battling to the point where you would have to fight the right way, or you'd be destroyed. Super Paper Mario while I like a lot more than Sticker Star, it feels like it strays from tradition, and I'd hate it if it weren't for the complex story that the 4th game lacked, or the simplicity and color that the original and sequel introduced. All in all, my ranking is: 4th: Sticker Star, 3rd: Super Paper Mario, 2nd: Paper Mario, 1st: Paper Mario TTYD.

This game is weak & a disgrace to the whole Paper Mario franchise! Even worse, people prefer this game over Super Paper Mario & the original Paper Mario. SHUT UP! At least this game is not as bad as Paper Mario: Sticker Star!

This is by far the best - iliekpiez


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2 Super Paper Mario

One of the darker games out of most of them, but it has a decent story line.

I never played a thousand year door a hell a lot better than sticker star

This game was my childhood and it was Hella good. 10/10 would play again

This is amazing experience of a game

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3 Paper Mario

The series has progressively gotten worse. I am going to review the entire series showing the progress.

The original, good partners, great chapters and it just feels like a classic, ah the memories...
The thousand year door, no level caps and the ability to continue after you finish the last boss is nice, but the chapters don't have that unique feel to them, chapters 1 and 3 have that feel though.
Super, lost most of the best thing about the series, worth a couple playthroughs but nothing great,
Sticker star, haven't played enough yet, but the idea that you NEED stickers to fight is kind of crappy, and the puzzles are ridiculously difficult, but it appears to be better than the third.

Hopefully they will make one for Wii you which is like the first two, if so than I will be very happy. But the first is easily the best in the series. And it is one of my favorite series.

That's right! The Original Paper Mario should have been ranked 1st. Super Paper Mario completely abandoned the turn-based battle system, and tried to replace it with a Super Mario Bros. style battle system which really doesn't work well with Paper Mario because obviously, Paper Mario was designed to be a really awesome RPG series but, Super Paper Mario basically ruined it. Some people may say that the turn-based battle system is " old " but to be honest, the turn-based battle system in the first two Paper Mario games is the most exciting feature that makes those first two Paper Mario games worth playing. The first two Paper Mario games will always be the best Paper Mario games, especially the original one.

The original N64 Paper Mario is truly one of the best games of all time, the other games are nowhere near as good, in fact they're actually extremely overrated in terms of which games people find better.

Not only the best paper Mario game, but also the greatest game ever, period! All the partners are likeable, the 2001 graphics still look great today, the story is great, and can be challenging as you go on! I never felt so much satisfaction when I first beat the final boss. Paper Mario will always be a 2001 nostalgia classic and my favorite game.

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4 Paper Mario: Color Splash

I think paper Mario color splash is the best movie on prime video and people should watch it and play the game all the time.

This game is way better than it gets credit for

We can't let our hope go guys sticker star was ok but this game actually looked good but this game might be more then what we think I am really disappointed but this game looks better then sticker star it looks like he world map has been improved the levels on the world map look ok like a train level and a ranch level and the game looks more unique then sticker star still if you hate this game don't buy it so just keep hope up maybe we could have more amazing games

Despite the hate this game got before release I actually really enjoy the game after playing through most of it. My only complaints would be the lack of a battle system and the lack of partners. Huey is great and probably one of my favorite characters in paper mario history, but I wish he would actually help us in battle. If nintendo would bring back the rpg experience system this game would probably be above the original.

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5 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This game is most likely taken but I loved it

The box art cover is really detailed, but the game itself is trash, and will always be. - starryrcad

Trash. - iliekpiez

Best Game Ever - The People who say the battle system sucks don't understand it. The story is great and I would rate it 11/10 if I could.

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6 Paper Mario Mario Maker

That sounds genius as well as super Mario 3d maker

This is the best game ever

7 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

This is a mario & luigi game, not a paper mario game! But it's pretty good - darthvadern

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1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
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