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1 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

My first Paper Mario game. I love the 1st as much, but this one I just like a lot more. It had many more "Paper" elements then the 1st, and honestly, I liked Paper Mario before Sticker Star was made. Sticker Star basically just stretches the concept of battling to the point where you would have to fight the right way, or you'd be destroyed. Super Paper Mario while I like a lot more than Sticker Star, it feels like it strays from tradition, and I'd hate it if it weren't for the complex story that the 4th game lacked, or the simplicity and color that the original and sequel introduced. All in all, my ranking is: 4th: Sticker Star, 3rd: Super Paper Mario, 2nd: Paper Mario, 1st: Paper Mario TTYD.

This game is weak & a disgrace to the whole Paper Mario franchise! Even worse, people prefer this game over Super Paper Mario & the original Paper Mario. SHUT UP! At least this game is not as bad as Paper Mario: Sticker Star!

This was a masterpiece. It had a good story and good gameplay. Paper Mario 64 comes in second. It was amazing as well but I enjoyed this way more. Super Paper Mario is third because it wasn't as good as the others. I just didn't find it that interesting so it was OK. Sticker Star was a disappointment. It didn't have good gameplay or story. It lacked the elements of the last Paper Marios.

This game never gets old and will always be one of my favorite video games. In fact mentioning might urge me into playing again. I see nothing wrong with this game other than the constant backtracking. I also kinda like Paper Mario 64 and Super Paper Mario as well. I didn't really like Paper Mario Sticker Star because it lacked a ton of things that actually made the series.

So the old Mario games are bad? Don't get me wrong, I quite love Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the same reaosns as you all do, but how could I get thumbs down for saying that all the other Paper Mario games are better than Paper Mario: Sticker Star?! >:(

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2 Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario

Really to be honest, when Nintendo made Super Paper Mario, they should have kept the original battle system. Seriously, if you play Super Paper Mario, then you might as well be playing Super Mario Bros., because they took the battle system from Super Mario Bros., and added it to Super Paper Mario which was a basically a bad move. Super Paper Mario doesn't even feel like an authentic Paper Mario game with the original battle system ditched. It shouldn't even be called Super Paper Mario, Nintendo might as well had given it a name like " Super Mario Bros. : Paper Style ". In all seriousness, this game really disappointed me personally and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. As disappointing as this game is, it really makes you appreciate the original Paper Mario game and even the second installment. From now on, I will learn about a " New " game first before I buy it. Well, you learn from your mistakes.

Super Paper Mario is an instant masterpiece. Its story is awesome, its gameplay is epic, the voice acting is flawless, the graphics are the best graphics in a video game ever and besides, it has such creative boss fights. Other than that, I 100% agree with this list.

I really liked the plot and the villains I thought It was great

The Thousand Year Door is sooo overrated. This game may be different than the others but is plainly superior. My overall list:

1. Super Paper Mario
2. Paper Mario Color Splash
3. Paper Mario 64
4. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
5. Paper Mario Sticker Star

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3 Paper Mario

That's right! The Original Paper Mario should have been ranked 1st. Super Paper Mario completely abandoned the turn-based battle system, and tried to replace it with a Super Mario Bros. style battle system which really doesn't work well with Paper Mario because obviously, Paper Mario was designed to be a really awesome RPG series but, Super Paper Mario basically ruined it. Some people may say that the turn-based battle system is " old " but to be honest, the turn-based battle system in the first two Paper Mario games is the most exciting feature that makes those first two Paper Mario games worth playing. The first two Paper Mario games will always be the best Paper Mario games, especially the original one.

The series has progressively gotten worse. I am going to review the entire series showing the progress.

The original, good partners, great chapters and it just feels like a classic, ah the memories...
The thousand year door, no level caps and the ability to continue after you finish the last boss is nice, but the chapters don't have that unique feel to them, chapters 1 and 3 have that feel though.
Super, lost most of the best thing about the series, worth a couple playthroughs but nothing great,
Sticker star, haven't played enough yet, but the idea that you NEED stickers to fight is kind of crappy, and the puzzles are ridiculously difficult, but it appears to be better than the third.

Hopefully they will make one for Wii you which is like the first two, if so than I will be very happy. But the first is easily the best in the series. And it is one of my favorite series.

The original N64 Paper Mario is truly one of the best games of all time, the other games are nowhere near as good, in fact they're actually extremely overrated in terms of which games people find better.

Truly the best. It's calming, and has plenty of original bosses.

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4 Paper Mario: Sticker Star Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This game has a boring story and boring battle system. You can run away from battles or just not do them all together. All you'd get are useless coins. However, this game has good graphics, so 10/10.

I would say, the game is very interesting. I like it, though it lacks with most of the stuff that the first and second Paper Mario had. I like this game because it has lot of humor, creativity and very nice graphics. And the stickers remind of the young times, where you put the all over the place!

A good Mario game but a horrid paper Mario game - Blueyoshiparody123

I actually liked the battle system. I liked to idea of collecting stickers to fight.The puzzle were hard though. The game also had nice graphics, I like the art style.

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5 Paper Mario: Color Splash Paper Mario: Color Splash

We can't let our hope go guys sticker star was ok but this game actually looked good but this game might be more then what we think I am really disappointed but this game looks better then sticker star it looks like he world map has been improved the levels on the world map look ok like a train level and a ranch level and the game looks more unique then sticker star still if you hate this game don't buy it so just keep hope up maybe we could have more amazing games

Sticker Star was a game that disappointed most people-including me. I was hoping for a game with a good narrative and fun characters when I went into sticker star. Frankly, we did not get that but color splash picks up for everything sticker star didn't do, or did wrong. The hate for the game mostly stems for the abomination called sticker star. This game has a lot of unique characters that makes this game as good as-at least- the original paper Mario.

Despite the hate this game got before release I actually really enjoy the game after playing through most of it. My only complaints would be the lack of a battle system and the lack of partners. Huey is great and probably one of my favorite characters in paper mario history, but I wish he would actually help us in battle. If nintendo would bring back the rpg experience system this game would probably be above the original.

I think this should be in first...

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6 Mario Story Mario Story

Just the Japan paper Mario version. May as well be #3.

7 Paper Mario Mario Maker
8 Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos

May be a fan game but all the real games are taken.

9 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
2. Paper Mario
3. Super Paper Mario
1. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
2. Super Paper Mario
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