Best Planets of the Universe

The best planets, not only in our little solar system

The Top Ten

1 Earth

Life only exists on earth is believed But the truth is it has existence all over the universe, But the earth citizens Are the most intelligent and strong of course

Our home planet, why would we not think our home planet is Number one? - Abc123vote

With out earth nobody will exists or any thing. I am proud of our earth

I love Earth

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2 Saturn

Saturn is probably the most interesting planet after our lovely Earth. I would like to visit this beautiful/charming planet but I realize it's impossible - Irina2932

Debris, Rings, everything! Saturn is actually by far the best planet. About %68 people like saturn, but %42 total out of any other planet

Earth is garbage and life is overrated. Saturn is very very beautiful and I advice anyone to look at such a nice art.

Best planet

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3 Mars

Mars is one of the most bizarre planets out there. Unlike any other planet (Besides Earth), life can spring on Mars because of the frozen hydrogen/nitrogen. Scientists even said that in 30 years, trees will be successfully planted on Mars which will provide oxygen, and in 50 years, humans will be able to live on Mars. Let's just wish that the end of the world doesn't come in the next 50 years.

Mars is the main planet in the search for life, so why not include it? - Abc123vote

Mars is the red planet and mars is after earth and its one of the smallest planets.

Lovely planet

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4 Jupiter

Jupiter is like a 30 times earth

The largest planet deserves a place in the top ten - Abc123vote

I like jupiter planet very much

Huge, beautiful and blissful.

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5 Uranus

Uranus was the best planet! The first planet that was discovered, and then ridiculed for it's name during it's whole existence. First, George and finally named Uranus. Many people are afraid to prounce Uranus' name the real way, because people will laugh. The poor planet has been through so much, tipped on it's side made peoplethink it was a silly planet. Uranus is the calmest planet in the solar system, not a cloud in the sky! And, it's brilliant and unique rings glow red when taken a photo of. Uranus gads around 27 moons, all named after Shakespearian characters, including Miranda, Oberon and Ariel. Uranus is such an underrated planet, more of a target for jokes and boringness. I call some books planet-racist because they give Uranus like, one page about it's name or lopsidedness, and the other planets get 5-10 or so. One reason I naturally love this planet is because my birth sign is Aquarius, with it's planet symbol as Uranus! AND, 7 is my favourite number, and Uranus is the ...more

I so agree. Everyone makes fun of it because it's name, but its awesome. It is on it's side, and that makes it really a mysterious and cool planet. Oh ya, its also very beautiful with almost invisible but shiny rings. I like Pluto and Uranus the best, but they seem to be the "Outcast's of the group".

First Idea was Saturn, but I took Uranus, because we know so little about it. I hope for a spacecraft to visit it again. Uranus' moons are also interesting.

Uranus is the boss

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6 Neptune

I love Uranus more than this but this and Uranus need to be higher! Why are scientists bored of these two planets? They are the best! Neptune and Uranus rock! - cameronbrown

Simply the most beautiful planet, it's deep blue color attracts everyone's eyes

It's so beautiful. It's intense blue color is what firstly catches my eye.

It is so blue

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7 Venus

Venus: come for the scenery and promises of a floating city, stay for the acid rain and intense heat. What's not to like?

So beautiful from space, so hostile on the surfuce - Abc123vote

8 51 Pegasi

This planet is not in our solar system, and was the first plaet discovered not orbiting our sun. - Abc123vote

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9 Planet X

This planet may not be real, but we have searched for it for so long, this may not be real, but is a part of planet history - Abc123vote

This isn't a planet. It should not be on the list.

May or may not it exist, but still pretty cool anyways

Oh the world was supposed to end by this - TheRemixr

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10 Pluto

You don't mess with Pluto or he will kick you butt! HECK YEAH!

Might not be accepted as a planet but still the best

Cutest planet. I know it's a dwarf planet, but don't judge by size people.

Bring Pluto back to its rightful place, NASA!

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The Newcomers

? Nessus

Very interesting orbit in our solar system, appears whenever it desires

The Contenders

11 Mercury

Cool little speed demon. It orbits faster than it rotates and has a liquid iron core that takes up three quarters of the planet! How interesting is that!

12 Eris

Fun fact: If you lived on Eris then you would be dead before it could even orbit the Sun! What a snail planet.

I just did a research project on this dwarf planet, it is my favourite!

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13 Planet Vegeta

I can't wait until NASA is able to directly image this planet.

This planet is NOT real

Booo! it's not true it is just from dragon balls and dragon balls is not true


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14 COROT-7b

A planet so close to its Sun that its terrestrial surface is becoming its atmosphere! Wow!
Come on, that's obviously number one!


15 Ceres

Ceres is the smallest planet (actually dwarf planet) in the Solar System and the only one in the asteroid belt.

Suffered worse than Pluto. Got no sympathy.

16 Kepler-22b

How the hell is it all the way down here?! The most likely source of extraterrestrial life gets 0.6% of the vote?! What the hell?!

This makes the sun look like a grain of rice on a moutain of rice!

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17 TitanĀ  ** Moon, not planet

It has a thick atmosphere, rocks made out of ice, and lakes of lighter fluid. It even has weather patterns similar to Earth's and the organic chemistry that occurs in its atmosphere is very fascinating. Instead of sending yet another probe to Mars, I think we should send one to Titan to study its atmosphere and chemistry. Even if we don't find life there, I think such a mission would wield a wealth of knowledge.

This may not be a planet but it's planet sized and bigger than Mercury this moon may contain life forms shouldn't this be second place? its in our solar system come on vote Titan

18 Gliese 581c
19 Kepler 186f

How the heck is this so low? I need life extension tech so I can go there in 200+ years! The place is very similar to earth!

This will always be the most earthlike planet that's not in our Solar System.

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