Best Positions In Baseball

The Top Ten

1 Pitcher

1st= pitcher
2nd= catcher
3rd= shortstop
4th= 1st base
5th= center field
6th= 3rd base
7th= 2nd base
8th= left field
9th= right field
10th= dh

2 Catcher
3 Short Stop
4 1st Base

Funnest isn’t a word, Einstein - BabyBackBaby

I play first base and pitcher and those two positions are definitely the funnest and most important - decorulez97

5 3rd Base
6 Center Field

The center fielder is the leader of the outfielder and is very important and fun to play!

7 2nd Base
8 DH

It may be boring, but at least you don't have to make a fool of yourself on the field.

9 Left Field
10 Right Field