Best Primary Weapons on Modern Warfare 2

What gun do you get the most kills with? Primary Weapons Only...

The Top Ten

1 UMP45

Great at far range, two shots at close. Its like an automatic shotgun with range. - jamie8sora

screw the carbine this gun owns noobs

This gun is amazing. the best part is that you get it really early in the game.


I think the best weapon

Great gun even better with an silencer and fmj

3 Intervention

I used to use the barret then I picked this baby up never use the barret again :) he he

Intervention is the best because it kills instantly and it has good accuracy

4 AK-47

This is the best weapon of all of the game every time I get the chance I take it. The ak-47 can take out many opponents the best part is most definitely the coolest looking gun in the entire game. When I started playing and I saw it I played perfectly

This gun is NASTY! It sprays like crazy! Low enough recoil! Too OP!

I use this gun on Everyman

6 M4A1

Love it got everything for it

7 TAR-21

Best damage per round. excellent rushing weapon

9 Barret 50 Cal

Barrett is also good but it kicks to much

10 M16A4

One of the best AR I have used I. It beats the FAMAS in damage, but otherwise they both are alright. Oh, and the Noon Tube? It's a delight.

The Contenders

12 P90

This gun is cool, I just can't put it down. It has rapid fire, and for some reason it's just fun to shoot people with it.

13 M240
14 M21 EBR

A great option outside of Baretta.

15 RPD
16 MP5K
17 F2000
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