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Lars Ulrich is a Danish drummer and one of the founding members of the American thrash metal band Metallica.


Dyers Eve? Anyone? Literally the fastest song that is in existence to this day, and Lars Ulrich should be seen as a good for being able to use his hand AGAIN after attempting this daring song.

I mean...he's good at simple beats that don't get in the way of the guitars and bass. He's a great live drummer as well, certainly one of the best. He's just good at the simple things. But he's not like Phil Rudd where he's extremely good at the simple. Lars has make constant errors on stage playing simple songs. About that, everything is simple from Lars. The most difficult song in his catalog is probably One because of that double bass breakdown. Aside from that, nothing special. Compared to a John Bonham who does more complex stuff consistently, he's blown away. Compared to a Neil Peart who writes rock's most complex drum that is just a crime to compare Ulrich to Peart. Lets just say, he's not a top-10 drummer. He's not even a top-20 drummer in metal in my opinion. - DavidBondra

lars is the best! with songs like one or frantic you will understand, with one, he inspired a lot of new people to be a drummer. he deserves to be in the top 3, and probably in the number one

Sorry to say it but Lars was a much better drummer back in the late 80's and early 90's, I my self am a drummer so I can assure you that Lars ulrich is not great anymore, he was great back in the day. Another thing is that he rushes everything and it become sloppy, sorry to say it, but MEG WHITE keeps better time than Lars. - Awesomenunny

Last time I checked, Lars was in the top ten. It is my opinion quality drumming as just blasting away at all the drum equipments laying in front of you at high speed, but it is about staying in sync with the other band members and producing the most melodious of patterns, which is what Lars has been doing for years. I like the way he mixes up the bass, the double bass, the cymbals and the snare. His play in St. Anger isn't bad, it's just different. Respect for that. Lars, as for my opinion deserves to be in the top ten.

Some might not approve of his manic style (just see this profile picture of him), but it suits me (and every Metallica fan ever). It might not look it but his drumming, though as fast as heck, is highly technical, but still retains a musical quality that puts Metallica as one of the best metal bands of all time. I am astounded that Urich is not higher on this list. Few drummers can cope with 200bpm. I know I can't (yet). For a masterclass in concert drumming from Ulrich, check out the film 'Metallica: Through The Never,' which will not disappoint. If you just want a taster, Ulrich's drumming is fully displayed in all its glory in the song,'Welcome Home (Sanitarium),' with a gentle, clean guitar groove and drum backbeat that builds up to a fast, yet melodic section filled with riffs, fast fills and half time changes to boot. Lars Ulrich is the best., and everyone should at least respect him as an outstanding, almost unparalleled drummer.

Lars Ulrich may not be the most Ultra Fast and aggressive drummer of all time and to be honest he is way past his prime, but in the golden days (the era of thrash) he was decently fast and aggressive. But what makes him better than most drummers is his compositions, style and ability to sync with the tempo of Metallica. Just being load and hitting the double bass 500 times in a second doesn't make you the best drummer - antonsaikia

How could you compare performance of ulrich with those kiddows? the only rival for him, could be joey jordison but now when I listen to all of these stuffs, LARS ULRICH is nothing but the GOD of drummers. please listen to sample works of each candidate before you decide to choose who is the best. this way it can be figured out that who is the best.

I don't care what people say about him. He may not be the best player. But he's definitely the greatest song writer when it comes to writing drum beats. Just listen to And Justice for All album. You will never hear drumming like that. His drums fit perfectly in with guitar riffs. He doesn't show off and kill band sounds playing blast beats and double bassing 200 beats per min through the whole song.

I don't think that Lars deserves to be last, though at least he is in the top ten. I'm not saying that he is the best drummer in the world but some the sounds that he has and still does make on the drums is amazing in my personal opinion. The lightning speed of Fight Fire With Fire, Damage Inc. And of course Dyers Eve is mind blowing. I admire his skill as a drummer. - bradmiller-herman

Mr. High Energy of the wild ones.. Metallica... He has the rhythm, style, energy and sound that all these young punk drummers think they sound like. His licks are always kicking. Him Bonham and others of the same are what drumming is about. Not saying he's# 1 but no lower than number 2. Drums is to music what a heartbeat is to life. Hip hop and punk is not musical life.

He may at one time deserved higher than 11 but not now. If Metallica still played pure Metal like on the Kill 'em All or Master of Puppets Albums id say give him #1 but they don't. Look at a guy like Dave Lombardo he's been playing Speed/Thrash Metal as Slayers Drummer as long as or longer than Lars has with Metallica and still plays the fastest most complex drum patterns in Metal and he didn't even make the crappy list!

Lars is the best damn drummer in the world not only because he is in my favorite band in the world but he can actually still keep it together after 30 years and do an album as great as death magnetic and still keeps me from going insane after all these years he is at least top 3 for sure especially for st anger, dyers eve, one... Etc

Evryone who voted for Lars is not a drummer he sucks worst than any drummer and will never be able to reach the talent of any drummer on this list. Don't believe me, watch a video on YouTube that show him failing at his own song on guitar hero. He can't play a song never mind a solo. It takes him numerous takes in the studio or him to record a song and Metallica considered firing. Worst drummer ever!

I will never be able to comprehend the fact as to why he always on the receiving end of trolls and bashing for his drum work...OK...I acknowledge that he's not the best of all time but he has exhibited a lot of skills in pretty much every song prior to 1990...the drum fills in One, the vigour and pace in Ride the Lightning, the beautiful synchronization with melodious guitar work in Orion...etc...there are plenty of 'em to go on rambling business for eternity.. - Arhaan95

Lars is and always has been an incredibly talented drummer and he only gets better with age. And man they rock live; I think they are even better on stage, if that was possible. Don't take my word for it, the proof is in the music. Check out my favorite song from Death Magnetic, "Cyanide". Enough said...

He should be Number 1! He is the greatest drummer I can think of! These lists make no sense what so ever! All Metallica members should be Number 1. They are, in my opinion, the greatest Rock/Metal/Thrash bands around!

My idol, my reason for being a drummer 8 years in now, and the only skin beater worthy to ever play behind the mighty Hetfield, Papa Het. Lars may change his style with age, but he will remain the greatest metal drummer to me always!

lars have great powerful drumskill,great musical senses,great success,great performing and also great inspiration on me.When I was listening the metallica's album"ride the lightning"i heard that drumstrikes are great & it flows to my vein.that's hardly!

Sure, he's the drummer of Metallica but also one of the most inaccurate drummers. I don't have anything against Lars personally, I love Metallica but I also know drumming and to compare him with Neil Peart, Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy or John Bonham is just a crime.

Lars is a good drummer but people tend to forget that a lot of rhythmic duties in Metallica are filled by Burton (RIP) and Hetfield's rhythm guitar. This makes it easier for him to just pummel away. This doesn't mean he's bad, not all actually, but he's not one of the greats in my opinion.

I'm not a drummer but I don't have to be to know lars isn't in in the top 3 drummers of all time. If you want to say I'm wrong show me when he when he didn't play 100% perfectly. Playing fast isn't everything and its not Metallica's style so don't hold that against lars.

. . . ahhh Lars is a classic. . . he hits every snare and cymbal (and theres a lot of them) perfectly and really hard. . . his drums sound awesome. . love the double bass drum kick on the song 'One'. . . - metallicman0012

Deserve number 1 position he is best... He is from Metallica... Name is enough just listen to every Metallica song you will be inspired by there work...
They are best my favourite and best band I have yet listened... I cannot live without there songs... I listen to them every day...

Lars is the best of the best This guy can take on the best of the best and win. As a drummer, I know he has the know how and experience that these young guys don't. He has been playing longer then I've been alive. Rock on Lars.

Its just like nobody remembers lars..
Look at lars in san diego 1992
He is really great, can handle very complicated beats, and made complicated beats, lots of people are influenced by him..

This list is stupid..

Rev is influenced by lars, and he lies at the second place,