Best The Simpsons Parodies

The Top Ten

1 The Shining

Homer is caretaker of Burns' mansion which its lack of resources drives him crazy.

2 Cape Fear

Sideshow Bob follows the Simpsons to their new home

3 Nightmare on Elm Street

Groundskeeper Willie haunts the kids of Springfield in their dreams

4 Night of the Living Dead

Dead people are resurrected and attempt to kill The Simpsons, the last humans on Earth.

5 Dracula

Mr Burns turns the simpsons into vampires.

Mr Burns is so cool as a vampire

6 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

In a journey to find treasure buried, people of Springfield set off to find it. Features a spoof of Phil Silvers' character.

7 The Godfather

The Fat Tony orange scene, the horse head scene and the assassination of James Caan. This is classic.

8 Citizen Kane

The monorail promoter parodies the Orson Welles character as well as Mr Burns quoting "Rosebud"

9 The Graduate
10 Batman

Radioactive man and Fallout boy and the sppof of Lisa as the Joker

The Contenders

11 Mary Poppins

People hate singing episodes but this was a funny episode.

12 Rear Window

Bart parodies Jimmy Stewart as a paralysed boy who suspects murder

13 The Poseidon Adventure
14 Who Shot J.R.?

Mr. Burns gets shot, & everyone has to figure out who the culprit was.

15 The Fugitive
16 I Know What You Did Last Summer
17 King Kong
18 Harry Potter
19 The Fly
20 The Devil and Daniel Webster
21 The Omega Man
22 Starship Troopers
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