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South Park, where it snows every day. But who's the best character?

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1 Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Trey Parker.

The classiest character, funniest kid, not for random and stupid remarks but for his style and intellect. He will get what he wants and he doesn't care what he has to do, to get what he wants - roblist

Cartman is one of the worst human beings in the history of fiction. He's a narcissist and a sociopath, for starters. He'll screw over his friends, his family, and anyone else that gets in the way of whatever petty and insignificant goal has grabbed hold of his attention at any given moment.

And yet, against all odds, he's the most loathsome character we've ever loved. Whether it's his horrible voice, his petulant whining, or his brilliant business ideas -- "Oh Randy, you're breaking my balls here... You're breaking my balls, Randy. " -- there's stuff that ONLY Cartman can do. Only Cartman could feed Scott Tenorman his parents. Or get his mother arrested, or change the future of civilization so he can play the Nintendo Wii.

Cartman is that kid you hung out with - even though you hated him. Or he's that kid that you realize you hate when you're an adult and he's just a kid and man, you should cut him some slack. But some kids are already huge a-holes. At the same time, ...more

an Anti-Semitist, Racist, Angry, Bastard (Literally) of a boy, he is a problem child for sure, he is definitely the best character - robertoantonioortuso

Absolutely love Cartman! I don’t know what is about his rude, racist, and psychotic personality that makes him so lovable.

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2 Leopold Butters Stotch

In the "Faith 1" episode, after Token has kicked Cartman's ass, it seemed as if way-too-kind Butters was going to help him up. Then he farts in Cartman's face saying, "F#&* you, Eric. " That was IT! Butters, You the man! - IgnoreThis

Butters is the the man, so lovably naive, you'd have to be evil not to love him.

I love when Butters trys to sing. So funny and ignorant. He can't be any funnier. Love his catch phrases. "Oh Hamburgers" HAHA. - Clamey

Ok the real list should be
1. Cartman
2. Leopald Butters
3. Mickey Mouse
4. Kenny
5. Stan

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3 Randy Marsh Randy Marsh

He's the best, around! No-one's ever gonna keep him down! He really is the best character, often used as the key character to highlight the satirical point of the episode, to brilliant effect. South Park simply couldn't work without him or cartman, but I think Randy has both the funniest and cleverist moments. Cartman appeals to the lower common denominator, but Randy is where it's at!

The "Randy" episodes are my favorite. Even when he isn't the main character his ignorant or apathetic comments make me laugh. South Park changed for the better around the 4th or 5th seasons and one of the biggest improvements was more Randy.

As a worshipper of randy, at the church of randy marsh, I can without a doubt say that Randy is the best and funniest South Park character ever. Every episode randy stars in and every episode me makes a cameo in is the greatest. Randy is a classic, he's so childish yet thinks he's so great and he's the only scientist in town and he's just the best. I can't even explain it. His run when he's dressed as Spider-Man says it all.

He's such a funny character with so many different personalities that you can just do whatever you want with him! Hilarious! - PinoluthfYT

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4 Kenny McCormick Kenny McCormick Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a main character in the animated adult television series South Park, along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

Kenny is simply adorable! One of the best characters on the show! I loved when in the movie he takes off his hoodie. It's great to finally see his face

Kenny is a really underrated character. He's an amazing big brother to his sister Karen. He's very boyish and cheerful. Hell, despite having practically inaudible dialogue, he's made me laugh more than any of the other characters.

Also, he's the only child character to have a super power, the inability to actually stay dead. I love that Kenny is aware of his power and takes it quite seriously, as he should. Everything about Kenny makes me very happy. Even his silly perverted mind.

Although he dies very often, and isn't exactly given as much attention as the other three main characters, I feel Kenny has a lot deeper character than meets the eye. On the outside, yes he's adorable and continues to make us laugh at his constant perverseness.

Yet, if we look closer we can see he's shown to really show compassion for his friends, he does well as a protective older brother, and we can see how much he hates and feels about his curse. I especially love the more recent episodes where Kenny is no longer so much as a "prop" and more like an actual character. It really shows that Kenny has feelings and it really makes you rethink all the times he's died and how he's had to relive over and over.

Really Kenny is a very interesting character, and a very cute one at that. ^ ^

He dies in almost every single episode in Seasons 1-5 compared to Season 7-present where he rarely dies. - Kid_ethinederland

He is AWESOME. I didn't know who to choose! Cartman or Kenny. Probably Kenny though. :D

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5 Kyle Broflovski


Kyle really had great growth.. When the show first began, Kyle actually was kinda boring, and was a less funny version of stan. But ever since season 5, he really changed as being more determined, standing up to Cartman because it's the morally correct thing to do, and just interesting and funny overall. Kyle is know a bright, able, courageous, and persistent kid who is hilarious when it comes to dry humor and sarcasm. He has great one liners, and is a funny character. I also love Kyle because I can relate to him well, with him always trying to do the right thing. I respect him so much when he gets humiliated by Cartman (who is hilarious, by the way) and is still able to do what's right. He is a phenomenal character and should be higher up on this list.

Kyle is basically the ONLY reason I watch South Park. Honestly, it gets on my nerves that most of the fandom prefers the show's humor more than its moral nature. We need morals, and with that being said, Kyle would be a perfect leader! Also, I'm surprised people call him a hypocrite compared to Cartman. And when he saves Cartman from something, he has proper reasons. Cartman has only saved Kyle for his own SELFISH motives. And even though Kyle's often thought of as the least popular of the four boys (which is a shame), people still call him OVERRATED. Like WHAT THE HELL?! With that fact, he's clearly UNDERRATED! People really need to check their facts and realize that we all need a Kyle Broflovski in our lives!

Kyle has had a lot of character development and I think that's made him more like-able. - PinoluthfYT

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6 Stan Marsh

Stan plays the role of the most reasonable and level-headed character from the series. He may not be as outstanding as Cartman or his father Randy, but you've got to admit that his personality is really loveable. He's often described as the most sensitive out of the main four boys and the one with the most moral values.
It's always interesting to see how a normal person would react in ridiculous situations that occur throughout the show all the time. And that's when Stan has to face the stupidity and craziness. You can't not love Stan Marsh.

Stan is reasonable, caring, and adorable. In more detail though, I like Stan the best because he actually cares about all of his friends, though it's not always shown and he does sometimes mark Cartman off as evil (but who really doesn't? Anyone who doesn't recognize Cartman as the (loveable) jerk is blind). I especially find his sensitivity about animal issues cute and nice -- and Stan makes so many good points about humanity and society in general. Stan also has great interaction with characters that don't get much love in both the series and in reality. I really like him, and agree with how Cartman made him the hero in his bloody Christmas story. Stan really is the hero of the show.

The reason why Stan is my favorite is because he's the most relatable character on the show. Most of the decisions he makes are things that most people would do. He's also much smarter and more mature than Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. Having him be the voice of reason is what makes his character the strongest in my opinion. With all this madness going on there has to be somebody normal there too. His reactions to all the crazy things going on is hilarious and relatable. Cartman may be the face of the series, but Stan is the heart and soul of the series. It just wouldn't be South Park without him.

He is the leader of the group I feel. He is the voice of reason and he generally has good values and motives

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7 Chef Chef Jerome "Chef" McElroy was a cartoon character on the Comedy Central series South Park who was voiced by soul singer Isaac Hayes.

I loved chef I wish he was still on south park. Chocolate salty balls is the best south park song of all time. Its a shame the guy that voiced him died.

Chef is like real cool! Like esp when he says overly libido sorta stuff all the time, never anything else! So funny! Hey and also like when he says "hey kids how you doing'? " and they say "bad" all the time!.. That's seriously hilarious!

, he's awesome! Unless he's with women, he'll help out the main characters. I also liked his songs.

He's black so he balls

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8 Timmy

Timmy! thats about all I can say. - ozzydog12

I love TIMMY I run around yelling TIMMY! But I really only like him because he yells his name everywhere and his mental handicapped Turkey GOBBLES!

Timmy is a rlly underrated character. People think it is boring that he can only say TIMMY! or LIVIN A LIE! And some other phrases but I always get excited when he is in an episode. He should appear more. I also love the Timmy-Jimmy relationship - kennymccormick2169


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9 Mr Garrison

He's Hilarious. First season hankey the Christmas poo, at the town meeting I laughed my ass off when he stood up at end of meeting said, "Can we also get rid of all the Mexicans" Mayor, "No garrison we can't get rid of the Mexicans.." That just cracked me up but there's so many more underrated great lines of his.

Very funny comments every so often. - ozzydog12

HE was the best character in seasons 1 through 3 but they ruined him in season 20

Very funny until season 20, it got over the top with the whole presidential thing. Hopefully s22 will go back to the original roots as s21 did abit bettter - PinoluthfYT

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10 Mr. Mackey Mr. Mackey

Best South Park character ever mkay, and don't know why he is so low on this list mkay.

I love him so much

I love Mr. mackey

Dear Mr. Mackey,

My parents hit me and you are gay

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? Wing Han Tsang

City Wok Guy's wife from the episode "Wing" - thomwim

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11 Jimmy Valmer

Funny stand up comedian, makes you laugh when he tries to tell jokes. - ozzydog12

Its so cute when he calls Timmy Tim-Tim

Jimmy is easily the most underrated character. At first, I just thought he was just a boring cripple kid, but I really got to know him in "Cripple Fight", "Erection Day", and that steroid episode. He's really grown on me

My favourite, he's so cute too.

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12 Towelie

Don't forget to bring a towel!

A towel that gets high! how random! but OMG he kills my life, he is so god damn funny, it is not funny! lol

how hot would you like yor cheng sauce? - TopTen10

I need drugs to make good ideas

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13 Tuong Lu Kim, a.k.a. City Wok Guy

Herro welcome to city wok may I prease take your order? - eatmaxeat

AA Fackayou mongorians! I literally ran out of breath from laughing too hard! This guy is like every asian stereotype I've ever encountered in real life.

He's an ill-tempered, hilarious racist that really has an issue with "Japanese Dogs."

Ahh herro wercom to scitty wok! AA fakayu mongorians! - PinoluthfYT

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14 Ike Broflovski

Whenever I see Ike and the way he reacts to things I laugh out loud every time. And he's super cute too

Funniest simple character! Love how he's the only Canadian main character

Ike is a straight up boss. He has sex with his hot teacher and is smarter than most people in the town.

He is actually cool.

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15 Tweek



I loved Tweek since the first episode he was introduced in, yes he's jittery and can't sit still but he's funny and cares for his friends greatly it was great when he was Kenny's replacement for a while until he came back It showed the audience that Tweek isn't a one time character don't get me wrong I love Kenny too and it sucked when he was gone but my top three favorite characters are:
1. Kyle
2. Tweek
3. Butters

I'm obsessed with him! He's adorable! No, adorable is an understatement. There is no word to describe how cute he is! I think I love him so much because he's so relatable, at least to me. I also love coffee, twitch, and I'm gay. There is reason why he was the one to replace Kenny. Because he had great character and his development was able to happen in a few episodes. His personality is a great match for the boys. He fits in everywhere. Even though he's a spaz he's just such a great friend.

He's very relocatable

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16 Craig Tucker

If I could vote for Craig twice, I'd be so happy

Craig is definitely the best character, he flips off people and he's badass, plus he's actually a fan favourite with Kenny and he deserves the most love, I really love him a lot, he's my third favourite after Butters and Kenny, followed by Pip as fourth, but seriously, how could you not love him? Plus he's gay. If Craig would be number one in this list I'd be so happy

Craig is the most mature out of the boys and really cool and confident, not letting cartman or anybody else crap on him. He has funny moments as well and overall he is the most "normal" character

He’s so amazing what’s not to like about him He has awesome outfits flips the bird literally has the balls to say whatever he wants without giving a damn he even defeated the guinea pig pirate with lasers coming out of his eyes He has such a good voice that makes me get carried away though he’s only 10 what’s more he’s hilarious in the Fractured but Whole and the stick of truth and has one of the sexiest allies ever and lastly I LOVE HIS GUINEA PIG

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17 Wendy Testaburger Wendy Testaburger

An EXTREMELY underrated character. All of the characters in south park have shown growths in their personalities but I think Wendy has shown one of the most substantial. In the earlier episodes she was an obsessed at time mentally unstable clinger to Stan and the episode "Toms Rhinoplasty" Is like the Scott Tenorman must die before that episode was even made. It seems after mary kay bergman died and a more mature voice was given to her that her character really began to, mature. The episodes were she takes the main role usually involve her fighting a cause (usually for the greater good) and fighting a bunch of idiots really. Not to mention shes one of the only characters to ever get back at cartman successfully. When shes the main character shes just kind of the underdog you always root for.

I really don't get it why so much hate for her. If it's because she broke up with Stan, well it's true she break up with Stan but although she said he and Stan can still be friends, I hate how stan acted like a jerk (it's obvious that Wendy's answers are mean), also, they're back together since the List when she realized that he has in a really awesome way. If it's because if because she has beat up Cartman, well you must HATE TOKEN TOO, because Token has also beaten up Cartman too. In both case, Cartman really deserve what he get. Overall, Wendy is highly underrated, she's my favorite character anyway.

She'd make a much better central protagonist along with the boys than Butters. She was a major character before he was. And we should be glad we have characters like her and Kyle. Because South Park can't be ALL humor and stupidity! There needs to be SOME common sense in the town, as well!

She really is underrated.

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18 Pip

Oh what jolly good fun. Why did they kill off pip. They should bring him back. Him and butters would make a good team

Pip is my favourite south park character, he is really nice, I hope trey parker and matt stone do the right thing and bring pip back to south park.

Pip is my favourite south park character, he is really nice and I hope trey and matt will do the right thing and bring pip back to south park.

Right? pip ruled butters is still my favorite but someone tell the great matt and trey to resurrect pip

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19 Jesus Christ

Jesus get my vote. He literally dies for saving someone. And when he resurrect, he's the guy you want on your side.

Should be number one with Eric number two!

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20 Mysterion

I was having a little trouble picking and so I just picked Mysterion because I love Mysterion. So, anyway, yeah Mysterion is pretty awesome. Plus, he's adorable

Mysterion is so cute when he is saving Karen! He is one of the most mature characters and it always makes me sad how he hates his cure and how everyone else can't understand him. Definitely best character!

I can't enough of this little kid knowing its kenny so friken cute

I love mysterion,he's mysterious,smart,and very heroic. I also liked how Karen calls him "guardian angel",and I also like his power of immortality,that explains a lot about his recent deaths,too bad people can't understand him and remember him dying,even though he died several times in several episode,his costume is so adorable,too bad he's on top 17

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