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61 I Have a Head That Ends In a Point (Pointy Pointy Pointy Point)

That is the I wrote this song

62 Daytime Drama

This is one of the most saddest spongebob songs or pieces of music ever

63 I Hate People

This one is from Spongebob season 10 episode Spongebob's place, and it's really great. However, I still like The Krusty Krab Pizza more. But this one is my second favorite.

One of the funniest spongebob songs ever made

64 Idiot Friends

I can't believe it's 46! It's totally brill! Listen to it! It's both funny and catchy!

Huh!?! Why is this no.50? Listen to it, and you'll want it skyrocketing to number 1

Who helps you pick your pants up of the ground?


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65 Electric Zoo

I like it when SpongeBob thinks Krabs is a robot. The best part is in the episode when Mr. Krabs tells the price of his appliances.

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66 The SpongeBob History Song

Remember? At the beginning of The Sponge That Could Fly. - toptenzen

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67 That Warm Feeling

It may be a bit long but it's still really good

68 I Wish I Could Fly

I don't like this song. Actually, it's the series' first bad song in my opinion. And unfortunately, it's not its last.

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69 He's Flying

Really good vocals and lyrics. - wolfythefree

70 Self Surf
71 Dear Friend
72 Plankton's Weapon Song

My favorite song Come on Plankton just pick one and forget about your shoes!

I actually really like this song

73 Squeeze Me - N.E.R.D

I really like this song and I thought it being played during the time travel scene and at the end credits in the second movie was really cool. - Murvine_Taylor

I don't like it - PatrickStar

I like it.

74 Barnacles!

Ooh mmaann this is the best day ever ooh bbbaarnacllesss love it

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75 Oh My Karen

Remember single cell anniversary?...


76 The Rap Song (At the End of Sponge Out of Water)

This one was out of nowhere. But it was actually quite descent. - Antwon

77 No Thumbs

It's from the episode two thumbs down in season 10

78 4 Ply

I listen to his song whenever I feel sad

79 Jelly Jelly Fun

Like I said before on the song save jelly fish fields and it is hard to choose which one is better.

80 Krab Borg V 1 Comment
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