Ace of Diamond


This anime is just so amazing, it gets me on high with each episode! The more popular sports animes these days have all those characters with unrealistic strengths and moves to make the show more exciting, but what's great about this anime is that it's supeer cool and exciting already even without those silly stuff!

For me, it's one of the best sports anime out there and it deserves more recognition than this. It leaves out unncessary drama that isn't baseball-related, but you can still really feel some timely emotional moments here and there. And the characters aren't all prodigies so you can really see their development throughout the series, both in terms of their play and their attitude. No one can become great overnight, and they're all still rough around the edges, but they work hard towards their goals. They all had their own strengths to polish and weaknesses to overcome. This anime can really relate to real life.

And another thing - it's just so funny it makes ...more

HEY THIS DESERVES TO BE HIGHER UP THERE. Like the third or forth place maybe, 'cause I like the top 2 but I'm not so sure about the rest, though. But it's just so hard to find a sports anime that REALLY is about the sports, not some lame side drama that keeps dragging out forever.

Ace of Diamond is purely about baseball - strategies, struggles of players, training, games, and all that. I like its simple yet interesting plot that just has enough serious moments and emotions based on the players feelings on baseball. There is great character development, and each episode never fails to make me laugh. Also, it doesn't have to add supernatural stuff to make it entertaining, which is why I really, really like it.

I really, really love this anime. This anime had become the turning point of the way I think. When I first watched this, I dropped it after watching some episodes. Now, I realize that I did that because I was feeling uncomfortable when watching this anime. When I rewatched it, I still was uncomfortable especially because Sawamura is not the 'genius-amazing-can defeat anyone-MC' that and because there's Furuya (I like him now). But I tried to watch it anyways and it certainly didn't disappoint me. Unlike other shows, there's not a single filler used for this one. Everything you see has their own purpose. All the characters are very well made. The author might not give us some of the characters' backstories but you can feel that they do have one. This anime also tries to get you out of your comfort zone. It makes you feel things for real. That's why I think some people couldn't handle it and blindly take their anger/uncertainty out on the characters. While some anime cheat some sad ...more

I've never had an interest in baseball until I watched this show. I love the characters, how talented they are in their own way, hoe funny they are and they all have a place in the story that helps to progress the plot. Its really funny and never gets boring because there's always something amazing coming up next and a lot of cliffhangers that make you want more. I can't wait for the next episode this Sunday. Cannot wait at all, really. I can watch the previous episodes all over again and never get bored of it.

So under appreciated! LOVE this anime so much. It never fails to make me laugh and smile and I could go on and on watching it! The characters are so lovable and the games aren't dragged on FOREVER either. Unlike some animes, the characters have so much personality and aren't perfect. Another thing about this anime is that it's so realistic, and none of the players have abilities that pretty much aren't possible in real life. Definitely did not regret starting this anime. Worth rewatching over and over again!

This is a great anime in every way. Unlike most sports anime this anime keep you entertained and make you want to keep on watching it. It gives me a great laugh like when he hit the senpai's back while throwing the ball. Although this anime is new and doesn't have much ep I highly recommend this anime. I bet you'll love this anime as much as I do.

As a softball player, Ace of Diamond really hit home for a bunch of the topics. Overcoming the yips and slumps, dealing with difficult opponents and sometimes teammates, and striving for a ultimate goal. This was an amazing anime and with great character development.

I love this because it is not as dramatized as some of the other sports anime and it doesn't have the newcomers be the best right away like sometimes happens in other sport anime. I also like that the characters are human even the ones that have been there for a while.

Amazing anime! Love the characters and the graphics. It kept me smiling and laughing

I agree on everything you said about Ace of Diamond. I also had a baseball scholarship as well to Eastern Illinois and broke my neck 2 months before I graduated my senior yr ended. I never played baseball again but it did take 18 months to walk again. I know the hard work you have to put into being good at baseball. The love and rivalries you build as well. I have watched all 27 episodes so far and can't wait for more.

It has comedy, seriousness and excitement. Unlike other sports or anime, it just doesn't depend on physical skills, their is a lot of thinking involved and also strategy, and not just any other lame strategy but also some serious in game thinking

This show is sooo cool, I never had any interest in baseball but now I watched this it seems so much fun to me. Also the show is hilarious. Only this is that it hasn't finished yet so we have to wait every week for a next episode, but that's the way to keep the excitement for next week. It's the only good thing about my mondays.

The only reason I'm posting this comment is because it would give it an extra 5% for the ratings which this seriously underrated anime needs..I see other comments saying how woderful and real this anime feels and all of those are really true it really is a great sports anime more people need to watch it

Great and realistic character development, and FOR ONCE the main character doesn't power up and beat his opponents until next sunday. First time ever that my bias is the main chara! Sawamura's the kind of guy that you can't help but root for, even if he gets embarrassing sometimes

I really love the main character of this anime. Best baseball anime and my favorite sports anime ever!

Loved watching every single episode, season 2 is just as good as season 1 which is a further plus point

This is one of my favourite anime this anime makes you love baseball even if you don't like it

Great plot. AWESOME characters. Amazing animation. One of my favorite Sports anime to date!

This is the real thing. Heartwarming and gripping at its finest.

Baseball? This anime shows that you don't have to know the sport to watch it and enjoy it.


One of my favorite anime ever. it's intense and gives you such an adrenaline rush. you feel what the characters feel, whether it be anger, nervousness, sadness, or euphoria. if you haven't seen ace of diamond, you haven't lived.

Keep on moving to your goal! Avenge the seniors

This is a real cool sports anime unlike the boring kuroko no basket.

This anime is one of my favorites. I love it