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I was pleasantly surprised with this anime. It has the right amount of humor and action. Plus it's more realistic than other animes with their crazy power ups. In this anime we see the characters grow and struggle. They both win and lose and we get to see the entire journey. There are no miracle wins just the hard work and effort being rewarded. I think in the first season it's even stated that you can be naturally talented at something but if you don't apply yourself and learn the basics you'll never truly grow. And that volleyball is a team sport so no one can possibly win alone no matter how good you are. I enjoy that the other teams on the show also have likable qualities that make you root for them as well instead of being straight up villains. Really an enjoyable anime with great characters and solid development! - NerdBunny

The sort of anime that leaves your cheeks hurting after smiling just too much after each episode, and simultaneously pumped up by the drama, Haikyuu is truly quite incredible. With top-notch voice-acting, animation and an impressive soundtrack, the story contains just the right balance of comedy and drama. It has a unique comforting feel, with great character chemistry, and is suited to a wide audience, volleyball fans or not. Highly recommended.

To anyone considering immersing themselves in Haikyuu!, I can only say DO IT! I love, love, loved it! The characters are very real and there are so many hilarious moments throughout the show. You will become invested in following the characters on their emotional journeys. I felt all their rises and falls as though I was personally affected by what was happening in their lives. This is one of the few animes in which I have been literally screaming at my laptop screen in excitement one minute and crying the next. You should DEFINITELY WATCH THIS AMAZING ANIME!

Boy's volleyball anime that just started airing this season. I couldn't stop watching the first episode even though I was running late. Very likable characters right off the bat, beautifully smooth animation. I'm really looking forward to where it's going.

Haikyuu! Is one of my favourite sports anime. I love the rivalry/partnership between Hinata and Tobio, and the bonds between all of the characters. I can never stop smiling when I watch this show, because Hinata is just so damn cute, and he never gives up even when he's getting his butt kicked. I've always hated sports, but this anime makes me seriously consider getting into sports. Unlike most sports anime, the main team doesn't win just because they're the main team, overcoming ridiculously huge hurdles simply by working together.

This show is the only one that has make me smile for the whole episode in a lot of time a has become truly one of my favorite anime ever. The plot, the characters... I can't help but smile when they win and feel proud when they achieve their goal. For me this is the most important thing an anime should have, make the viewers feel the emotion of it and enjoy while watching it. In summary, a must see!

Haikyuu is about a boy who wants to become great Volleyball player despite being very short. He lands on the same High School team as his "rival" who is a very famous talented player, and it turns out they work great as a team. There are some similarities to Kuroko no Basuke, but I prefer Haikyuu because it's funnier and the characters are more relatable.

This is really a great anime. It makes me crave for more after watching it. I am so looking forward for the release date of season 2.

I think it's great because you can feel the struggle and the triumph the characters undergo. I love how they emphasize things so it doesn't look boring, and it stayed close to reality.

It's really recommended. You can get some moral lessons too.

This anime is really one of the best out there, it shows the hardships of playing in a volleyball team. The realism in this anime is strong, especially in the games. This anime really shows what volleyball is about and it is so relatable and it made me want to get off my butt and play volleyball. Everybody should watch this, it is seriously the best anime ever.

The characters are loveable and you end up cheering for the team too. No matter how bad you're feeling, haikyuu always manages to make you smile when you watch those volleyball dorks working hard and doing their best. The characters aren't perfect which makes them loveable and they're so different that you can't pick a favourite. You fall in love with all the characters you meet.

Haikyuu has lots of character development, heart-pumping music, and beautiful graphics (especially in matches). I found myself comparing it a lot to Kuroko no Basuke, which is my favourite sports anime, but it has its own charm, especially the characters.

I'm not a big volleyball fan in the first place, but I really had an urge to play after watching this!

Even though the graphics may be a little different from what you may be used to and not as detailed, the anime has a AMAZING plot and great characters that build up over time. Some episodes are touching and some make you start jumping out of your seat and pumping your fists everywhere. This anime is very humorous, and well... whats not to love?

This was actually my first sports anime, and I loved it. Now that I'm more familiar with the genre, I can understand why it's not in first place or anything. Still, I love it more than Kuroko no Basket and Eyeshield 21, which are also really, really good. Yes, I'm biased towards Haikyuu because it was my first, but that being said, it deserves a good ranking.

Amazing series! Other than the animation being awesome, the storyline is terrific as well. It's a story of friendship, perseverance, and plain awesomeness all molded together to form this anime. Every episode just leaves you in awe and makes you want more. The second season is coming up too!

Haikyuu! Is so comical and intense at the same time. Yes it is told that this anime is just a simple plot with simple steorotypical characters, but really it's a wonderful anime for everyone. The first episode will drive you crazy making you want more and more. They don't make it look like the characters are already perfect and unrealistic, they let them grow stronger and become such a precise organized team. It has so much emotion and depth but also can leave you rolling around the floor engulfed in laughter. I also must say.. THE GAY SHIPS! Oh yes, yes, yes. this anime is quite popular in the yaoi fanfiction. If you are uncomfortable with that, that's is fine, but with so many characters and so many OBVIOUS growing relationships. The hinted gay action would make you just squeal!

I love this anime so much all the characters are amazing in there own way especially hinata! He's so adorable! This anime always makes me laugh so hard I start crying it's so hilarious and serious at the same time I love everything about it and I can't wait till the new episodes comes out

Even though it is not the first one that I've watched, but it is definitely the first anime that actually struck my mind. I rock it! Even after watching both series a lot of times while waiting for season 3 to come out, I still feel so fanatic and get a different feeling every time I watch it

THIS THE BEST ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE! My sister was the one to show me it. I was even being taught how to play volleyball at that time (like how to hit the ball and how to play sorta.) Actually watching the show had made me really confused about volleyball. If you haven't seen it you have to!

I feel that I connect best with this anime since I've had experience with volleyball, but even if you don't know anything about volleyball, this series is so fun to watch! You can get some great laughs out of it, and the characters are well-developed and fun. I really recommend watching it!

This is one of the best sports anime I've ever seen. It makes you feel like to just jump out of your seat and go to play volleyball. This anime ( in my opinion) is just as great as Free or Kuroko no Basket and is more worthy of being the first or second best sports anime.

At first I was like, should I watch this? (I already watched so much anime, and I'm not even allowed to) But h***, I'm glad I did. It's so amazing, emotional, suspenseful, funny, hooking, funny, funny, funny, and funny, oh and did I mention, FUNNY? My cheeks always hurt when I watch this, it's so funny it even makes a person like me laugh. It gets you hooked and waiting for more, you should seriously watch it. (Crunchyroll is a web I recommend if you want to watch it) And the characters. Their reactions, actions, personalities seriously get you interested. Watch Haikyuu. I dare you

Out of all the sports animes I watched Haikyuu stand at the top of my list. My list includes the animes such as Kuroko no basket, Ace of diamond, Hajime no ippo, Free!, Baby steps, Hungry heart: wild striker etc. It's the only anime I bothered to read the manga in the list. Each and every match is filled with excitement. I can assure no sports fan will be disappointed with Haikyuy

The anime that give you goosebumps just by remembering the story. It should get better position than just 10th. Everyone who has watched the first season is dying to continue with the second season.

This is really good. The pacing of the story is slow but you will learn to love the show as the time goes by. It really develops the character and they do not have that kind of out-of-this-world power.

This is really a great anime. It makes me crave for more after watching it. I am so looking forward for the release date of season 2.
I think it's great because you can feel the struggle and the triumph the characters undergo. I love how they emphasize things so it doesn't look boring, and it stayed close to reality.
It's really recommended. You can get some moral lessons too.