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Slam Dunk is legendary, and one of the giants of sports anime and manga. Younger and newer anime fans probably don't realize that sports series would not be as popular as they are today without the influence of Slam Dunk and the impact it had on an entire generation. It is the greatest basketball series there is with realistic action (nothing supernatural) and good character development. It goes without saying that Slam Dunk should be #1 on this list.

First of all, I love sports anime. I love Kuroko no Basuke, which, like Slam Dunk, is also about basketball. And Kuroko is all shiny and new and the characters are pretty and the plot is pretty good, but to me it can never hold a candle to Slam Dunk.
Slam Dunk is my top manga of all time. There's just something about it - it's so real, so incredibly well-written, so hilarious, there's so much heart, and anyone who watches it falls in love with basketball. (Plus there are pretty boys to satisfy us fangirls. )
The fangirl in me loves Kuroko; the writer/artist/critic in me loves Slam Dunk. This is not a glamourised or idealised anime (and hey, I love glamourous boys too) - these guys are real, sweaty, interesting, tall boys who could be playing in your school's basketball team - if your school's basketball team was made of awesome, that is. And you will fall in love with them and with their story if you read the manga or get through the first few episodes of older-quality ...more

This was I think the first sports manga I have ever read, and I fell in love. I haven't really watched the anime, but the manga was REALLY REALLY REALLY AWESOME! I think this was the best sports manga I have ever read! They have the character development and awesome plot line! The true meaning of sportsmanship. The artwork was amazing too!

The best Sport anime I ever had! I love basketball, and the characters are so funny. The best thing for me is that this anime is surely a realistic type of sport anime. The technique, the moves, etc. are real and we can imagine them.
I personally don't like sport anime with so many unrealistic things or techniques..

Sakurago Hanamichi is the BEST! the anime rocks, it's funny, cool, and ABSORBING! pure awesomeness! - Anjody

One of the best manga ever created. In my opinion the Greatest of All Sports Manga. Its not all about the game but also the whims and blues of being a teenager. It will make you laugh, smile, and enjoy everything. The story especially in the Sannoh-part will make even a grown man emotional. The best point is this is the most realistic of all sports manga which makes it the greatest.

All the character development, comedy, I just enjoyed seeing Sakuragi evolve from someone who hated basketball to someone the team couldn't be without. My favorite anime of all time for sure.

Awesome anime... Actually the reason how I learned the basics of Basketball and the reason why I joined our Basketball team back in my High School years. Anyway, the characters are really funny and the anime and manga was really interesting...

Literally this show is grandfather of sports anime just as Dragon Ball Z is for fighting. Sakuragi Hanamichi is such a dynamic character that pulls of amazing moves every episode. MUST WATCH.

How could you not like Slam Dunk? It has the best character development in all of these anime. Major might be winning on that category but that was because Major had more episodes than Slam Dunk. I like Major and Slam Dunk, and I think they're the Mt. Rushmore of sports anime. They are heads above Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, Hajime no Ippo and Kuroko no Basket.

Slam dunk is awesome! The graphics may be the old type of anime but the story is hilarious, romantic (at some points), violent and very detailed. If you love basketball you will really love this anime!

May be not the top in this poll, but its still the best for many especially with the older generation. It's the most famous sports anime watched and recognized by all age groups.

It's the best BASKETBALL anime. It's not a modern anime, and that's the best part. When it comes to basketball tips and games, this is the best you'll find.

Great anime, it's very funny and I wish there were more anime like this one. I can only hope they come up with an anime just like it. A sequel would be OK.

This is REAL basketball not like kuroko no basket (which was more like DBZ than basket ball)

Enjoy of of the best sports/comedy anime of all time!

This is really a great story about everything, most of all, this teaches a person that they can be great even you started playing a sport so late!

Characters with great and interesting depth. Shows that you don't need to have super powers like kuroko to make basketball fun to watch.

Best story and character pregression, they possess the individuality that most animes don't have. You learn a lot about the sport just by watching this

Best Sport Anime ever created.
That It even won best Manga of all time award in Japan and it also won in Japan one of the top ten anime of all time!

One of the main reasons I started watching anime. IT's still one of my favorite anime's of all time. Among the sports anime, this is the best.

Can't believe this is not taking the Crows. come on people. Watch this and then we will see which you think is the best. there is no competition here.

Slam Dunk is way ahead of it's time! It's realistic, funny and of all inspires one to hold on to things you love, no matter how tough it is.

! If you really haven't watched this anime, than its like you missed a real great awesome terrific legendary anime. REALLY HAVE TO WATCH. So hilarious. At the beginning though, the character just seems stupid and so not worthwhile. But as time passes, you quickly fall in love with the protagonist through his personality amd action and hard work. Difenitely one of the best character I've ever seen

Couldn't stop laughing... Funny + great basketball games makes it a awesome anime... Story is good too...

Great Anime! Slam Dunk inspires me to play basketball and never give up. Best anime Ever!

I really love this anime. The are very funny and I love how they fighting in each other. Its very great.