Top 10 Best Things That Could Ever Happen to You

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1 Fall in Love

Nothing more beautiful than this.

Something beautiful, isn't it?

Love makes life successful

I think this is number one.

2 Achieve All Your Dreams

Your aspirations give you motivation to do well for yourself.
If you don't have motivation to do well and have success for yourself, then what do you have?
For example, I strive to do well for myself through education, because once you have those qualifications no one can take that from you.
I'm not a dreamer, more of an achiever so to speak.

YES PLEASE if I don't achieve all my dreams in my life Id rather go to hell

Yah just not the bad ones else this will not be here

That's the best thing that can happen

3 All Your Wishes in Life are Granted

If I wish for money, I'll be rich. If I wished for a new clean house, wow! If I wished for a spell that makes me breathe I'm water, I'll not die in the water!

I would wish for world peace, No money,(like everyone lives in a utopia) and everyone can have a long and healthy life, everyone has a good home, everyone knows the truth about everything, etc.

Well, yes, that's everything you want at once! It's like the world was designed for you!

I wish to have a YT channel. (Voted)

4 Find that One True Friend

I've always hoped to find a friend that is ACTUALLY a friend and not a backstabber. Actually I already have one, but he's imaginary, so I guess that doesn't count lol. Also, friendship is way better than romance, so this should be higher than falling in love in my opinion

You cannot be fulfilled until you find someone that, whatever happens, they will be there.

Find your true friend, and you know that you've lead a successful life.

This would be the beast thing ever

5 Go to Heaven

Yes you can feel eternal happiness and God will always be with you forever. You don't need to know God to go to heaven

God is good. So going to heaven to live life in peace should be good too.

Eternal happiness... what could be better than perfect?

You wake up in a paradise know as heaven

6 Find the Answer to All Your Questions

No more doubts, no more Mr. Nervous or Mr. Tentative.

7 Find the Solution to World Peace

I don't even care if I found the solution. World Peace would be amazing no matter what. So much of the world's resources are literally wasted on military spending. Not billions but TRILLIONS of dollars would be available for EVERYTHING!

John Lennon probably would have if he had been alive for a few more years

The dream of every responsible world citizen.

You would SAVE LIVES if you did this.

8 Have the Feeling of Fulfillment
9 Win the Lottery

Awesome I would bribe the NBA GS Warriors coach to let me play with all the money

Best if you get all six

10 Get Your Enemies to Respect You

Some already achieved it in history.

That's the biggest achievement.

Yes thatis a good one because I have lots of enemys and I want to control them muhaha

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11 Die a Peaceful, Satisfied Death

Exactly what I want.

Fear of death is a powerful disincentive to trying things. remove the fear and find true free dom.

12 Become a Famous Pop Star
13 Have Sex

Sex is ok but too much sex is wrong I know it is addicting (haven't tried it but people told me it is) but only do it if you are in for making children it is know being abused and that is why people force others to have sex with them (I can't bear to say the word it begins with r and ends with a silent e) see sex is only for making children so don't abuse it and do it to have fun or be pleasures OK

14 Get to Interview God

Interesting. This is what the movie The Invention of Lying is about.. Well kinda. Anyway great film I recommend it.

15 Get a Video Game
16 Have Your Relatives All Be Happy
17 Find a Way to Make Everybody Love You

...r favorite subject and also know it? Well duh yah

18 See Your Girlfriend Naked

Eww that is really gross you know and your girlfriend may break up with you

What the hell is wrong with you perverts?!

I'd love to see her ass

Really looking sexy your peenes looks harey

19 Invent a Time Machine

Who doesn't want to see the great George Washington in real life

Yes I wanna see thurgood Marshall and stuff

This would be the best best best best best thingever

20 Eat Your Favorite Food

...forever? Yah it is pizza kits it has yummy pizza

21 Get a Mansion
22 Find the Secret to Eternal Living
23 Get a Kiss from Your Crush
24 Your Dream Anime Character Comes to Life

Bruh please I wish

Weeb looking ass

25 Win Wipeout
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