Best Things About TheTopTens User SmoothCriminal

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1 He Hates Justin Bieber

Everyone hates Justin Bieber. That's not a reason to think that someone is "awesome, " when everyone else feels the same. - InsertNameHere

I also hate justin bieber bcoz of his crap songs. He always ruin my day bcoz of that annoying Boy. - joshsanz

you rock man, only for this! - rock2metal

That's a reason to be friends with ANYBODY! - moose4life19

2 He's Fun Once You Get to Know Him
3 His Username is Awesome
4 His Real Name Sounds Cute

C'mon ladies, it's a pretty hot name these days, lol - SmoothCriminal

5 He Loves Miley Cyrus

Don't mind if you like her, it's just your type - Neonco31

It's True and don't wanna hide it anymore - SmoothCriminal

I don't like her but ho I'm I to judge

I like Miley too. - PatrickStar

6 He's Funny
7 He Is a WWE Fan

Cena's awesome and so is The Undertaker but I love the rock! - Alpha101

8 He Tries to Act Cool

... He likes himself too much. - MoldySock

9 He Makes Good Lists

He does make good lists! - funnyuser

10 His Username Is a Michael Jackson Song

I think most people realized that. Unless they don't know who Michael Jackson is.

Annie are you ok - AJIsTheCoolest

The Contenders

11 He's Canadian

Canada is just so awesome, ain't it, eh? - booklover1

12 He Pretends to Hate Justin Bieber

YES! I know you like him everybody does

13 His Comments Are Good
14 He Brought Miley Cyrus to TheTopTens
15 He's Single
16 If You Flirt With Him He Could Flirt Back
17 He's in the KISS ARMY

I'm 1 of the 120 Million in the KISS ARMY, LOVEGUN! - SmoothCriminal

18 He's Birthday is May 1st 1997

yeeuuuppp... May 1st 1997 where the King of R&B was born on... LMAO - SmoothCriminal

19 He's a Good MJ Dancer

SmoothCriminal, you are awesome... By the way, nice comment. I ROFLSHIDMTANYOMANO (rolled on floor laughing so hard you made me drop my taco and now you owe me a new one). GIMME MUH TACO!

That's so funny. Nice comment, Smooth. I mean SmoothCriminal. YOU rock! Hey, by the way, do you like the band Queen? And do you think Freddie Mercury sings good? Hee hee...

*grabs crotch* hee hee, I'm MICHAEL JACKSON, lolz - SmoothCriminal

20 He Has a Cute Face On Facebook
21 He's Kind

yes I'm kind and all that but.. I DID NOT THEZE 9 ITEMS ON THE LIST... WHO - SmoothCriminal

22 He's Downright Awesome
23 He Made a List Praising Himself
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