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1 Windows 7 Windows 7

This and Windows XP made my childhood. - KalloFox34

Windows 7 was good I remember using it on my old laptop - trains45

Windows 7 is good most of the time but some times its more vulnerable than Windows 10.

It is great but its look is not as good as the charming Vista - LOLRyan2006

2 Windows XP Windows XP

This OS (along with Windows 7) is my childhood. - KalloFox34

This was my childhood I miss using windows xp - trains45

So much faster than my windows me,7,10,and ubuntu

The windows I had a kid from jan 2008, I think to feb 2014, I remember having lots of games on my windows xp computer, I remember playing it a lot

3 Windows 95 Windows 95

It's the first one that actually doesn't look like the BIOS screen.

Actually doesn't look like it was a bios chip.

Actually didn't look like a BIOS menu.

The first version of Windows that isn't a T O Y - LOLRyan2006

4 Windows 2000

Updated Version of NT 4.0 - LOLRyan2006

It doesn't crash like windows me - Minecraftisawesone

Nice and rock solid

It's very useful

5 Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 is the OS I use when I'm on my computer (though I downloaded supplies to make it look like either XP or 7) - KalloFox34

Best windows operating system and beautiful.

Only top 5? This is top 1.


6 Windows 98 Windows 98

This OS wasn't garbage but it doesn't let me boot up - LOLRyan2006

Windows 98 Is a night mare, but Windows 98 Plus was very good, maybe my 4th best in my opinion

I am putting windows 98 number 1 on my list because it is sometimes faster than windows 7.

Not as good as XP, but my 2nd favorite.

7 Windows Vista Windows Vista

Windows Vista was garbage. However, ME was still worse. - KalloFox34

Better than 10. - GehennaTheSecond


Windows Vista is evil - N64Dude

8 Windows 1.0

Much improved Windows 10 thankfully with no "Modern App" interface, including the Start menu, much better File Explorer than Windows 7 and nice looking interface. There are no major reasons to pick Windows 7 over 10, really. Only bad thing is that Windows 8 booted much faster (at least in my experience) even after a year of Windows 10 updates. Plus, if what Microsoft is speaking is true, it'll be the last paid version and future updates will be free which is awesome.

I still have mine and I lick the dusty debris - ishacool

It's most important windows version

HAHA 1 is better than 8.1

9 Windows 8.1

Windows 8 sucked, but this was a slight improvement. - KalloFox34

Best os ever. It would be more better with out metro.. but I like charms

Windows 8 is 2nd worst

It may be looks hard when you first try it. But when you get use to it,it's actually quite easy to use. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

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10 Windows 8

One of the worst Windows versions, but Vista and ME are worse. - KalloFox34

Best windows

Great windows! Really user friendly, has tons of new features and looks cool. Can really be personnalized. I would not recommend for hardcore gamers but for everyday computing I think it the best windows up to now!

I still don't understand Windows 8. What is this, a tablet!?


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11 Windows XP SP3

This last windows xp service pack. Nice it.

12 Windows XP SP2

No problems it.

13 Windows 7 Ultimate

Best and good operating system Windows it
Never update it.

I'm currently using this OS and I'm LOOOving it. - SwiftBlur

14 Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

The thing about XP is that it's the oldest version to still have a decent amount of compatibility with games. - KalloFox34

I Installed this, and It's LIGHTNING FAST! - Wobblygaming7

15 Windows NT 4.0
16 Windows 3.1

Honestly Win 7 is the best (even Win 10 is out) but Win 3.1 is my childhood. No freeze, no blue death. Simply the (second) best

17 Windows 98 SE
18 Windows 3.0

Great but obsolete

19 Windows NT

The whole family? Even Vista? - LOLRyan2006

Which one? - BorisRule

The best windows ever it has the best startup sound and it rocks in the planet!

Windows NT is One of the best Windows ever

20 Windows Vista Ultimate

User like windows vista ultimate Service pack 2 and Wow it.

Good & great operating system... like it.

Best it.

21 Windows Vista Business

Best Microsoft Windows operating system it.
Windows Vista Business service pack 2 and 64 bit I used. It nice.

22 Windows ME

Absolute worst version of Windows, period. - KalloFox34

Windows ME is definitely the worst Windows ever, you can't even use it because it always crashes

I have to delete my entire virtual machine because of this stupid OS! Also the virtual windows me gave me a virus on my windows 10 tablet and a bsod too on my windows 10

23 Windows Vista Enterprise

Very to much greatest operating system it.
32 bit good and 64 bit more than good.

Very useful sp2...

24 Windows 2.0

Good one

25 Windows 7 Professional

I like 32 bit and love 64 bit. So good.

26 Windows Vista Home Premium
27 Windows 10 Enterprise

Very too much useful operating system it.
Much better than Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows xp and Windows Vista and Windows 95 and Windows 98.
I love it...operating system Windows 10 Enterprise.

28 Windows 10 Home


Best of Windows operating system it.

Nice Os.

29 Windows 8.1 Pro

My best operating system.Wow!

30 Windows Whistler
31 Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 2000 Is Better Then Windows ME And Everything In Windows 2000 Is So Good - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Windows 2000 is pretty good

Windows 2000 is literally Windows XP with only business features. Great OS!

32 Windows Longhorn Build 4029

Wasn't Longhorn just the prototype for Vista? - KalloFox34

33 Windows 7 x64
34 Windows Server 2008 R2

Nice working server.

35 Windows 8 Pro
36 Windows 1.01
37 Windows 1.02
38 Windows 1.03
39 Windows 1.04
40 Windows 2.11

So Windows 2.11 is the worst in this list?

For me Windows ME or Windows 8 is worst

41 Windows RT

This is the mobile version of win 8

Hahhahh this is one of the wort Windows ever

42 Windows 3.2
43 Windows Server 2003
44 Windows Server 2012
45 Windows Chicago (Beta For Windows 95)
46 Windows Server 2008 R1
47 Windows 8 Enterprise
48 Windows 7 Home Basic
49 Windows Home Server 2011
50 Windows Server 2012 Essentials
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