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1 Windows 7

It was released in 2009 but was actually very futuristic windows, Man it had a lot, So many themes and system sounds, Gadgets, border transparency and much more...

What can I say? This OS has been with me for almost 8 years (since 2012) and it's remained so efficient and reliable. I've only recently replaced it with Windows 10 last December 2019 but nothing beats Windows 7! 2012 is easily the best year for my computer-based life

I downgraded my pirated-and-illegal Windows 10 Anniversary Edition copy to a legit and genuine Windows 7 Ultimate. And I must say; the performance isn't really comparable, but could say that it was better than before.

It is the Best os!
I'm using it from 1 year and it is really nice!
It never slows down and it is really user friendly!
Its look is just perfect it is a beautiful windows!

2 Windows XP

It is the best operating system! It could be better, but in my opinion the other operating systems really removed nice features, for example I really liked that big blue bar on the left of the explorer. It is very fast and on a clean install it takes about 3 seconds to start up! The luna style is also my favourite because it is so nice and neat with small square buttons. Everything looks and feels stable. It is also very compatible.

I like Windows XP, however Windows 7 comes in as a close 1st as well, then Windows 8. I believe Windows 10 although newer, is extremely confusing for the computer newcomer to understand, especially with children, and really isn't as fast as the others.

XP not only revamped the entire system (bringing the NT kernel to home users) but it was easily the most stable Windows version for a long time.

Windows XP is an Operating System That came out in 2001, Mainstream Support ended in 2009, Extend Support Ended in 2014, Full support ended on August 31, 2019.

3 Windows 95

The most significant Windows ever made, and its start button is what made Windows so iconic. Their marketing campaign has applied so much to the masses that it became an instant success.

Windows 95 just has got to be the best Microsoft OS! The First Invention of the Task Bar, the nice classic feeling (which I use on Win7 instead of Aero :P), and you can stil run the DOS Games you know and love! Modern Viruses can't run on 95, so you don't have to worry too much about going in the Internet! Can only reccomend that you boot it up (at least with a VMplayer)!

Well what can I say, any OS including that Weezer video is a winner to me : )

It's the first one that actually doesn't look like the BIOS screen.

4 Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 gets a bad rap, but a large chunk of its issues originated with Windows 8, and Windows 10 also corrected several of 8 and 8.1's problems.

It is a solid OS that is stable, cool-looking and good for gaming. If its appearance is an issue for you, try Classic Shell (which can make it look like 7, XP or even 9x).

Nice one. Very too much Best and awesome operating system Windows it.

Very too much good it and best...Greatest operating system Windows it

New Windows 10 pro beautiful operating system.

5 Windows 2000

Fast, stable, had a brilliant startup sound (which carried over to ME, which is that OS's s one redeemable trait) and in general all-around better than its infamously awful 9x equivalent.

At least it doesn't have serious problems with bugs unlike its 9x counterpart

It doesn't crash like windows me

Nice and rock solid

6 Windows 98

I love the startup sound, and I played the computer on this system as a little kid at my grandma's, and I still do, although when I was born my parents had Windows XP, which was better. Now I have this computer which uses Windows 8, which is terrible! I miss Windows 98 and XP :, (

I am putting windows 98 number 1 on my list because it is sometimes faster than windows 7.

Windows 98 Is a night mare, but Windows 98 Plus was very good, maybe my 4th best in my opinion

This OS wasn't garbage but it doesn't let me boot up

7 Windows Vista

Windows Vista was horrible at the beggining, but it's now better than all the Windows editions exept for Windows 7.

Windows Vista was garbage. However, ME was still worse.

The only updates windows vista does is very small and not neccesary!

With all of the updates it is rock solid

8 Windows 8.1

The best operating system I have ever used, thanks to Microsoft, It is best fastest operating system ever. It's better than windows 7. This is the best for me ever seen...

Windows 8.1 is the best OS from Microsoft I have ever experienced...
Easy to install... Crash free... Fabulous Graphics Support for HQ Games And apps free from Windows Store...
Windows 7 is the worst OS from Microsoft...

Windows 7 end of support in 14 January 2020.
Yes Windows 8.1 is best operating system. Windows 8.1 is More Than best Win 7.

Windows 7 end of support in 14 January 2020. And next number 1 windows operating system Win 8.1

9 Windows 1.0

Much improved Windows 10 thankfully with no "Modern App" interface, including the Start menu, much better File Explorer than Windows 7 and nice looking interface. There are no major reasons to pick Windows 7 over 10, really. Only bad thing is that Windows 8 booted much faster (at least in my experience) even after a year of Windows 10 updates. Plus, if what Microsoft is speaking is true, it'll be the last paid version and future updates will be free which is awesome.

After looking at the preview photos, I was thinking this would possibly be the 1st or 2nd most popular operating system from Windows.

I still have mine and I lick the dusty debris

It's most important windows version

10 Windows 8

Great windows! Really user friendly, has tons of new features and looks cool. Can really be personnalized. I would not recommend for hardcore gamers but for everyday computing I think it the best windows up to now!

Windows 8 was a mess; it tried to be both a PC and a tablet at the same time. The desktop felt a lot like Windows 7 while the start screen almost felt like a Windows Phone.

One of the worst Windows versions, but Vista and ME are worse.

I still don't understand Windows 8. What is this, a tablet!?

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11 Windows XP SP3

This last windows xp service pack. Nice it.

12 Windows XP SP2

No problems it.

13 Windows 7 Ultimate

Best and good operating system Windows it
Never update it.

One of the best OS's out there

I'm currently using this OS and I'm LOOOving it.

14 Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

It is faster than the already efficient home version of XP and actually supported 64-bit apps (while home users were stuck with 32-bit apps).

I Installed this, and It's LIGHTNING FAST!

15 Windows 3.0

Great but obsolete

16 Windows 8.1 Pro

My best operating system.Wow!

17 Windows 3.1

Honestly Win 7 is the best (even Win 10 is out) but Win 3.1 is my childhood. No freeze, no blue death. Simply the (second) best

18 Windows NT

The best windows ever it has the best startup sound and it rocks in the planet!

Windows NT is One of the best Windows ever

The whole family? Even Vista?

19 Windows 7 Professional

I like 32 bit and love 64 bit. So good.

20 Windows NT 4.0
21 Windows 10 Home

Best of Windows operating system it.

22 Windows Vista Ultimate

User like windows vista ultimate Service pack 2 and Wow it.

Good & great operating system... like it.

23 Windows 8.1 Enterprise
24 Windows Vista Business

Best Microsoft Windows operating system it.
Windows Vista Business service pack 2 and 64 bit I used. It nice.

25 Windows Vista Enterprise

Very useful sp2...

Very to much greatest operating system it.
32 bit good and 64 bit more than good.

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