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1 Windows 7

It is the Best os!
I'm using it from 1 year and it is really nice!
It never slows down and it is really user friendly!
Its look is just perfect it is a beautiful windows!

Still rock always, even if Windows 8 is newer. But I'm sure users will never stop using Windows 7.

The most user-friendly and easy to use interface ever. All that you need, right where you need. Windows 7 all the way!

It's great, but it's overrated

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2 Windows XP Windows XP

I like Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8, I say they are all tied for 100%. Windows XP and Windows 7 are currently tied at 23% right now. That's probably how I would rate it. Windows 8 should be number 2 or 3.

Xp worked great for me, windows 7 is a resource hog, good thing computers are using lots of ram and large hard drives now

It's the best os in the world because it has the luna theme and has the classic icons, pointers, themes, games and old files. But it can't get ie 9,10,11. But I always say older is better. like now.

I'm using windows xp right now! - RootBeerFan

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3 Windows 95 Windows 95

Dell Bios, Starting Windows 95... Microsoft Windows 95 Windows Internet Explorer, Start

Well what can I say, any OS including that Weezer video is a winner to me : )

Windows 95 just has got to be the best Microsoft OS! The First Invention of the Task Bar, the nice classic feeling (which I use on Win7 instead of Aero :P), and you can stil run the DOS Games you know and love! Modern Viruses can't run on 95, so you don't have to worry too much about going in the Internet! Can only reccomend that you boot it up (at least with a VMplayer)! - ATOMHAT

4 Windows 98

Windows 98 Is a night mare, but Windows 98 Plus was very good, maybe my 4th best in my opinion

I am putting windows 98 number 1 on my list because it is sometimes faster than windows 7.

Not as good as XP, but my 2nd favorite.

I love the startup sound, and I played the computer on this system as a little kid at my grandma's, and I still do, although when I was born my parents had Windows XP, which was better. Now I have this computer which uses Windows 8, which is terrible! I miss Windows 98 and XP :, (

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5 Windows 8

I still don't understand Windows 8. What is this, a tablet!?

Great windows! Really user friendly, has tons of new features and looks cool. Can really be personnalized. I would not recommend for hardcore gamers but for everyday computing I think it the best windows up to now!

MY GOD! This OS represents EVERYTHING wrong with the OS industry.

Rather than have the start menu as an alternative to the start screen (like how in XP and Vista, you can use the classic start menu), they just removed it entirely, which was a huge mistake. - Longesthorn

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6 Windows 2000

It doesn't crash like windows me - Minecraftisawesone

Nice and rock solid

It's very useful

Windows 2000 is 3rd Best in my opinion

7 Windows Vista

Windows Vista is evil - N64Dude

With all of the updates it is rock solid

More like different with windows 7

Windows Vista was horrible at the beggining, but it's now better than all the Windows editions exept for Windows 7.

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8 Windows 1.0

Much improved Windows 10 thankfully with no "Modern App" interface, including the Start menu, much better File Explorer than Windows 7 and nice looking interface. There are no major reasons to pick Windows 7 over 10, really. Only bad thing is that Windows 8 booted much faster (at least in my experience) even after a year of Windows 10 updates. Plus, if what Microsoft is speaking is true, it'll be the last paid version and future updates will be free which is awesome.

I still have mine and I lick the dusty debris - ishacool

It's most important windows version

After looking at the preview photos, I was thinking this would possibly be the 1st or 2nd most popular operating system from Windows. - TopTenJackson

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9 Windows 3.1

Honestly Win 7 is the best (even Win 10 is out) but Win 3.1 is my childhood. No freeze, no blue death. Simply the (second) best

10 Windows ME

Windows ME is definitely the worst Windows ever, you can't even use it because it always crashes

I have to delete my entire virtual machine because of this stupid OS! Also the virtual windows me gave me a virus on my windows 10 tablet and a bsod too on my windows 10

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11 Windows NT

The best windows ever it has the best startup sound and it rocks in the planet!

Windows NT is One of the best Windows ever

12 Windows 1.01
13 Windows XP SP3
14 Windows 2.0
15 Windows 8.1

Best os ever. It would be more better with out metro.. but I like charms

Windows 8 is 2nd worst

It may be looks hard when you first try it. But when you get use to it,it's actually quite easy to use. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

16 Windows 7 Ultimate
17 Windows XP SP2
18 Windows 1.04
19 Windows 3.0
20 Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
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