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Ryan Higa, best known as his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He's best known for his comedy videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. His channel was once the most subscribed on YouTube from 2009-2011, longer than any other channel, besides more.


Ryan is a very funny, humorous guy. All his videos are so entertaining and he doesn't have to particularly show anything dirty. He can make it funny without anything dirty. That's what's so good about him. And he has a new topic for every video rather than having the same topic for eight videos. I've been inspired by Ryan and a few other YouTubers. I shall start making videos in the summer with original, random topics for each video. It is my dream and I'm gonna do it in my special own way. I wish you all best of luck for your lives.

! I can not even emphasize how hilarious Nigahiga is. By looking at his videos you can tell that he was born with the talent of being hilarious. Ryan is a creative, he is a very unique person. He deserves to be back at the top as #1 most subscribed of all time. He has the talent to talk fast and say it somewhat clearly. He can take a song, listen to it for a while, and change the lyrics to a funny and awesome song. I don't know what I would do without the humor of Ryan Higa - SUJU

I enjoy nigahiga since 2006, that's is why I made a YouTube in the first place, to subscribe to him. This kid, grew from something very small to a big YouTube star. He bring something new to the table each time.
I know many has written this before but I do find RWJ's video's are funny but I believe what is more funny is the video that he has taken and posted. Indeed there is new clips in his videos each time he post but it has the same structure each time.
As for nigahiga, we all know he does something different in his videos each time but the question is, what will he do this time?

I think Ryan Higa has it over other YouTubers in the brain department. As more videos are being posted, good ideas are harder to come by, but Ryan Higa has always found different and cleverer ways to make you laugh, and honestly, he just seems to me to be a better human being than many other YouTubers.

Nigahiga. Nigahiga by far. Ryan Higa is the hilarious mastermind behind the channel, Nigahiga. He works so hard on every single one of his projects- just watch the BTS (Behind the Scenes) of his Parkour in Real Life and 16 million subscribers video. In particular, the parkour video was comprised of paper cut-outs, computer animation, and an arduous amount of stop motion.
He deserves to be recognised for his hard work and talent. Definitely check him out- you will not be sorry.

Ryan Higa is like chocolate for me! An addiction I go to when I am having a good day or to cheer me up when I am having a bad day. I have been watching him for years and hope that he continues to make us smile and laugh! He's somehow taught me to not take life too seriously and I will love him forever

Anyone with a brain and who knows REAL genius knows that NigaHiga is the clear winner. Pewdiepie's videos look fake, Jennamarbles isn't Funny, and most others just aren't as funny. No one will touch this comedic genius simply because he takes his time and he's witty. Loved ryan since day one.

Nigahiga is one of the funniest and HOTTEST guys on YouTube. You should really check them out because they are funny, and sometimes serious but mostly hilarious. That's the reason why people subscribe to him. Because he's a comedian, and the main thing we want to see in a comedian is humor.

He's hilarious most of his jokes actually make sense and it's true. Unlike many people on YouTube he gives his honest option about anything even if he gets hate comments and he does AWESOME fake trailers for example the Naruto one. Now that one makes me laugh every time even if I have watch it 1 million times. NIGAHIGA stay awesome!

Ryan is my favourite on youtube. Subbed him since the How to be Emo, ninja, gangster and still find those one of the funniest one since it was unique. And his fake commercials are also nice like 'the big inflatable green ball' and more and more. Just Subscribe to him and wait.

He has the funniest videos on youtube and he is very original unlike some famous youtube stars. He also takes time and puts thought into his videos. He also makes really funny short movies like agents of secret stuff. Everyone should subscribe his channel, nigahiga!

Ryan has always made me laugh! Once my friends showed me one of his videos, I knew I couldn't just stop there. I had myself begging to watch more of his videos, and since then, I have been watching nigahiga-awesomeness! Love ya Ryan!

Nigahiga is amazing in what he does also I think his friends are the best like D Trix and Sean and a bunch of others. He doesn't upload much but when he does its worth the wait. He makes me laugh everyday even his really old videos. We LOVE you Ryan!

Nigahiga is appropriate for every age unlike shane dawson and pewdiepie, his videos are more creative, he have better jokes and way to talk. He never over act it overall he's the best personality of Internet

Ryan is definitely my favorite YouTuber. Ever since he started making videos a few years ago, I have been absolutely IN LOVE with his cheesy jokes and charming character. He's more creative than most other YouTubers, and puts a lot of effort into his videos. I think he deserves top spot, even though he doesn't create as many videos now. Remember people -- QUALITY, not QUANTITY.

NigaHiga is the BEST YouTube channel by far! This guy makes me cry laughing every time I watch his videos! RayWilliamJohnson is not funny, and takes his material off other videos, Nigahiga is creative and original!

He is one of the most original, you can see that there are a lot of work behind his videos - and he is one of the few big channels that still makes videos that are worth watching and make you laugh!

Ryan is the most funny, and awesome guy. I don't see wats SO good about RayWilliamJohnson. Ryan's videos are more... Laugh out loud's than just showing diffrent videos out of the blue! Ryan is the best that's right. He acts perfect makes touching videos, funny parodys, and is the best comedian on the block! If you don't agree with that then you are not a human being! :D EVERYONE THAT LOVES RYAN'S VIDEOS AND HIM LIKE! WE LOVE YOU! NEVER GIVE UP! - Me7676

He is absolutely amazing! He is not just making people laugh. But some of his video make people think and be more confident of themselves. In other words, he inspired people! :D

Nigahiga (Ryan) is defiantly the best comedians, let alone YouTubers, and can make anyone laugh with just a simple sentence. He will do anything for his subscribers and deserves more than 10 million.

This guy should be the no. 1 I watch all of his videos a hundred times but I'm still laughing even I watched it every single the

Ryan is very creative and he has a wider range of comedy. He doesn't just focus on one specific subject, but a wider variety from movies in minutes to mocking Justin Bieber.

Ryan is the most original, creative and hilarious youtuber in this generation. Lately, most gaming youtubers just scream and laugh at what they're playing - and very minimal editing too. Ryan, however, is very innovative in what he does. He puts so much effort into his videos (And I don't mind the wait), whenever I watch his videos, I can tell he put lots of work into it and makes me laugh every time. But not just laughing like chuckling - like as in crying with laughter. I always watch his videos when I'm just having a bad day and he never fails to cheer me up. He's also very generous to the community, like in some of his videos he feeds the homeless, donates to charity etc. One particular thing that is special about him and his channel and ONLY HIS CHANNEL DOES... is... He never asks for likes or subscribers. And yet he gets that many views and likes without asking. Ryan and his channel will continue to grow and develop like never before.
Best wishes for him. - Written by a Lamp

Ryan is so funny! His videos are high quality, and so thought out, and he put a lot of effort into them. He makes use of what he has, and doesn't need any special equipment, especially with the awesome Ryan Higa Production Company! Ryan is original in all his videos, but uses enough references to his other videos that you feel that warm familiarity. He is modest too, and a good sport, not minding that other YouTubers like Pewdiepie have more suscribers than him. I could go on forever about him! But, since I probably shouldn't... TEEHEE!

He is so inspirational and his content is always amazing. I love how he can always make me laugh, even after so many years hid videos never get old to me.