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261 Jarrod Alonge
262 thecomputernerd01
263 dope2111

Love her transformation videos. She has serious skills.

264 How It Should Have Ended

Funny take on movies. Love it.

265 Nathaniel Bandy
266 LaToyaForever

Never seen her? YOU SHOULD!

267 Matthias
268 Joey Murg
269 Kai Kay

Kai Kay is a lot like NigaHiga. He does a variety of videos, but, they are all funny! He makes strange faces and has a lot of physical comedy in his stuff, like Jim Carey, lol. He is a clean YouTuber cause he doesn't cuss. - LeanneMcLee

270 We Are the Random Bros
271 Wendy Williams Wendy Williams
272 kootra
273 Joey Graceffa

He is the best. He makes my day (; I love him! He should definitely be in the top five with Shane.

He seems nice and he should definitely be higher on the poll

How could Joey not be higher on the list?! He is like the funniest person ever. When he and Stacy (sometimes joined by ijustine and strawburry11) it just makes my day.

274 TheEllenShow
275 Fred Fred

Fred tries to be funny. Although he is more of a comedian for little kids.. (not trying to judge) but his squeaky voice is just annoying!..

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