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101 Angruu

I love his videos, they're so funny. - JessNess

102 WheezyWaiter
103 vsauce

Awesome and I love the show great way to learn awesome stuff

104 PapaJumba
105 Pyschadelicsnake

Very underrated YouTuber his videos are great and every one into horror games should check him out, and he doesn't scream like an idiot to every single thing that pops on the screen like pewdiepie.

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106 edbassmaster

How is this guy not number one? Are you guys playing' possum on me?

Should be higher even though he is slacking a bit these days with the production of his T.V. show.

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108 iDubbbzTV

Sucks that videos from him and other youtubers like h3h3 are being demonetized. still one of the best youtubers out there

109 RgProductions100
110 Don't Jealous Me
111 Charlieissocoollike
112 DavidSo

Laughing with tears streaming down my face. Very talented.

I love him! He's a great sassy character!

Sassy and hilarious! Love his videos.

113 Dustin Reckling

I really hate to vote for me, but I just had to! I had absolutely no idea I was on here.

I also find it funny that Fred is last. -

He's pretty awesome! He's on TheTopTens, too! His username is Dureckl - MoldySock

114 Andysunstory

Super hilarious dude, he always gives good tips on stuff about anything!

Andy should be in the Top 10.. He is awesome! (Like his tag line though)

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115 JacksGap

I cannpt believe they were not in the list...they are awesome and shpuld get voted up...people I know this could get better...for the sake of jack and finn...u know how awesome the twins are...

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116 Theme Park Insider - ?
117 DelanoTV
118 Omfgitsjackanddean

They can make a funny story out of anything, and their acting is pretty good too.

119 Crabstickz

How is Chris so low? He is absolutely HILARIOUS, his comedy sketches are so funny! Definitely recommend him for easy laughs!

He's the best, the real #1 if you ask me, I love him so much

120 FLuffeeTalks

The funniest guy out there right now. If you haven't heard of him, you are DEFINITELY missing out!

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