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1 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 more.

Amazing gamer with a variety of different unique games and hilarious to watch

PewDiePie is Best On YouTube But Some of His Videos can do more Work On it like he played lots of Games like Happy Wheels and all that crap he's been doing so I give him Credit But I Give him A Six though - Batista736

He is the most hilarious guy I've ever seen, his content is great and his accent is awesome as well.

He is an idiot no one likes him

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2 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

A god, Pewdiepie simply cannot compare - Bubbyboop

So good! And he's from cincinnati like me!

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

Its not even gaming

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3 Whiteboy7thst
4 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seรกn William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

I never really liked gaming channels but I watched him play the escapist and was hooked from then on. Jacksepticeye is basically the reason I watch YouTube. He is not only extremely funny but also really appreciates his fans more than most YouTubers. That is why I voted for jacksepticeye LIKE A BOSS!

No offense Jacksepticeye, but you cuss too much

Why 6? Personaly I don't like pewdiepie but jacksepticeye should be number 2! Maybe even 1!

What! jack should be number 1. I really like poods but come on jack is the best!

5 Smosh Games

Quality gaming with variety. - Dragonlindy

6 AliA

Really funny plays Call of Duty minecraft mario cube world lots of games and a great commentator

Thanks for helping me know about Minecraft and other game and showing me how fun it is

I love watching this guy

I love your video

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7 TheSyndicateProject

Amazing, plays a few different games and is funny he plays minecraft a lot with different series and sometimes facecam

8 uberhaxornova

The most funny person on youtube

Better than Toby and Pewds by a longshot

10 Times better than TonyPizzaGuy

9 PeanutButterGamer

This guy is so hilarious. He finds the Humor in any game, so even when he plays a bad game, you still love watching it.

Hands down the funniest guy on YouTube. he doesn't release videos often, but he has to play an entire game first. quality over quantity. he's the kind of person that makes you watch his videos over and over again.

10 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly argued against for their game theory content.

MatPat is a skilled gamer with some really good theories! I'm watching him as I write this. GTLive is great! - ArcticFoxAnimeGirl

On great, gt live. Another way matpat can show off his ego... again... for the infinitith time.

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11 MrTechnicalDifficult
12 VanossGaming

Him and his friends make some of the funniest videos out there!

They are awesome and yeah

Bed Duw Bed Dew Banana Bus - VanHalen

13 CaptainSparklez
14 Skydoesminecraft
15 Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack.


16 Antvenom
17 Dan TDM

He is an amazing person and my little brother also thinks he's awesome

18 VibrationNc

His butt cheeks are smooth like Bruce Willis' head. Awe yeah! Give it to me! Give it to Me! Out!

VibrationNc Is So Funny Go Watch His Videos

He Does Livestreams Every Friday Drunk Sex at 10:00 PM/9PMCT He Does Random Streams to so Follow him On Twitter for more Updates - Batista736

Naw he sucks Nimsgaming is awesome

19 OfficialNerdCubed

Enter the domain of the NerdCubed, he rules!

20 GirlGoneGamer (Raya)
21 Vinny (Vinesause)
22 TRyHaRDgaMeRx

TRyHaRDgaMeRx AKA Adam. Adam Is The Best Guy Out There He Does Madden 13 Videos on his YouTube Channel most of the time now Go Check it out - Batista736

23 RoosterTeeth
24 iHasCupquake
25 YogscastSips
26 Joel (Vinesause)

Joel! Did you download strippers Joel? - HeyImAsher


27 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.
28 Thediamondminecart

Hesss the BEST he's #1!

Yeah DanTDM he is my second favorite youtuber (PopularMMOS is first ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†)

29 GlockShotGaming

Glock Is A Funny guy To I mean he is the best I should give him a #1 Spot but Vibration is Funny to though Go Follow him on Twitter To MrGLOCK420 - Batista736

Why is this guy so Awesome... Because he just is... LawL! ^_^

30 Mess Yourself
31 Stampylongnose

I used to like stampy a lot but now I realize that he's kinda childish but he is really good at Minecraft

he suckss

32 Tobygames

He is funny, and does not curse too much! He's awesome!

33 Lui Calibre
34 SwergyIsGod

SwergyIsGod AKA Jesse Go Check his Videos Out He Does Commentary Of Call Of Duty Check it Out - Batista736

Swergy is amazing, he stays active with his Subs and interacts with them

35 InTheLittleWood

He works with NerdCubed so he's good!

36 Lasercorn
37 Will Power and DenkOps
38 Keralis

Such an inspirational Minecraft builder!

He's the best. A legend derper!

39 Machinima
40 TheBajanCanadian

#Merome, one of the best Minecraft based YouTubers, keep of the cawnnn!

41 Yogscastlalna
42 Fudgemuppet
43 Yamimash
44 DearVisionGaming

DearVisionGaming can do better on his Videos Not Saying that he is bad but I like his Videos though So Go check that out - Batista736

45 BlueXephos
46 Direwolf20

He's a Great automator and a great Tutorialist. I knew nothing about Thermal Expansion so I watched his showcase of the mod. 3 videos later, I knew the most about TE than anyone else on my friend's server, and that's saying a lot.

47 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy
48 Two Best Friends Play
49 TheOdds1sout Comic
50 ASFJerome
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