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21 Vinny (Vinesause)
22 TRyHaRDgaMeRx

TRyHaRDgaMeRx AKA Adam. Adam Is The Best Guy Out There He Does Madden 13 Videos on his YouTube Channel most of the time now Go Check it out - Batista736

23 RoosterTeeth
24 iHasCupquake
25 YogscastSips
26 Joel (Vinesause)

Joel! Did you download strippers Joel? - HeyImAsher


27 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.
28 Thediamondminecart V 2 Comments
29 GlockShotGaming

Glock Is A Funny guy To I mean he is the best I should give him a #1 Spot but Vibration is Funny to though Go Follow him on Twitter To MrGLOCK420 - Batista736

V 1 Comment
30 Mess Yourself
31 Stampylongnose

I used to like stampy a lot but now I realize that he's kinda childish but he is really good at Minecraft

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32 Tobygames

He is funny, and does not curse too much! He's awesome!

33 Lui Calibre
34 SwergyIsGod

SwergyIsGod AKA Jesse Go Check his Videos Out He Does Commentary Of Call Of Duty Check it Out - Batista736

Swergy is amazing, he stays active with his Subs and interacts with them

35 InTheLittleWood
36 Lasercorn
37 Will Power and DenkOps
38 Keralis

Such an inspirational Minecraft builder!

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39 Machinima
40 TheBajanCanadian
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