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221 biggestarigfan
222 DomDayable
223 BigBadBlake1
224 slomozovo
225 Amy Von Heart

She's new but she reminds me so much of Andrea Russett! She's cute & funny :) I can tell her channel is going to be more popular.

226 Wickederaser
227 Vlogswithjordanbanks
228 DanIVlog95
229 veguntold
230 purplebox182
231 TheOliWhiteTV

Another Brit in the Youtube Vlog world! He does collabs with Jack and Finn and Lukeisnotsexy. He's such a funny person and cute too. He even does some videos with his younger brother and his best friends. I love Oli! :D

232 Callie Eggert

She is awesome and pretty she can relate to anything with you!

233 SmileyCitrus
234 Kurt Hugo Schneider Kurt Hugo Schneider Kurt Hugo Schneider (Born September 7th 1988) is an American musician and producer, best known for his works on YouTube and collaborations on music with other YouTubers, most notably Sam Tsui.

Kurt's music is so amazing, especially since he started looping. I'll love him forever. No matter what, I will always continue listening to him.

His videos are so creative, he's crazy talented, he can sing (even if he doesn't like to), & his good looks are just a plus.

SUPER cute
His hidden singing voice.
Why is he so perfect?
His videos are amazing too.

235 TrevorMoran
236 My Life On Screen
237 JVevermind
238 MilesJaiProductions
239 Megavlogs

She cool I love her music xx

240 AhoyNateo!
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